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New ‘Godfire: Rise of Prometheus’ Trailer Released, Plus Some Hands-on Impressions from GDC

In August of last year, Vivid Games announced a new 3rd-person action adventure game based in Greek Mythology called Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. The screens they released looked great, and the following month Vivid teased us with a brief trailer, which only made us even more eager to get our hands on Godfire. Well, that was kind of a long time ago, and we haven’t really seen much about Godfire in the months since then. However, today Vivid has released a brand new trailer showing off the combat in Godfire. Check it out.

I was able to meet with Vivid here at GDC, and while they weren’t quite ready for us to capture our own video of Godfire, I was able to spend a decent amount of time playing through a couple of demo levels in the game, and I really, really enjoyed it. Many people suspected that Godfire was some sort of Infinity Blade-alike, but that’s not accurate. In between the combat you’re roaming the land and finding treasure in a pretty typical fashion, using a virtual joystick to move wherever you want to go.

Once you enter an area and enemies descend on you, it switches into a more restricted movement mode. Here your character will sort of “lock on" to an enemy, and you have the ability to dive and roll to dodge attacks or just position yourself behind that enemy to be able to land some blows. The enemy AI is quite competent, and they’ll frequently use their shields to block attacks meaning you have to be a bit more strategic when trying to take them down. However, this is still very much a button mashing affair, and with all the cool combos your character can perform it makes the combat feel extremely satisfying. There’s also a really nice weapon and armor upgrading system with all types of wicked armors and blades to equip, which actually change the look of your in-game character. Oh, and that big boss fight you see towards the end of the teaser above? I played that guy too and yeah, that was intense.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is shaping up really nicely. Look for it to launch sometime in Q2 of 2014, and check out our forums for more discussion on the game.