Tilt to Live [$2.99] and Tilt to Live 2 [$2.99] are both games that are just perma-installed on every iOS device I have. They're great tilt games, and the sequel is turning in to something super awesome, particularly with the upcoming Brimstone Pinball mode update which takes a power up from the original game mode and blows it out in to a full game mode on its own. GDC is extra noisy today, so the audio isn't great, but you get the idea:

I'm super stoked for this, and you should be too if you love the Tilt to Live games.

  • falco

    Ok why they can't just update the game instead of a new icon ??

    • Catacul

      "Tilt to Live 2" UPDATE Adds New Game Mode.

  • Frost

    Tilt to Live 2 doesn't do anything new but this looks to turn the table around. Looks awesome!

  • c_biskit

    This looks fun! can you guess how I know this recorded the same as the sleeping prince video?