Rovio has lifted the lid off of the new Angry Birds game that they began teasing just a few days ago. It's called Angry Birds Epic, and get ready for this: it's a turn-based role-playing game. Seriously. The news comes courtesy of Kotaku, who also notes that the game will have an extensive crafting system, where players will make their own armor, potions and weapons. The not-so-bright side of that crafting system is that apparently you'll use resources earned in-game or you could just, you know, buy them with real life money through IAP.


Here's hoping that the whole IAP thing doesn't hamper what otherwise sounds like a really interesting take on the world of Angry Birds. We should have a pretty good idea of what Angry Birds Epic will be like later this week, as it's set to soft-launch in Canada, Australia and New Zealand as the previous teaser video detailed. Following that soft-launch period, however long it may be, Angry Birds Epic will launch worldwide on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We'll have more once Angry Birds Epic soft-launches, so stay tuned.


  • hourglass

    Another cash grab from the good folks at Rovio...

    • mclifford82

      It's almost like they're a business or something. What noobs!

    • Ahmed90

      You wouldn't grab cash?

  • Jake7905

    I think I'll just wait for Battleheart 2.

    • JohnnyJ301

      Don't you mean Angry Birds Battleheart 2 ?

  • drlemon

    Okay then.

  • ODMay

    No, no.

  • David Ngo

    Angry Birds Stick of Truth!

    • Intendro

      Lightning Returns Angry Birds 13

      Angry Fantasy 7

      Bird Trigger

      Secret of Anger

      Tales of Birds

      Angry Birds Kart

      Angry Birds Revengeance

      • NinjaKitteh

        You forgot Angry Flappy Birds.

  • Kevin MacLeod

    The weirdest part about this is that Rovio's success has historically come from selling full games for money. Angry Birds is a premium game - you pay once, you get a ton of levels and polish.
    I'm not sure how successful Rovio has been with their freemium experiments - Angry Birds Go bombed, right?
    I'm a bit surprised to see them trying again with a model that seems to be alienating gamers, and runs contrary with the business that has brought them success.

    • Onikage725

      To be fair, it just says IAP. Angry Birds has IAP anyway, which has never hampered the experience. Here's hoping it goes that route.

      • anabolicMike

        I learned a new phrase today to type into Bing image search. Really I did. What's this phrase? "Thigh Gap". That's the phrase I learned today. One I will happily always remember!

    • Ahmed90

      I don't think their core gamers are being alienated. They have four Angry Birds franchises that are core to their audience. I see this as another foray to get new customers.

    • Based Xatu

      Angry birds- GO! did pretty good actually.

      • Kevin MacLeod

        Really? I loved the game, but it's gone from the charts, and hasn't received any content updates... Doesn't really feel like a success. That's a shame, because if you buy the coin doubler, it's actually a very well balanced and fun game.

  • Siveon

    I know I'm pretty negative about a lot of mobile news... but this game in particular is gonna suck. Hard.

  • jgainsbrugh

    Love Angry birds. Love RPGs. It's like chocolate and peanut butter. Bring it on baby!

    • Ahmed90

      It's more like dark chocolate and crunchy peanut butter

    • nadav bar kama

      shouldn't that be peanut butter and jam?

  • Harti

    This game looks horrifyingly shallow.

    • Ahmed90

      River shallow

    • hakamhakam

      did you just judge a game by a screenshot? wow

  • sbnewsom

    I've dropped zero cash on Rico and have always enjoyed their games. So what are peoples' problems?

    • Leeabe51

      It sounds like our biggest problem is, we aren't you.

  • vai_levar_no_cu

    great to see them expanding the gameplay again.

  • Onikage725


  • AJShadowz

    Gg the

  • Mookmonster

    Rovio....continuing to follow the path set by mario and nintendo...

    • mclifford82

      You say that like it's a bad thing.

  • Adams Immersive

    If you want an awesome game that plays like I imagine this might (who knows) without IAP nonsense, be sure to check out the Squids series! Turn-based physics action in a single-player campaign... albeit light on the RPG elements other than building up your team.

  • nadav bar kama

    Angry Birds Go is a great kart game, unplayable due to a bizarre upgrade and challenge system ... Rovio makes great games ... i would want to buy this new Epic game for a few bucks ... but im already worried ...

  • JCho133

    HAHAHAHA what.

  • ImJPaul

    How interesting. Not going to judge it till it's out because the rest of their stuff has been really fair up to now.

  • ste86uk

    Wasn't expecting that from angry birds but I'm happy to try and tbs rpg for sure! Can't wait to get onto the Canadian soft launch to try....anyone else started getting emails saying you downloaded from the Canadian store but are in the UK?

  • sokae

    Apparently, I have never spend cash on in app purchases in my whole life cause I don't find the needs to do so.....

  • JCho133

    Ok so a Dev developing an RPG (username n8o) brought an interesting idea to my attention in ABE's upcoming thread. He was saying how if this creates a wider audience for RPGs, that could be a good thing. I never thought of it that way, bringing casual gamers in on a hardcore genre would be cool, and could mean a lot more iOS games would get more sales.

    Maybe I'm overthinking or have to high of hopes, but it's an interesting idea.

    • ste86uk

      Hopefully the RPG aspects are deep and not just light rpg thrown in there like a lot of games these days.

      • Edwin Ramirez

        Deepness will be an IAP.

  • spud_05

    It looks like they have just made their own version of Hero Academy or some other game like that!

  • 3mry5

    Sounds like yet another decent idea about to be murdered by greedy implementation of iap :((

  • Flare_TM


    • bilboa

      Or should they learn a lesson from Clash of Clans, which made $892 million last year?

      Whether we like it or not F2P games can potentially make lots of money, so I'd say it's wishful thinking to say going F2P is necessarily a bad move from a company's point if view. I think Dungeon Keeper's mistake was using an old beloved franchise as the theme for their game, which caused lots of people to compare it to the old Dungeon Keeper. From what I understand, taken for what it is as opposed to comparing it to the original DK, the new DK is a decent alternative to Clash of Clans for people who like those sort of games. I'm not one of those people and haven't played either game, so this is just based in reviews I've read from people who have.

  • robman84

    Launching on April 1st perchance?

  • orangecane

    This sounds a lot like Princess Punt Sweets (Japanese-only GungHo game); Princess Punt was available in English, but the sequel had better RPG elements. It used Angry Birds-style slingshot physics, but you would need to get better weapons and "dresses" (armor) to kill higher level monsters.

    • Bool Zero

      You mean like Squids (and Squids: Wild West)?...

  • Ramaz1234

    Wooooo so excited!!

  • dariusjr98

    Wow, the comments here are so negative, yet you all haven't seen any gameplay.

    I'm sure you all really hurt Rovio where it hurts. I bet they're wiping away their tears with 100 dollar bills laced in gold.

    • Stormourner

      they should play the game before judging and sadly they just don't

  • Zeillusion

    Angry birds - pebble of the truth! Word up.

  • CooleTeeps

    Come on Rovio! When is another actual angry birds game gonna come out?

  • Kenan2000

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