999logoDeveloper Spike Chunsoft and publisher Aksys Games have announced that the 2009 Nintendo DS adventure game 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors will be coming to mobile in a slightly modified version called 999: The Novel, Polygon reports. As that title alludes to, the puzzle elements of the original game have been removed and instead the game now plays like an interactive visual novel. There are also improvements like revamped artwork for high-resolution mobile screens and a flowchart feature that lets you keep track of what you're doing and jump around in the story.

This mobile version of 999 was already released in Japan in May of last year, but the forthcoming worldwide release will include English language translation. If you were a fan of 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors on the Nintendo DS a few years back, or have never been able to play the game due to its Japanese language, mark your calendar for March 17th when 999: The Novel lands in the App Store worldwide.


  • CrispyCreamed

    I'm probably the only one who played zero escape without ever playing 999. This is a definite slam dunk for me. Truly masterful storytelling here.

    • http://www.autumndynasty.com kirua

      Exactly the same for me, I started with Zero's Escape first, then went and bought 999 and 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de.
      Fantastic series, amazing how the draw is actually the story for a 'puzzle' game like this.

      • DenzilofDojima

        The series is called Zero Escape. VLR and 999 are both a part of it. Not being an ass just fyi.

    • xzeldax3

      I don't think that's a slam dunk, because you would find VLR a lot more interesting if you played it after 999 because there's some major connections throughout it.

  • Grits n Gravy

    Would have liked to see the puzzle elements kept. Might look into this though.

  • 8-Bit Hero

    Been wanting to play this, but never got the chance. This is fantastic. Will be keeping an eye on this 🙂

  • King

    Holyyyy shit I have been wanting this game on iOS ever since I completed it a few years back. Thank you god

    • Xexist

      +1 This game is awesome!

  • Jacob Gehman

    Oh! Oh! 999 is the best game ever.

  • Nycteris

    Take my money!!!

  • Xexist

    For anyone curious. This game is AWESOME.

  • Sheo

    June and ace are behind this all. Happy playing

  • Anthony

    Yo, TA I don't know if you can, but ban Sheo or remove their comment. I flagged it and it is kind of spoiler.

    I hope this ups the chances of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc of getting a release soon. It was already translated on the PSP and came out in the Japanese App store but without a translation to English. The only going against it is that it just came out on Vita.

  • sbnewsom

    So why is everyone getting excited over a game that just removed the best parts? It's all about the puzzles and story, not one or the other.

    • Siveon

      I guess if you didn't like the puzzles and just wanted the story? Though, if I had to guess, it would make like half of the games plot (centering around puzzles) feel off.

    • MrAlbum

      If I remember right from 999, the puzzles had wicked-high difficulty curves. There's a lot of classic 'adventure game logic', made worse by the clunky navigation in the puzzle rooms. Plus, the game would constantly interrupt the puzzle rooms for massive exposition dumps that, as a result of them happening in the middle of the puzzle room, feel like they come out of nowhere. It could break the flow of the game, and sometimes deliver frustration (STOP TALKING TO ME AND LET ME GET THE **** BACK TO SOLVING THIS ******* PUZZLE!!!!).

      It's almost as if the game was designed as a visual novel first with no puzzle segments, and they put the puzzle segments in later.

      Besides, while the puzzles could be cool, by far the most memorable thing about this game was its story, with its soundtrack ranking a close second.

      Now, Virtue's Last Reward has some great puzzle rooms and puzzle design. If they took the puzzle rooms out of an iOS port of THAT game, then I would be a little ticked off. But for 999... I could live without the puzzle rooms.

      This is just my opinion. Make of it whatever you will.

  • Siveon

    Eh, from what I've played of its sequel, I can't say I'll look forward to this one. Especially if the interesting part of the game is taken out.

    • Xexist

      Can't say the puzzles really mattered that much to me when I played, but I can see why some might care.

  • iAmTheWalrus

    I wonder if the game will be $9.99

    • Mnoz

      4.99$ according to Gematsu.

    • MrAlbum

      That would be wonderful serendipity.

      Seriously, someone contact the developers and petition them to make the price this way.

  • TimTim92

    "The game will also be freemium, with it's free-to-play structure built like Dungeon Keeper".
    Now that would be crazy.

    • MrAlbum

      DON'T JINX IT!!!!!!!

  • pouffie

    Was about time! Have been waiting forever!
    And Stein's gate gets released later this month 🙂

  • Onikage725

    I'm going to get this soon. I'm currently loving Dangan Ronpa on my Vita!

  • DenzilofDojima

    999 has a wonderful story (that needs to be played through multiple times to get the true ending) replaying the same puzzles was a major pain on subsequent playthroughs but I still think title will be a poorer experience without them. Here's hoping for a full port of Virtues Last Reward which fixes pretty much every complaint I had about 999.

    • 3mry5


  • Seth

    It's a shame to totally remove the puzzles, though given that 999 is among my favorite games ever on any platform, I'll definitely still get this. I'd have preferred if they just made the puzzles optional.

    999 and Virtue's Last Reward are parts 1 and 2 of a trilogy, and the creator of the games, Kotaro Uchikosi, said on Twitter that VLR may not have made enough money to get part 3 made. If you have ANY interest in this series at all, please buy this game to help support the Zero Escape developers and get the third game made. Anyone who's beaten VLR knows that it would be insane to let the story end where it is now!

  • Misguided

    I liked the puzzles in 999, but this will be great regardless, and I'm happy to see they could bring it to a wider audience, even if that is the cost.

  • 3mry5

    Any idea about the price? (Could someone work it out from the cost on the Japanese App Store?)