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GDC 2014: Be-Rad Entertainment’s ‘A Spire to the Gods’, a Pixely Dungeon Crawler Similar to ‘Dungelot’

You’re likely familiar with Be-Rad Entertainment for their previous iOS releases Lame Castle or the movie tie-in puzzler WarGames:WOPR, and here at GDC they’re showing off a new project called A Spire to the Gods. It’s a dungeon crawler that’s played by uncovering panels of each floor to find the proper path or face whatever might be underneath. It’s very similar to what Dungelot does, but is expanded with plenty of RPG elements and levels to play through. Check out the video.

I really love the look of A Spire to the Gods, as well as the way it handles things like combat and exploration. The food mechanic means you’ll need to be careful about where and what you explore, and with a decent leveling system it’ll feel good to beef up your character and take on challenges that were previously too difficult. Look for A Spire to the Gods sometime later this year, hopefully in the next few months or so.