Get Set Games is pretty popular on the iOS and Android platforms with such hits as Mega Jump and Mega Run, and talking with them at GDC in years past it's really clear they're brimming with cool game ideas. One type of game they've always wanted to create is a dual-stick shooter, so they're going for it with their newest creation called Battle Casters. We dive into a pretty early version of Battle Casters in the video below, check it out.

Even in its early state, Battle Casters is a whole lot of fun. Blasting away at bad guys and collecting loot is really satisfying. One thing I wasn't prepared to like so much about it is the timer element. Each run is limited time only, so there's a neat risk/reward between wanting to explore every nook and cranny or trying to hurry along so you can finish a floor. The comparison to arcade racers like Out Run that give you additional time as long as you can make it to each checkpoint of a course is very apt, and it works surprisingly well in a dungeon crawler setting.

Battle Casters should be out in April, and knowing Get Set they'll probably have a lot more content to come even after release.

  • ODMay

    *Adds To Watch List*

  • bobcorrigan

    Portal Time == Timer. At least they're honest about it.

    • bobcorrigan

      That said, it's the best implementation of a timer as part of the core mechanic I've seen to date. Kudos to the gentleman giving the demo for doing a nice job showing off the compelling parts of the product. +1

    • Jared Nelson

      Sort of… but the big difference is this isn't some stupid energy timer or something that prevents you from playing. I look at it more like an ability of your character, since you can upgrade it and find time increases as you're playing. So, sort of like being a weaker level character and not being able to dive super deep into the dungeon until you're able to level up a bit or find some strength boost drops.

      The thing I like about it is I'm normally very OCD in games like this where I have to explore every nook and destroy every crate. The timer actually kicks me in the pants and forces me to decide if I want to try and loot a room or if I want to try and complete the level. It's actually pretty darn cool.

      • bobcorrigan

        I agree. They've taken a timer and made it a key dimension of the game. That's disruptive and interesting all on its own. Can't wait to see the final product.

  • JoeriD

    Fast paced gameplay+
    Dual stick controls+
    Crisp, somewhat cute graphics+
    RPG elements+

    When is the release already? Jeez!

  • nadav bar kama

    great news ... you guys are mega!!!

  • ImJPaul

    Always have room for another dual stick shooter on my device. It'll be hard to be better than Minigore2, Meltdown or Quadropus. Obviously, my favorites on iOS.

  • TrencH

    First off I am not a big virtual stick fan. Having said that I love the mega jump/run games, love the cards and upgrade stuff. It feeds the loot beast within me. As long as the control is polished it will be great. That's the biggest issue with these types of games.

    This is probably one of the games I am most interested in so far (one of about three that really stood out for me)

  • GiHubb

    Seems cool, although I'm still waiting for Solomon's Keep HD! (which will probably never be made, regrettably)

  • rich_952000

    This is awesome looking. I like how the cards are implemented. Normally I have no interest in those type of games but watching this video had my fingers itching to play..

  • Zeillusion

    Insta - buy ! This looks amazing. I haven't had a game give me the "OMG I need this now" type of feeling in awhile. Last time I had it was OceanHorn. I love dungeon crawlers, and this has some awesome aspects to the genre!

  • JJE McManus

    There's no point in praising or panning a game so far ahead of real else. That said here's what I noticed.
    It's lovely to look at and seems a ton of fun to play. That timer is an interesting addition and it makes me wonder if earlier floors can be farmed once you get to a high enough level. tin that respect it's metrovania-like
    Gold drops are ample but cards cost jewels and even during that epic run not one jewel dropped. QED, jewels are the in-app currency. With "100+" cards at launch that will be the deciding factor for me. You'll notice that with only three cards per run the reshuffle costs coin and I would suspect reshuffles cost increasingly more per run. Paying to power up is also suspect.
    It's a tricky balancing act that could adversely affect the consumer. Still and all it's a game worth keeping an eye on. One final note. Any card game with packs to buy is, at its core, PtW. It's inherent in the mechanic.

  • falco

    On my watch list, look like a fun game!

  • Silent Rocco

    I need my Solomon fix. This could do. Looks great!