Rocketcat Games make some of my favorite iOS titles, and ever since they announced a spinoff to their action RPG Mage Gauntlet [$2.99] at last year's GDC, I've been dying to get my hands on a finished version. However, it's been a longer development cycle than Rocketcat expected, and it's seen several versions and name changes in the two and a half years since they began working on it. The bright side is that all that extra development time means the game, now known as Wayward Souls, is absolutely stuffed with crazy features, enemies, items and playable characters. Rocketcat's always entertaining Kepa Auwae walks us through a lengthy demo of the latest version of Wayward Souls. Enjoy.

As I mentioned in the opening and we touched on in our conversation, Wayward Souls has a lot of depth in terms of character progressions and sheer variety of enemies and environments. By Kepa's own admission, it's a very niche and difficult game, but I think there's definitely an audience on iOS who will absolutely fall in love with Wayward Souls. The goal is to submit the game and have it release before PAX begins on April 11th, so if all goes according to plan, we'll finally be playing Wayward Souls in the next few weeks (fingers firmly crossed).

  • NOEN

    Can't wait!

  • coolpepper43

    I'm excited about the controls. Use the touch screen for what it is and not a virtual game controller.

    • ODMay


      • coolpepper43

        What I'm saying is virtual buttons usually suck.

    • mirrorlink

      Haha me too. I've thought a lot about it recently, and I find a real challenge not to use buttons.

      That happens because usually we have some problems.First you lose options. You see, there is no dash anymore and I really liked it in mage gauntlet. Then, you can use/not use the power when you want by mistake.Finally, I guess we can associate memory to buttons easier than to swipes, if the swipe does not have anything to do with what will happen.Infinity blade is a good example of what I mean - when you do the swipe, it has something to do with the attack you will execute, so its more logical, but in Wayward souls the association is just random.

      Anyway, looking forward to this game πŸ™‚

      • Rocketcat Games

        Glad you're looking forward to it!

        For associations, we made it so the "up" swipe is always an "outward/offensive" ability, and "down" swiping is an "inward/defensive" ability. Examples are throwing axes on up and shield blocking on down, blinding on up and going invisible on down, shooting flamespray on up and doing a stunning footstomp on down.

        Rogue and Spellsword have a single dash ability, instead of two abilities. You make them do it by swiping anywhere. I figured you want to dash ASAP as these characters with no confusion, so hence only one ability.

        We won't truly know that the above design works until we read all the feedback after the game launches, though. But the above are my design thoughts.

      • DeLtAg1An9O

        Yeah but you should add optional buttons for others like me that like the mage gauntlet style

  • Maglor

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    γ€€γ€€ οΌΌ( β€˜γ……β€™ ) This is INSTABUY
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    γ€€γ€€γ€€/ γ€€ へ\
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  • Siveon

    Finally, something interesting.

    I do have to get Mage Gauntlet eventually. ARPG binge?

    • Siveon

      Wait, didn't see the Bean Quest 2 gameplay.

      Okay, 2nd greatest announcement for today.

  • Silent Rocco

    This looks fantastic. Plus randomly generated levels - I'm sooooo sold!

  • ImJPaul

    Why isn't this out....RIGHT NOWWWWW?!

  • Remote_

    Simply can't wait for this. Very excited.

  • Echoen

    See those lighting effects? Very nice lightning effects!

  • Amenbrother

    Man what a game this will be! Also very cool that the dev is so down to earth, you can just tell in the video he is good peoples.

    • Opinion

      Hallelujah bruh

  • LousyHero

    Rocketcat games are always instabuy for me. Hell they even managed to make a hooking simulation without street corners or perverts fun.

  • Shifaan

    I'm super stoked for this. Not a moment goes by without me thinking about this. I reckon this'll e the best game I've ever played. Hell, they've got randomly generated levels, upgrade your weapons, magic, retro graphics, etc. I need to go in a hibernation chamber until this comes out. I need this more than DRTC!

  • Shifaan


  • Themostunclean

    Mage gauntlet is in my top 3 iOS games of all time. If this and The new Braveheart come out in the same week, I may just drop dead from excitement.

  • c_biskit

    Sweet baby jeebus this looks phenomenal!!!!! I'm grabbin this as soon as possible!

  • Scot Damn

    This is by far the best video of the GDC lot. Super cool stuff here, I cant wait!

  • Scot Damn

    The controls are so great in this. I love that the developer used the touch platform to create innovative controls oppose to the cheap virtual buttons usually used.

  • Press2Play

    Dark Souls: Retro cool!!!

    • elr0y7

      Seems like he stressed the difficulty, really hoping this is mobile Dark Souls!

  • Drelen

    Looks awesome. Can't wait to start playing day on day one.

  • Tim Jordan

    Will this game have any sort of local highscore tracking?

    • Rocketcat Games

      Not at first. We plan to do an endless mode in an update, though. And that would have a simple scoreboard, with each floor beaten being one point.

  • Frank Hopewell-Smith

    I'm thinking ipad and a remote controller for this one...

  • razardica

    Will there ever be a new Hook game? I was a Rocketcat Champ on almost all of the levels in HookWorlds.

    • Rocketcat Games

      Nothing planned right now. But I kinda want to, some day.