Last week Rovio began teasing a new Angry Birds game that they were planning on soft-launching in limited regions, and later in the week they revealed that the new game is called Angry Birds Epic and it's a turn-based RPG of all things. Well, Angry Birds Epic has indeed soft-launched in New Zealand, Australian and Canadian App Stores as of early this morning.

If you're in any of those territories, or simply have an account for any of those regions' App Stores, you can check out Angry Birds Epic for yourself as it's a free download. There's also quite a few early impressions from players in our forums, and the sentiment so far seems to be that Angry Birds Epic is a pretty cool game, but might rely too heavily on its freemium structure. Time will tell on that front, but if you're able to, give the free download a try.

International App Store Link: Angry Birds Epic, Free (Universal)

  • d0mino

    I would download this but Angry Birds apps give the US government a back door to your device. Not worth having your private information compromised for a free game.

    • Fireman4200

      Lol I don't think so! I think your just paranoid bro!! ๐Ÿ™‚ lol plus even if there was, do you really have anything that bad or illegal on your phone that the government is really going to come after you for! There are millions of people that probably have the same or way worse on there phone!!! In less you have some crazy assassination plan or are a creep with CP, you shouldn't have anything to worry about! Lol

      • Ramaz1234

        Lol ignorant people like you mad me laugh brah lmao

    • nicoper

      Thats just bullshit, just something that some potatohead made up because rovio is to famous, also I it doesent matter nowadays since every moron just says everything anyone would ever want to know (and not know) public on facebook and other social media sites

      • Themostunclean

        There was an excellent South Park episode dealing with the exact same concept.

    • Stiksi

      Yes, Because Rovio as a Finnish company has so many reasons to create backdoors for other nations' governments. Brilliant thinking.

      • Kane

        When you're offered huge amounts of cash by governments, even a company like Rovio won't refuse. I won't download anyway, because the game isn't my kind of game.

    • KaoseT

      Take off your tinfoil hat and calm down.

  • Kevin897

    Who's ready for IAP overload?!

  • defunct32

    This is cute but I bet the IAPs are gonna be as greedy as the pigs in the game.

  • hourglass

    What a joke.

  • Fireman4200

    This is a great expansion to the angry bird series!!! Downloaded this about 7-8 hours ago and I am really enjoying this game!!! It does have some similar elements to other games of it kind but at the same time it feels like a completely new experience. The freemium isn't overdone and doesn't hassle you to buy IAP's constantly like many other freemium games. So far I have been able to progress at a nice enjoyable rate and I haven't reached any time or pay barriers that have stopped me from playing or progressing. The RPG mechanics are very nicely done, perfect for someone new to the RPG genre but still pretty fun and exciting for people like me that are more experienced with RPG's. For a Angry Birds game, I think that's pretty impressive!!! Good job Rovio and thank you for the soft launch on this great new expansion to the Angry Bird series!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mclifford82

      Thanks for the review!!! It was cool!!!

  • sakara214ever

    Downloaded. Could not believe in my eyes when i saw 125$ iap purchase!!!!!! Deleted immediately.

    • Gamera Love

      you don't have to purchase anything. I never purchase any iap in anygame.

    • Adams Immersive

      That's a pack of consumable currency of some kind, I take it? As a (future hopeful) iOS developer, I would consider a $125 IAP for game consumables to be a breach of my professional ethics. No, you don't have to buy it--but anyone who does, by definition, is being taken advantage of on a scale beyond the usual compulsive behavior that consumable IAP tends to prey on. Even assuming that the distasteful consumable IAP model is necessary to make a living (which I deny!) there's a spectrum. With "giving in to what works" on one end, and pure predatory practices on the other. A good game was once worth $50 or more, and if I see an IAP for $50 on a game, I can avoid it with a shrug. If it's a one-time thing that doesn't get burned up. But if it's consumable... and if it goes even HIGHER than $50... that I must object to. I hope this isn't what it seems, because it would make me sad. (For the record, I have enjoyed Angry Birds in its many forms.)

      • mclifford82

        Anyone that buys it made a conscious decision to do so. It's not like you can do it accidentally like clicking an ad. Don't chalk it up to your "professional ethics" because you're automatically labeling any dev that would do it as unethical and that's far from true. Where are you getting these ethical price breakpoints, anyway? The Journal For Ethical IAP?

        Also, no one cares about your little "for the record" addendum, as if that's supposed to let your statements carry more weight. It doesn't.

    • mclifford82

      You do know that's optional right, and that you don't have to fucking spaz out about it?

  • NightSeeker

    It's not bad been playing it all morning in sydney some levels are hard and upgrading your weapons takes a while Cheers

  • ElPumo

    Looks like it could be fun. Will have to check it out when available in US.

  • ste86uk

    Downloaded and played the first 5 or so levels. Very slow to start with slow introduction to things all of which I figured out in the first game anyway....IAP doesn't bother me as I won't buy any so I'll play until there's a paywall if any.

  • Vexka

    I'm just gonna say, the concept is cool (like really!!) and being in Australia, I'm probably will pick this up sometime soon, but... More Angry Birds?? (Ok I have supported Rovio many times with their Angry Birds series, and quite frankly have enjoyed it, but.. Hmmmmm? Anyone see where I'm coming from?)

  • nicoper

    I am definitely going to get it when it is available here, if there is a piggy side of the game I will be really happy too

  • worldcitizen1919

    Tried it don't like it deleted. More of a kids game. Any other game that played like this would get no publicity except it uses the Angry Birds name. Ok for 10'yr olds.

  • NightSeeker

    Little hooked now been playing it on n off pretty much all day now LoL

  • nadav bar kama

    for a few bucks, ill tell the CIA what ever they want to know about my wife ... now cut the cr_p ... this looks like a real fun comic game, i just hope that IAP want hit me in the face!

  • surirav

    Cool game is like south park stick of truth also awesome game. The USA version of course. Europe version the banned de XXX scenes.