If it wasn't already incredibly apparent by watching the App Store top charts or even shoulder surfing other people when they're playing iOS games in the wild, everyone is crazy about free games with ads these days. I'm not sure if Backflip Studios started the trend with Paper Toss [Free], but it certainly was the earliest ultra-successful ad-sponsored game that I remember everyone playing. Since then, games like Flappy Bird and tons of other simple mini games that you can download for free and "pay" for my viewing ads have been released.

Well, per a post on the Wild Tangent blog with the help of analytics firm IHS Technology, they've come to the conclusion that the vast, overwhelming majority of gamers prefer games like this over paid games without ads. The results are staggering:


For more details on the study, you can take a look at the white paper here. It's just reinforcing the trend we've already seen though, in that people love free games and especially don't mind watching a quick Vungle video in exchange for some freebies in game. Hell, chances are you've already done this, particularly if you've been sipping from the free bux trough in Disco Zoo [Free]

I still think there's a market for paid, premium, games… But it's hard to argue against the fact that it seems to be shrinking as developers respond to consumer demand of more games for free, with some ads.

[via Inside Mobile Apps]

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    Ads don't bother me if they don't take up screen space. In between a mission/level is fine with me. Even at the main screen it's fine. Just don't take up any game screen space please! 😀

    • PureRumble

      These so called results are completely useless.

      Read the summary of this *coughing* "research paper" and you'll understand why: when conducting this survey they exclusively asked people who are playing "top EA freemium games" (no one else). Does that seem as good sampling for conducting a research?

      Not only this, but they asked these people to take the survey _while_ they were playing a freemium game. Does that sound like a good time to conduct a highly opinion-based survey?

      • PureRumble


      • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

        Ok i see your argument but what does this have to do with what i said? lol

      • PureRumble

        I was so frustrated by what I read that I wanted this flaw in the false conclusion to be known. Your comment was on the top of the thread, so i replied to it to make my observation more readily available.

        But im sorry for intruding on your comment.

  • Jacob007

    I can handle free games with ads and an IAP for a premium version/no ads. That's about it.

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Rlly. Then I'll b assuming tht the 86% were complete morons, complete.

    • HungarianUrinalCakes

      Or that they AREN'T gamers. They're jack-offs who've never held a controller in their hand. Sorry, these posts irritate me.

      • HungarianUrinalCakes

        *these ARTICLES irritate me

      • Artfoundry

        Actually, only about 10% of gamers post on forums, so you (and anyone else with this opinion) are in the vast minority for two reasons (your opinion and that you're posting).

      • xx99

        Check out the "no true Scotsman" fallacy. My kid brother (11 years my junior) is a gamer. He can handle himself in any "hardcore" game and has been able to provide serious competition in racing and fighting games since he was 8. He's 14 now and his income is nominal chore allowance. You bet your ass he prefers free games with ads. He has tons of time but no money. That doesn't mean for a second that he's not a gamer.

    • Eseres

      Well, if this is going to be the "new" trend in games, then I'll stop playing overall 😛
      So if they want to listen to these people who wants ads in games and stupid IAP's, then so be it, but they'll loose the support from serious gamers who won't mind paying for a game. These people who wants EVERYTHING for free doesn't know how stuff works in the real world, and I don't think this "trend" will last for too long either. Sooner or later even the devs will realize that this won't work in the long run. I think their better off with making great paid games. Most of these free games are clones of others, and people won't DL a game if they have something just like it already. Soon people will be tired of the same games over and over again, and then they'll be asking for better, paid games instead. But then the market for these free games with ads will be in such a focus by the devs that they won't make games like Deux Ex: The Fall and such. Because they've put to much money into the free games with ads already, and they simply can't return to the good old ways again...

      Free games will be the downfall of the gaming industry in the end. Just you watch and see. Who ever thinks different is in for a shock in the future 😛

      • Holcman

        They lose support from what, 14% of gamers! and gain the support of at least 86%. Look at it from a business standpoint: they want more money, and that's the way to do it. Not saying I agree with it, but if I was them, I'd obviously do the same thing. Anyone saying otherwise is lying; only if a big company made a paid game could they earn any profit. Very rarely do independent developers earn lots of money off of paid games. These "success stories" for independent developers were almost all free games. Take for example Flappy Bird and Temple Run: both free games that became super popular. Of course, there are exceptions, such as Angry Birds, but there are far fewer of those success stories than for free games with ads. If any of you made a game (for money, not as a hobby - which usually results in shorter, most-likely free games anyways), you would surely make it free with ads to earn a higher profit, rather than make it paid and earn little to nothing. Just thought I'd share how this is from a business standpoint.

      • iAjent

        But look at the types of games they're talking about. Non-engaging 2 minute throw away experiences. Not very sustainable in my opinion. If the industry concentrates solely on this model then it will dissolve in about 5 years when the short attention spans roam elsewhere...

      • Holcman

        ...to other 2-minute session games, earning even more money. Just the fact that they are cheap, or free, and are played in short sessions makes it accessible to a larger amount of people, thus earning more money.

    • Cookies

      Roughly 86% of the sample were functionally illiterate.

  • RampageDeluxe

    The majority of phone owners aren't dedicated to games. They play little popular things here and there and aren't willing to part with money over a mobile game. I assume this based on the large amount of smartphone owners compared to console owners.

  • http://www.hanskaosu.com HansKaosu

    Id rather pay devs up front but i personally dont care as long as the game is good.

  • David Ngo

    I'm surprised it's not more honestly. Considering only 2% of players actually pay into a free-to-play game, it could be as high as 98%. But I guess this goes beyond just F2P games.

    • fearlesskk

      Games with adds doesnt need iAP

  • PlannedObsolescence

    I guess people aren't aware that the biggest sources of privacy violations, malware, etc, come via the ad services freemium games and other apps use. This alone is one reason i avoid them. the old adage that 'if you aren't the customer you are the product' applies to these apps as well. I also can't name a single freemium game that rivals a premium game like infinity blade 3, oceanhorn, etc. This trend towards freemium is ruining the burgeoning iOS gaming platform imo. Alot of this I think is prob game publishers wanting to keep titles more platform specific to keep selling hardware too. it's all about money and generally the best things are made with esthetic in mind first and money second but working for money is so 90s.

  • http://www.chabuku.com ChaBuku

    Is it just me or does it seem like this study about gamers preferring ads coming from research done by a company that sells ads?

    I'm not familiar with the company, but a brief look at them appears so.

    • Wolfcoyote

      It's Wild Tangent. It WAS bought and paid for, by a company that installs samples of games on new machines that slow the machines down, almost impossible to uninstall and dial home constantly.

    • Eseres

      Yeah, it wouldn't surprice me if you're right 😀 These numbers sounds a little fishy to me 😀

      • Cookies

        If anything, the numbers are the part that are least likely to be fishy. This is a legitimately published study discussing the future of gaming business models.

        In other words, the skepticism isn't necessary or relevant unless it becomes clear that the sample taken is crap.

      • PureRumble

        Oh god dude, the skepticism is very very relevant!

        Did you even read the abstract of this so called "study"?

        Go ahead and read the abstract of this *coughing* "study". I challenge you to do it! You will be very suprised regarding their way of conducting it...

      • Cookies

        I can understand that big words like "EA" and "value-exchange" might be difficult for you to understand, but blind pointless skepticism doesn't get you anywhere. Clearly a lot of the people commenting here don't like the conclusion and so are throwing out any possibility that this is legitimate research, but in my experience a lot of people do that anyway because a) they don't understand statistics at any useable level and b) they are afraid of anything labelling itself as research because they believe it is all bought and paid for by big business to make itself feel good.

      • PureRumble

        Now that you are taking jabs against my intelligence instead of sticking to the discussion i have to ask how old you are?

        Seems you missed the most vital part of the abstract: when conducting this "research" they exclusively asked people who are playing "top EA freemium games". Does that seem as good sampling for conducting a research?

        Not only this, but they asked these people to take the survey _while_ they were playing a freemium game. Does that sound like a good time to conduct a highly opinion-based survey?

      • Cookies

        Obviously it is a common tactic employed to skew research, or simply because it's much easier and cheaper than conducting a large scale very representative study. That much is true and I accept that it's not a very good sample, but that still doesn't mean that this data tells us nothing which is what a lot of people here, including yourself, are suggesting. 500 reasonably biased people can still provide enough information to get an idea of what the population thinks. The next step is to do a similar survey (because the thing we're interested in is still opinion based, so that doesn't make it any less reliable) but for 100,000 or 200,000 or a lot more randomly selected people that have access to these games (and keep on randomly selecting them until the target number is achieved, to prevent any non-response errors). That would be a (close to) perfect bit of research. However, until then, all we have is this and calling it null doesn't help anyone.

      • NinjaKitteh

        You're full of shit. Take a stats class to learn why, I don't have the time to waste on you explaining it.

  • falco

    I do not like this freemium games with ads they abuse too much.

  • djstout

    86%??? They didn't ask me and I am pretty sure there a lot of people like me who would rather pay 1 dollar for a game without those bloody ads! I hate f2p

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Wow, a WHOLE dollar??

      • nini

        If you're not paying $5 for a game, you're killing the industry!!!

      • djstout

        It was an example, I actually pay much more than that for good games.

    • bilboad

      Well, if this survey is to be believed, then you're just one of the %14 who prefers paid games. Given that the top charting games on iOS are pretty much always free games, this seems believable. If you're only willing to pay $1 to get rid of the ads though, then that's not going to convince many developers to go premium. If a majority of iOS gamers were willing to pay premium prices more in line with what PS Vita or 3DS games cost, like $15 to $30 for a game, then we'd have lots of premium games. But when people consider $3 to be expensive, and free with ads to be better, then of course going F2P is going to be more attractive to developers.

  • Wolfcoyote

    Please God, PLEASE tell me that this research was bought and paid for by ad companies. If iOS/Android gamers truly voted this way then this would be the perfect excuse for ALL companies to release ad-laden garbage on digital stores.

    This can't be real. My faith in humanity just can't get any lower.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Have you looked at the top charts recently? Those downloads are measured in MILLIONS while the top pair charts are measured in thousands.

      • Frost


      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Your original comment was better. We're going to continue publishing news that's relevant to mobile gaming. Trends like this are very relevant. It's not the news that is hurting you, it's reality that's hurting you.

      • Frost

        Yes, you are right. Its sad and hurts.

      • LarryWP

        I wonder if the surveyed people are the same people that sit in front of a TV for hours and don't mind countless commercials? I am one that does not tolerate ads or commercials but I'm a rarity these new days. Times are changing, Eli is correct. These also might be the same people that think our current government is sound too (USA). 🙂

      • Frost

        I dont know who they asked. Maybe they asked the same guys who thinks 0.99 is too expensive for a game or those who think money grows on trees...

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        There's no way you guys can spin this in to a "Maybe they didn't ask the right people." The charts tell all. People like this stuff.

      • HungarianUrinalCakes

        Yes, people like these games. Just don't call them gamers.

      • LarryWP

        I've been around enough decades to know that all research and surveys can be skewed to match whatever outcome the instigator desires. Remember the political ones especially, or don't if you want to retain your last meal. However, I can't argue with the charts at the App Store. I watch them often and shake my head in awe. Candy Crush Saga?! Clash Of Clans I think is the name?! And timer games not doing bad at all. I also think that most people that play games using the iOS system are iPhone users and I don't consider most of them what I would call gamers. They are customers though and deserve to be counted. Things are changing, everything is. Not everything can be explained so easily anymore.

      • Cookies

        That's not strictly true. Taking a representative sample makes an enormous difference. If this is 12 people that walked in off the street, or 100,000 people that signed up for a survey then it's either clearly not representative or riddled with bias (actual bias, not imagined pro-business bias). I'd like to take the optimistic road and say that this is probably a massive study that accurately reflects the population of users, but without that specific information, and given how easy it is to 'pick' a sample group, it is actually entirely possible that they didn't survey the right group. Even the fact that it reflects a generally accepted trend doesn't really prove anything.

      • Cookies

        Skimmed over the bit where they explain who actually participated. 500 people that are already playing freemium games (essentially self selection bias) does not a representative sample for a population into the hundreds of millions make.

      • witedahlia

        Same here. I want to be in denial about this. I look at the numbers and I assume they're fabricated. I like that thought. However, it is true that one look at the charts on the App Store is enough to burst my little denial bubble. Disappointing, that's all I can say.

      • Frost

        Same here... but my denial bubble is holding tight

      • Galenmereth

        It's research paid for by an ad company. The bias is perhaps a bit too strong here?

        Of course free games will count millions of downloads; they're free to download. But what about satisfaction, average playtime and/or retention? Download stats for free to try games are worthless without more relevant info.

    • Wolfcoyote

      Whoa, wait a minute! WILD TANGENT!? OF COURSE they're pro-ads and willing to do anything, ANYTHING to make money! If I'm not fixing software issues on my mother's Windows machine due to her constant use of Facebook and accidentally clicking on a malware-laden toolbar tool, then I'm reliving nightmares about my Windows days and having to deal with their STUPID, bloated software that would slow down my new PCs and try to let in any old software to cause mischief. Worse yet, I would delete, uninstall and practically NUKE the hard drive and some form of WT software would STILL be there!

      I hate WT will all my guts...

    • Cookies

      This isn't a vote, it's research. And beyond that, does no one here understand what this is actually saying? It's not an excuse for game companies to release nothing but cheap ad heavy games, it's not even saying that the majority of games are going to be like that soon. It's simply making the argument that it's becoming an increasingly legitimate business model.

      • PureRumble

        omg the cookies are at it again... But im patient; ill say it again: go ahead and open the so called "research paper" and read the abstract...

        In fact, repeat these steps every time before you heroically jump up on a thread to defend a research paper.

      • Cookies

        So what you're saying is that you didn't read the paper and you have no idea what it actually means. That sounds about right.

        Oh, and the first part makes you sound like a crazy person.

      • PureRumble

        Sorry, i cant begin to understand how you conclude that i havent read the research paper from my reply to you. How you came to that conclusion from what i wrote is completely beyond me.

        The abstract of this paper clearly states that the sample used for the survey are _exclusively_ players of "top freemium EA games" and that they were asked _only_ while playing such games.

        The results usefulness for making conclusions regarding all people playing games (or even only mobile/ios users) equals nothing.

      • Cookies

        It's simply really. Your response had nothing to do with my comment and the summary (or really anything in the paper) doesn't refute what I said in any way. Thus the only conclusion is that you actually had no idea what the paper was saying.

        Moreover, whilst the sample chosen is clearly not a good one (not even a bad one, it's riddled with self selection bias AND it's too small), it's simply wrong to say that the data is of no statistical value. With a small sample such as this it still represents a small percentage chance that the values are accurate estimates of the feelings of the total population. I'm not saying a study with 200,000 randomly selected people wouldn't be significantly better, but it is very definitely wrong to say that this means nothing. That's just bad understanding and application of statistics.

  • falco

    Ads are ugly and annoy me

  • Morgan01

    Prefer a good payed game any day. If I see a game with ads, it gets deleted. Guess I'm the minority that doesn't buy into the "free" advertisement that is used to capture and send information back to their sponsors.

    People should really read the articles that have been written regarding "free" games with " advertising". There is a reason advertisers pay big money for it.

    • falco

      Double like this

  • FrehleyzComet

    I'm definitely part of the other 14%. Most of the games that I play are paid for. I'll play a F2P game for a few days then delete because it's crap. In fact the only 2 that I've stuck with (D.O.T. and Disco Zoo) have already received enough of my funds to qualify as paid anyway. Lol

    • Wolfcoyote

      I'm part of the 14% as well. The only really intrusive F2P game that I played so far was Sonic Dash, and even though they toned down the unsolicited pop-up ads I realized that the game was rather pointless (the day 5 rewards are a roulette, making an unlockable character not worth the one-in-five chance. All of the other free games were either temporary discounts due to special occasions or whose gameplay DOES NOT get interrupted with ads (Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger series, and especially Brave Frontier).

      The remaining twenty-six games are paid, and I instead to keep paying for iOS games from here on out.

      BTW, deleted Sonic Dash before I posted this comment. See you, pointless runner.

  • Anotherkellydown

    These statistics don't surprise me, but they make me sad : ( It would be nice if there were more people willing to pay some money up front for a game. I guess that's not realistic though. I prefer games without ads and most of my collection are paid games, but I don't mind some such as Tiny Goalie, Disco Zoo, and my current favorite Flappy Golf.

  • Rusothil

    Sad... Just sad... :'(

  • JC85

    Well, I used to prefer free games with ads too. Now i buy 5 games a week average. Without those free games, im sure i wouldnt start mobile gaming at all.

    • Wolfcoyote

      I'm also a Steam (Mac) gamer, and since almost NOTHING on Steam is free, that's good discipline as far as willingness to pay at least SOMETHING for a game. Of course, if a good game is discounted to free for a limited time or is given away for free intentionally without ad-walls or paywalls out of the kindness of developers' hearts, then that's OK.

    • anarchy in the app store

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  • Jacob Davis

    I believe its just terrible design to have a banner ad during game play, leaving the user to accidentally touch the ad, etc. On the other hand I believe its totally okay when a game has interstitials that pop up between level changes, on game over, etc. Having an IAP to remove ads is also a plus. Done right I think its completely acceptable.

  • falco

    Because the majority are not gamer and don't give sht if the games are good or not and want free games they also think the ads is beautiful and add value because they know what a good real game is. Think about everyone can download games now because its free your mother, kids, old...

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Isn't someone who plays games, by definition, a gamer?

      • bobehm

        There are degrees, certainly.

      • NinjaKitteh

        That's like saying everyone who plays sports is a pro athlete, there are degrees of intensity in which people participate in activities. Saying everyone is a gamer without considering sub-groups is over-generalizing. There are definitive strata within the gamer community, enough so that a blanket "gamer" tag doesn't cut it.

  • Adams Immersive

    Well, as long as the other 14% market is a large enough market to serve too, maybe that's OK. (Not all ads are equal, of course--I hate ads, but I play some games where they don't bother me.)

  • Andy C83

    Keep calm and buy a Vita.

  • PallaZ


  • Jzracin

    People who download free games aren't gamers cuz if they were real gamers they would have paid apps on their phone and not free ones,those statistics are based off of stupid results.At least 90% of Americans have smart phones and if each one downloads a free game that out weighs gamers who pay for games so how can they say gamers prefer free games

    • Wolfcoyote

      Take a deep breath bro. You make a good point in stating that the statistics are somewhat skewed because even knowledgeable gamers (like most of here on TA) have DL'ed a F2P game or two. You have to realize though that because it's Wild Tangent, the stats are tainted anyway...

  • Paul Downs

    Is it April 1st already?

  • NPeart

    Of course this means, that mobile gaming is going to stick in the flash game mud. Really disappointing for a 500-700€ device.

    Fortunately, with a little help from the app shopper -apps, I never have to pay a cent for those mini games; I just wait until they are given free.

  • shcgzb

    I download crazy taxi, sega zombie shooter, now carmagaddon, games which are not free and are free now.

    Also I down tons of other free games like ridge racer

  • JCho133

    Those numbers will be up to 100% once Hodappy Bird comes out. #vungle4life

  • JindoFox

    Bleaugh. Depressing. Count me among the 14%, I guess. I am very suspicious of "free" games, personally. I don't mind paying for games at all, but putting real money into game consumables seems like a rat hole to me.

    Why can't advertisement companies hitch their crap to something else and leave games alone?

    • Joe Welke

      Because they're making money.

    • Zwilnik

      Games developers are choosing to use the Free game + ads route because the amount of money the 14% are willing to pay for ad free games won't support the cost of developing a game. It's not advertisers perverting games, it's simply consumer power in action.

      We've done a mix of paid games and free games with ads/IAP and players prefer the free games (with the option of paying to remove ads) as it means they don't have to part with any money before they know they like the game.

  • http://doitbloggystyle.tumblr.com/ Nemerlebb

    And ads don't show up if you cut the internet connection sssooo...yeah...^^

    • falco

      Not all O tried this in Flappy golf and the ad this show up

      • http://doitbloggystyle.tumblr.com/ Nemerlebb

        ah really...they're getting smarter I see

  • FIFTHSUN2012

    Guess that 86% are non gamers who like free time wasters, not games. Looks like 14% are actual gamers who appreciate the artistry and innovation of real games. I had a guy show me his hacked phone with over 200 cheap mindless titles, I was like how many have you actually played through and finished....none.

  • Flynn Taggart


  • Vtec51O

    From the research article, "they conducted a first-of-its-kind study among 500 freemium online gamers."

    The problem with this study is the way the findings are being presented/interpreted. If you look at the sample population, freemium gamers in this case, all this study found was that people that play freemium games don't mind ads. Which makes sense, people that play free games would prefer to keep playing for free by looking at ads.

  • Adsinjapan

    Aprils Fools maybe?

    If not, it's a sick joke.

  • bigjack66

    Most so called 'gamers' are the ones that buy the crap kiddy licenced games on consoles so they buy the free crap on mobiles. I've been gaming since the days of space invaders and I would rather pay for a good game than DL a crap free game. Apart from RR3 and Alien Zoneplus 99% of my games are paid for and for good reason! Having said that I've paid for a lot of shit games too which didn't live up to expectations. Some developers will hopefully continue to make quality games. There's an old saying 99% of everything is crap it's the 1% that keeps us interested.

  • KoRoV

    Thats a lie... The probably asked players, users, not gamers!

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      What is the difference if they're all playing video games?

  • KoRoV

    Nobody asked me, and im a gamer

    • thiagovscoelho

      you can't expect them to research everyone, these things are done by sampling; if you believe this research doesn't match reality then do grab better a better sample of the population and release your data

      • militantm1nd

        This is disgusting. I have bought and PAID FOR thousands of dollars worth of IOS games (since 2011). If a game has IAP that isn't paying for the entire game, or episode then I don't even try it out. Further imho a game should be free to try and then IAP to purchase it. If a game has IAP that remove the "gamer" from actually playing the game to progress; it doesn't even qualify as a game.

      • thiagovscoelho

        well that's completely unrelated to my comment to be said as a reply
        but I'll just add that it doesn't have to be a game, people love slot machines too

  • Alexythimia23

    Everybody calm down and turn that frown upside down 🙂 come on all u real gamers who have gamed on ios have seen the depth of FREE games compared to the depth of PAID games, so wat im saying is u know for a fact the gamers who are gaming now on these easy free games will slowly get more sophisticated in what they want in gaming, as most of them are not gamers and have now been introduced, so when they want their gaming experience to get better, they wont be turning to alot of the free to play diluted shallow games that are out there, so the circle of life will come back round lol its just BS that that alot of these people are just cash cows grazing on freemium and they dont even realise the amazing gaming experiences real talented developers are churning out. Its only a matter of time, i dont care what the statistics are... And worse comes to worse??... I know all u loyal gamers on here have got the good ol consoles and pcs to fall back on, which is a market they wont kill that easy, but hey guys most ios games right now are all filler no killer anyways!! So to be honest im shocked, just validated.

    • Alexythimia23

      Sorry i meant "im not shocked"! Lol

  • vic_viper_001

    Studies with figures like this make those ad/IAP free 3DS games I've been enjoying seem 10 times sweeter! Time for some more ad-free Bravely Default HAHA!!

  • oddyoh

    Is this a legit study, or was it paid for by an ad agency?

  • lifeat78

    I teach at the college level, and I walked into class the other day and several of my students were talking about 2048. I pointed out that it was a ripoff of Threes, which was a better game anyway. The general response was "But 2048 is free." I pointed out that Threes cost as much as a cup of coffee. One student said "Sure, but that's a cup of coffee I could be drinking." I wasn't sure what to say. And this is at a college that technically promotes social justice. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this data was real, regardless of who funded the study.

  • curtisrshideler

    Thanks a lot, freebie-lovers. You're the reason why some potentially good games have timers and energy refill bars.

  • Hiraether

    86% of people support my hell on earth.. What % like me outright refuses to play games with adds? What % uses Adblockers or pirates? Somehow, I think they weren't polled. Further more, company's like Backflip seem to have no problem counting the pirates when it comes to calculating their stock. Too bad for honest players. Once people figure out that the very contracts they signed are being broken by the companies by allowing cheaters to inflate stock and intimidate honest players with fake leader boards ... That's going to be a whole series of class actions lawsuits. ♪(´ε` )

  • gjgustav

    I'll pay upfront for a game or freemium any day. In fact, I just avoid free games altogether now.

    • shcgzb

      Make sure you don't eat your own words. Be a man, and don't play hearthstone.

    • gjgustav

      Oops, that should be "over" freemium.

  • Tomate Diseño

    This information brought to you by the "We can help monetise your game with adverts marketing association". Any time I see anything like this the cynic in me leaps to the fore.

    Data is always skewed to fit the premise required for the purpose towards which it's gathered.

    "68% of Americans believe in an afterlife" - as gathered outside a church on Sunday.

    "Online form using Comic Sans receives 80% more respondents than one using Times" - the form asking students about drug use.

    "99% of Canadians want Justin Beiber to become naturalised American" - Canadian 4chan users.

    "Responsive Web Design is the way to go as 80% of visitors have moved to mobile platforms" - Ipad Websites Magazine

    I don't see news in articles any more - just press releases and adverts with a thin enough gloss to make them credible.

  • Buzzit

    86% of people are broke or dumb asses who wake up each day complaining that someone they know cannot find a job yet they are quite willing to destroy people's livelihoods by supporting dumbed down lowest common denominator free shit.

    By the way - I downloaded Boom Beach and felt an aneurism coming on after 10 minutes of boring crap. Most FTP is FTP because nobody would buy the garbage.

    I don't care if mummy only let's you buy a game once a month - stop supporting shit FTP

  • miked

    The "executive summary" of the white paper notes that the survey group consisted of 500 players of online freemium games. So the takeaway really should be "the majority of people that play freemium games prefer freemium games."

  • mutts

    I guess we should ask ourself what is a gamer these days.
    If i look around me yes sure my parents can be gamers with there love candy crap.
    But i will not call them that. 🙂

  • bbve

    I don't. But hey, opinions.

  • Plynx

    Just because a new, larger market for simple ad-supported mobile games has been discovered does not mean that the prior game market has shrunk, or that it will be serviced any less. There are more games than ever being made for us.

    The people going after the free ad-supported market are not taking anything away from people who prefer deep premium games, just like the endless waves of first person shooters that went after the masculinity simulation market didn't prevent me from finding great strategy titles.

    About the only problem here is signal to noise ratio, in which case there are sites that focus on the games you like instead of "everything vaguely considered interactive".

  • 61050

    i can recall a time when cds were going to be the death of video games.

    "you mean i need to swap discs to play? that bs, no one is going to support this!"

    "this takes way too long to load, is it broken? im going back to my n64, thanks anyway though".

    video games arent going anywhere. i hate ads, so i make them go away via iap or i dont play those games. the app store is a huge black hole of content. yes, there is a ton of straight up garbage, but there is also a rather large pool of serious games from developers who actually have some pride in what they are doing without dollar signs clouding their vision.

  • WeMeet

    Yea right!!!
    Free to play in my opinion only work with a few game genres like dota or lol
    Are people seriously so blind (including me) you spend $100 on a free ios game and And you will still hit pay walls or only own a fraction of a game .....

    • WeMeet

      This survey is bull*********!

  • Morphzeus

    Don't understand this people!

    I hate Free Games and Ads in all Apps!

    Premium Apps/ Games without IAP are so nice!!!

    This simple Bullshit Apps/ Games like Flappy, are not a Game in my and real Gamers eyes!!!

    I think, it's time for a new Category in all worldwide Appstores for this Shit!

    It's not a Game, it's Shit!
    Housewifes and Idiots have nothing to do with playing real games!!!

    • hakamhakam

      It's funny how we treat casual gamers because that is exactly how console gamers treat us.

  • ste86uk

    Like people said I don't believe the majority that prefer free games are serious gamers just casual candy crush players ect. I use to play games in online competitions all the time and would set an alarm clock to make sure I only got 7 hours sleep and then back to gaming.

    iOS is nothing like that but it's portable and stops me being bored while I'm out which is great. I don't mind ads in some free games as it saves me cash and as long as they aren't too intrusive or a 1 off purchase turns them off for games that I really like. But generally I'd rather buy a game like with Warhammer and play as much as I like and all of the content ((of course there were DLC packs but that's also fine if you get enough content for the price)) I can only imagine if they had implemented an energy system!

    No offence meant either as I think Pixeye is a great developer but look how Dungelot 2 went down with people.

  • Ahmed90

    To quote the immortal Jesse: "because...science bit**." So yeah. Goodbye paid games - it was nice knowing ya. Hello free-to-play and ad supported games. Us old codgers will whine and whinge about the days when you bought apps. I know right? Crazy

  • HungarianUrinalCakes

    I'm ready to delete the Touch Arcade app if I see another article like this.

  • hakamhakam

    I don't hate game ads since I don't have to do anything but click x to close it and I can enjoy most games for free, that's something pretty awesome in mobile platforms imo. I also don't hate IAP because I will never pay for it except on DLC or added content or for normal game experience, I pretend it never exist in the first place. If the game want me to grind for a little bit, I'm cool with that but If it get too hard to grind, I'll just delete the games and move on to other game. Premium game are better in this sense and I do buy games every month but only the one I'm interested in. Most of my time,I spend on F2P game and never pay for a single dime (except DLC).

    But I think everyone can probably agree that they hate energy system in game whether it's freemium or premium. There is no redeeming value for us anywhere with energy system, the only people who benefit from it are the publishers/developers.

    But what I hate the most is people who judge others on their likes and dislikes, people have their own opinions and preferences, just deal with it.

    It's funny how mobile gamers like us want acceptance from console gamers but we can't even accept Casual mobile gamers as a gamer.

  • Endscrypt

    Really, we're did they get these people!

  • Cookies

    The assumption that's being made here is that people only want freemium and that this is sustainable. It will be interesting to see what the future actually holds for the market.

    And thanks for posting the actual paper guys, I may only be about 5 weeks into a business degree, but it's still fascinating reading.

  • DannyTheElite

    Guys, April fools is here. This is a joke

  • damagex

    I hate April 1st

  • timborama

    Newsflash... 86% of gamers are cheap and are willing to DOWNLOAD any POS game as long as it's free. Then delete it after 1 play.

  • Unfrozen

    Tragic. Yet this more demonstrates that gaming has broadened to include tons of people that never supported the core market to begin with than gamers losing their will to pay.

  • KoRoV

    Only good thing from free apps is that we can reviev them and tell how they crapy and shity are, and get credits from GE to purchase real game xD lol, last good new game i boght was IB3, XCom, room 1&2, and lego batman,SW and lotr and SW Kotor, and latest games i bougt ware first old brothers in arms, resident evil 4, broken sword 1 & 2, rainbow six and hero of sparta xD
    And thx God there are still god devs who make good premium games, and now its easy to save for GodFire and Impolsion xD