11-bit Studios, creators of the excellent Anomaly series of "tower offense" games, have revealed their latest creation called This War of Mine. This is really unlike any other war game that I've ever seen, as the focus isn't on partaking in the war as a soldier, but rather as a group of civilians trying to survive while a war rages on around them. It's a powerful concept, and is accompanied by this similarly powerful teaser trailer.

As for the game itself, not a whole lot of details have been divulged, but here's what 11-bit has said in their blog post announcing the game: "During the day snipers outside stop you from leaving your refuge, offering precious time to craft, trade, upgrade your shelter, feed and cure your survivors. At night you can scavenge nearby areas in search for food, medicines, weapons and other useful items." It also sounds like choice will play a big part in the game, as 11-bit states that in This War of Mine "you have to make life-and-death decisions based purely on your conscience. Try to protect everybody from your shelter or sacrifice some of them in order to prevail; there are no good or bad decisions during war. There's only survival."

It sounds really incredible. Though no release date has been discussed yet, This War of Mine is slated to release sometime in 2014, and 11-bit will be talking more about the real life story that directly inspired them to make this particular game in the near future. Now, here's the bad news: the target platform for This War of Mine is currently just PC, but as we've seen before there's always a chance the game can come to mobile platforms sometime in the future. My fingers are crossed, and if there's any word on a mobile release we'll let you know. Update: Right after posting this, 11-bit confirmed in the comments below that a mobile version will eventually follow the PC release. Make sure you got this bad boy on your Watch List, people!

  • Guest

    Hello there!

    Pawel from 11 bit here - yes, PCs are the priority platform now, but then mobile. In short words - expect fully-fledged serious gaming experience on mobiles too.

    • Bliquid

      I like the way you guys always turn around concepts.
      And this concept in particular is very interesting and inspiring.
      It struck me a little later after reading the news about it, but this is not only a good idea, it is a great and kinda daring idea.
      Rooting for you to bring up a great experience, here.

      • JCho133

        I'd love to see a flaplike from them where you control the pipes instead of the bird

      • Bliquid

        It became a genre now?
        Apocalypse can't come soon enough...

      • dalglir


      • rpgmind

        Please, take my money and come back with more comments like this!!!

    • speedyph
    • 7lilwhitewolf7

      Thatz great newz! i apPaweld you 7 your team for your extra unordinary approach. 7 how i thought long ago on my ideaz based on my readingz of the holocaust 7 Anne Frank wuz no good for a game. Wow juz Wow!!!

  • Wujek Grga

    Sorry if double post but I can't see the previous one.
    Anyway - as one of the devs I can say - yes, PCs are first, but then we want to deliver fully-fledged serious gaming experience to mobile devices. And we'll do that. I'm sure TA will be one of the first (or very first) to know the details.

    • TomCrown

      By PC do you mean Mac/PC or just Windows PC?

      • Wujek Grga

        Win, Mac, Linux

  • Darnoc

    That was... pretty cool! Looking forward to this one!

  • Telltales

    Wow. Very intriguing. I'd like to play games on my Macbook, but nowadays I'd rather have a full game on my tablet since I'm always away. I hope it comes on iPad soon

  • ZarieoZ

    Lol these guys always do everything in reverse, don't they!
    War from citizens' perspective, tower defense from creeper's perspective.

    Gotta admit it, I love their work, bummer that it is not coming for iOS though. Will add it to my watchlist though, maybe we'll get lucky.

  • joaquin_ondamoon

    Wow, good luck to the devs with this. It's nice to see something serious on iOS (eventually). Not everything has to be Flappy Bird.

    • Jay G

      Nothing...has to be Flappy Bird.

    • Wujek Grga

      It is coming to iOS. Just the PC is priority platform now. We treat mobile as the same important platform so at some point we'll need to make perfect controls for touchscreens.

      • Kedens

        Any update on mobile version? Has it been started? The game is amazing on my MacBook but it was clearly made with the iPad in mind, any updates are appreciated

  • Ann0ying

    Going to be epic.

  • JCho133

    Yes please

  • iammane

    Wow hell yes, this looks great. Chilling!

  • mutts

    Teaser looks nice, and the gameplay sounds promising.
    Will keep an eye on this one.

  • Fatty Bolger

    Liked the trailer and concept. Will eagerly await gameplay footage. 🙂

  • HelperMonkey


  • Dtale

    Not only a potential great game, but a true statement at that.
    I salute you for bringing this to the gaming world!

    Looping forward to this, sounds incredible

  • blackharon

    Really hits home. My wife was one of those kids in the teaser in Lebanon in the 90's. And coming from 11bit! I'm sure its a day 1 (mobile) purchase!

  • darkich

    You are one of the best and coolest developers out there.
    Cheers and all best

  • bigjack66

    So are you sitting in a house watching what's going on or cowering in a corner? Not to be negative but the way war games work is you're a soldier!

    • Bliquid

      This world is so lucky to have you.

  • flashbackflip

    The concept indeed sounds so unexpected that i instantly 'watchlisted' it. The one thing i can not agree with is more of a philosophical/moral one: "there are no good or bad decisions during war. There's only survival." - this..

    My grandfather and both grandmothers were fighting WW2 and all of them told me stories highlighting that there IS such things honor, love to God and other people, compassion, self-sacrifice and mercifulness that saved them (and others around them) numerous times in very weird ways..

    I do hope that line was added to point out gameplay/drama part of the game. I just wanted to make this comment to get things clearer


  • workingman

    This looks like the most interesting game I've seen in a long time. I'm sure this will be a keeper. This can't come fast enough and I wish i had never heard of it until it was released. The anticipation is gonna get the best of me

  • Bloodangel

    When is this out please? Someone said last week it was out 🙁

  • lilgac

    My only game platform is ipad. So I hope this is out soon for ios! Instant buy!

  • Kedens

    Bought this on my Mac and after playing thought how perfect the control scheme is for tablets.. Then noticed it was made by 11bit and iPad is on the way.. It's just been so long since we've been updated on the mobile version. Any news 11bit?