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‘Angry Birds Epic’ Soft-launches in the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian App Stores

Last week Rovio began teasing a new Angry Birds game that they were planning on soft-launching in limited regions, and later in the week they revealed that the new game is called Angry Birds Epic and it’s a turn-based RPG of all things. Well, Angry Birds Epic has indeed soft-launched in New Zealand, Australian and Canadian App Stores as of early this morning.

If you’re in any of those territories, or simply have an account for any of those regions’ App Stores, you can check out Angry Birds Epic for yourself as it’s a free download. There’s also quite a few early impressions from players in our forums, and the sentiment so far seems to be that Angry Birds Epic is a pretty cool game, but might rely too heavily on its freemium structure. Time will tell on that front, but if you’re able to, give the free download a try.

International App Store Link: Angry Birds Epic, Free (Universal)