Big Blue Bubble has published a wide breadth of different kinds of mobile games to the App Store, most notably their Burn the Rope series and the wacky city-builder/musical-monster-collector My Singing Monsters. However, I don't believe they've ever covered dungeon crawler territory, but that's changed with the worldwide release of their newest game Finder's Keep [Free]. Finder's Keep was soft-launched last month, and the early impressions from our forum goers have been quite positive.

Sure, there's the typical free to play stuff here like a timer element and in-game currency, but they seem highly unobtrusive so far. Finder's Keep feels like it was designed as a quick, pick-up-and-play throughout the day type of experience, and at that it really succeeds. Gameplay is somewhat reminiscent to Dungelot in that you're methodically clearing out each square of any given dungeon and dealing with whatever it is you uncover.

The battling isn't terribly in-depth, but it works. Where this game really shines for me is in the loot department. There's tons of it. Weapons, armors, special items… it feels like I'm uncovering at lease several new pieces of loot with every single floor I explore. What's awesome is that you can choose to equip and use the loot, or break it down into "dust" which is then used to reinforce equipment you do want to use and make it better.

The whole loot system and armory seem really robust, and the fact that Finder's Keep is a portrait-oriented game means I can already see myself pulling it out when I've some time to kill and thrashing my way through a dungeon or min/max'ing my character out. If you don't typically like free to play shenanigans then it's probably not for you, but as a casual dungeon crawler it feels really well done. Hey, for free there's no reason not to at least check out Finder's Keep and see if it's your cup of tea.

  • Zeillusion

    I'm loving it so far!

    • Amenbrother


  • StaggerLee

    Combat strategy actually becomes quite complex later on but it starts very simple.

    • Zeillusion

      Yeah, I do enjoy it so far. I'm only a few hours in but the game feels solid.

      It feels a bit like pokemon though, in a sense: your walking around and stumble upon a simple enemy that takes 1 hit to kill and I just press attack and wait for the dungeon screen to return. It's an annoyance because the enemies are simply but you said it gets more complex so I can't wait (:

      It also has events which I enjoy! This game will be a success.

      • Zeillusion

        Also: I love the amount of loot, & the fuse / reinforce mechanic. The chest idea is great as well, it's an extremely fair pay model as well!

  • iValerio1990


  • CkX82

    I hate so much when a game REQUIRES a constant connection. I mean, I'm always connected but it still is a deal breaker with me...

    • Womble

      I suppose its necessary to prevent hacking. It doesn't bother me at all, but I can see why wifi only peeps might not like it.

    • Intendro

      "Sure, there's the typical free to play stuff here like a timer element-"
      Suddenly not caring to play a game that paradoxically doesn't want to be played.

      "constant Internet connection"
      Suddenly not caring x2, negative caring reached.

      You take away portability and the ability to play what is meant to be played... but you won't take away my right to go play games that let me play them! ...Did I mention this is all really stupid? Ugh. Games that don't let you play them. Really.

      What, the logic is trying to addict people into buying out the timers repeatedly? Why on earth not go play something without timers? They should've died out by now! This anti-consumer insanity, why won't it end?!

      Did I mention I am playing games that let me play them? I did? All these developers didn't seem to notice all the massive complaints...

      • Intendro

        Well, you know someone had to make those complaints again, so I went and did it.

        You think all of those developers will notice?

        What? You say I'm being a bit too rude? No... *points at timers, constant Internet requirement, etc.* ...That is rude, I would say. *cough*


        So, yeah, please stop it already... Ugh...

      • Intendro

        (I suppose I should apologize for excessive rudeness. But you understand, this really ticks me off.
        And sorry for the multiple comments in a row here.)

      • 61050

        i liked this because it helps to remind me that im not the only one who talks regardless of whether anyone is listening.

  • stateyb

    Yawn. Not a dungeon crawl.

  • Geertyy

    Will try it, thanks for posting about this!

  • Tomochan

    A bit slow as far as going through the interface and actions. Lev 30+ so far and have not hit any pay wall or need to use iap. Almost like when u are about to use up ur energy, u will level up and get energy refill.

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  • asiangeek

    The game is really good for a freemium game. I like it so add me 🙂 My friend code is 6352GM

  • Tok

    Level 35 and lovin' it!
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  • Tok

    Level 35 and lovin' it!
    Join me - 10743MN - to get team bonuses!!!