Imangi's Temple Run [Free] is the legendary behind the back runner that kicked off the whole genre. I doubt anyone reading TouchArcade hasn't played either Temple Run or one of the related behind the back runner spinoffs made by every other developer under the sun.

We met up with developer Keith Shepherd at GDC, and at a dinner the night before he was talking about how when they hire people now they go through the various stages of Temple Run's development to give an idea of what's possible in the mobile space after a day of work, a week of work, and a month of work. Ending with the prototype that Imangi showed off at GDC before the launch of Temple Run, this video provides a never before seen look at the iterations of Temple Run through its development:

It's crazy how you can see Temple Run slowly emerging from Max Adventure [Free], especially with how after a week of work it was clear they had something really fun on their hands.

  • falco

    Look the same but worst sorry.

    • CkX82

      I'm guessing the same was said about you at your high school reunion .

      • falco


      • falco

        I think I'm wrong, because I thought the temple run they showed in the video was the new temple run that is coming if so then whats the point ?

      • jontas

        You should, you know, try reading the article or maybe listen to what they say in the video, because it makes everything abundantly clear. I won't ruin it for you by explaining things here, though.

      • Ramaz1234


    • classykeyser


    • JJE McManus

      Interesting in a geeky kind of way, no?
      There's a wee bit of hubris as well. Although they seem like ok folks so I could be wrong.
      The businessman in me says "they had nothing to show at GDC so they brought this". That may or may not be a good thing seeing at what is passing for Development on this years floor.

  • lazrhog

    History in the making. Defining a new genre is always worth documenting like this. Great stuff :).

  • coolpepper43

    Very interesting, good work TA.

  • vicsark

    Great insight of a very cool dev'
    Thks for sharing it with us 🙂
    It's mind blowing that you casually looked at the prototype 3 years ago and now it's this huge worldwide franchise.

  • Louis Ace

    Very interesting. Out of curiosity was that Keith who was playing or was it Eli?

    • blackharon

      Keith at first but later he says "Here, you try this"

  • gmattergames

    Don't like the game, but love these kind of dev stories.

  • MickSmik

    A terrible, brainless genre. I prefer to pay £20 for quality (i.e. XCOM) than to spend a single pence on shitty IAP.

  • Dammster

    Very interesting. Thanks. 🙂