Blast Furnace, Activision's mobile studio that made Pitfall [Free] and Call of Duty: Strike Team [$6.99], a game we thought was quite great in our review, is going to close at the end of the month. That’s a huge blow to Activision’s effort in mobile gaming that started in 2012 when they said that every Call of Duty game would be handled by that studio. It’s also a shame because the Blast Furnace was filled with talented folks from both Team 17 and Rockstar Games.

Either Call of Duty wasn't as successful as they'd hoped or they decided that mobile wouldn't be part of their business strategy anymore, focusing instead on console and PC titles. It also could be linked to Vivendi’s recent sale of Activision to a group of investors back in 2013. There's lots of speculation to be done regarding the how's and why's of this decision, but at the end of the day, talented developers are potentially out of a job. Let’s hope this isn’t the last we hear about Activision on mobile and best of luck to all those affected.


  • Amenbrother

    Sad stuff....

  • speedyph

    Crazy man just crazy

  • Pocketnova

    D: That's actually really sad, especially since CoD:ST was so good... Good luck to those that get laid off, and I hope some of you might still continue to make great games.

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Screw Activision...

  • ZarieoZ

    Oh! First guitar hero, then this. And both by Activision. I really can't stop wondering of what they are thinking, or what is happening!!!

  • curtneedsaride

    Yeah, CoD:ST was amazing. Still got it on my iPad because it's worth the space. Might put it on my phone too. Man, stinks when games that good are given up on due to new leadership. We'll end up having nothing but lame F2P FPS' on the app store.

  • ZarieoZ

    But it won't be removed from the store, right?

  • Midgetcorrupter

    I have friends at Blast Furnace that have been laid off and am facing the same at my studio. The hidden dark side of the games industry is the way publishers treat developers. We are disposable to them. You can work 12 hour days for weeks to meet ridiculous targets. Hit them, get great reviews and they will still kill a company with now thought of loyalty to the people that just gave a year or 2 of their lives.

  • DBrown519

    No Activision we love the Call of Duty/Nazi Zombie games.

  • xzeldax3

    Nope, it's just Activision being greedy money-grabbing knobs who drop anyone who can't match CoD levels of revenue.