When you have a trailer as awesome as Block Legend [$1.99], you better have a good game behind it to back up that hype goodness. Luckily the devs behind this RPG puzzler matched their self-made hype and then some. Streamlined combat (complete with random encounters), loads of unlockable content and a robust RPG match-2 overlay combine for an amazing experience that needs to be checked out.

Block Legend takes a lot of inspiration from a variety of previous puzzle iOS games. The combat is reminiscent of the classic Dungeon Hero with tiles on the board for experience, physical attacks, replenishing life, etc. However, the game runs in real time, similar to 10000000 [$2.99]. With the grata foundation of these two games, Block Legend takes the game play even further with a full-on RPG adventure, complete with visiting towns, shops, finding treasure, and fighting bosses. In that regard it almost reminds me of Half-Minute Hero, except with puzzle-based game play.


The combination of Block Legend matched the gameplay with the battle mechanic makes for an experience that is both tense and frenetic. This tension is why I think I enjoy it so much. It's one thing to have a simple RPG puzzler that's turn-based, but having to be on your toes at all times really brings fast relaxes into the mix. The RPG mechanics, which include an experience leveling system, spells and potions to discover, and progressively harder monsters, means that the experience is constantly evolving and challenging.

Even the matching mechanics themselves offer more strategy that most other games. A combo system, spells that clear out areas of the board, and a conversion system that changes blocks in between battles (to simulate wandering a country side) mean that even though the objective is always the same (block matching) the environment is constantly changing and requires players to keep up. Even the pacing of Block Legend is flawless, with the perfect amount of random encounters, shops and bosses. Progress in terms of experience isn't carried over between runs, but equipment and items can be which can be key to getting that potential boost to hit the next stage. Mostly though, Block Legend relies on skill and reflexes which makes it ideal in my book.


Where Block Legend really gets its staying power is with the multitude of content that can be unlocked. Players start out with two standard Herod and can unlock a plethora of extras that range from a Pop Idol with a high magic stat to a Salaryman that lowers the cost of items. The heroes that need to be unlocked are certainly... interesting and I'd highly suggest you work through them a. Besides unlocking heroes, players can also unlock new regions which offer new baddies, locales and potential loot. Regions also appear to be procedurally generated as well, which works well for that kind of game. Granted, new heroes and locales don't substantially change the core gameplay, but I think it's essential for long term replayability.

Meanwhile, unlocks require starblocks, which are earned by completing simple missions such as clearing a certain amount of blocks in a single run. Missions are pretty straightforward in terms of scope, but again it adds just that much more incentive to continue to replay the game. A decent bestiary and encyclopedia of unlockables offer further reason to continue to play.

Flawless execution of the matching RPG puzzler mechanics would be enough to warrant a strong recommendation for Block Legend. Add in all the potential unlockables and heroes and Legend does what it needs to be an awesome game with lasting power. The folks at DotWarrior Games really sprung this on us out of nowhere, and is highly suggest you do not miss it.

Editor's Note: To further emphasize just how incredibly awesome Block Legend is, it seemed so urgent to get word out about this amazing puzzler that Eric drafted this review driving in LA traffic dictating it to his girlfriend who was typing it on her phone. Games like this don't come out often. Download this game.

TouchArcade Rating

  • Xissoric

    Erm, I've played this game for like 20 minutes, and the combat is not in real time. Each enemy has dots under it that indicate how many times you can make a move before it will attack.

    • quizoid

      Somewhat non-thematically... Travel is timed and ATB-like but combat is not.

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      Are you sure your 20 min's was in real time?
      Sounds like you're saying the reviewer *BLEW IT*?

  • jeffyg3

    I'd buy that game just cause of that trailer. Damn. Love that trailer

    • jamarohn

      Agreed 11/10.

      • cameron331

        Why not 12/10?

  • Robot:String

    Just a comment: procedural doesn't equal random. You can get always the same result from a procedural level design if you apply the same seed. But if you randomize some of the parameters, you'll get a different level. The key here is the randomness, not the procedural design. In any case, the levels are procedural random levels.
    That said, the game is great, and I'm really enjoying it. 🙂

  • sfaber

    This game seems good but I dont like that every "good" game here gets 5 stars. It should be something like perfection, and even for a personal opinion I just see this rating abused in this site (maybe to add some views to a boring clichè game no one should care anymore? Cmon Match3-RPG with pixel graphic is like seeing another flappy bird/cod clone in my eyes..I stopped to care long ago, both the genre and TA ratings)

    • Robot:String

      Yet you cared enough to come and leave a negative comment, insead of looking for a site that suits you best. Interesting...

      • mclifford82

        Great post. I agree with you, only positive comments should be allowed.

      • Goggles789

        Sometimes speaking up about something you do not like can lead you to something that you do like.

      • Anova

        I don't think sfaber was trolling, it's a valid point. I often feel like 4.5 stars means the game is fun and polished, but 5 stars means they were paid to be generous or are just expressing their love of a genre. There's nothing wrong with any of that, except that we come here for consistent reviews so we know where to put our free time/money.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      I feel the exact opposite. I hate how most gaming sites seem reluctant to give a game a top score. But it's irrelevant anyway, as if this got a 4.5 someone would complain it deserved a 5. We give it a 5, and inevitably there are people complaining about that. It's always going to be a no win situation for us.

      • mclifford82

        That's actually not a no-win situation for you, since many people DO agree with your assessment. But as usual only the negative ones get the attention.

        Why do you think trolls are trolls? Attention.

      • CecilMcW00t

        This is a very good point. I have been noticing this as well.

      • Goggles789

        Or they just fly by, drop their troll bombs and move on. I'm willing to bet the psychology behind trolling is a lot simpler than a lot of us make it.

      • Boobi

        The review was great but the editors note got me! In LA traffic, thats gotta be worth it. Thanks TA.

      • Goggles789

        Gaming sites should be reluctant to give their top scores. It's a perceived value. People are coming here, wondering if they should spend their money. For many people, I would wager that all they need is a little push either direction. Having a gaming site with really weird and inconsistent review criteria just plain sucks, because you can no longer rely on their wisdom. I stopped paying attention to this sites reviews since FF6 came out. It feels more like an amateur gaming site and I lost interest in a lot of articles because of the stupid flappy bird obsession. Yes, you guys like flappy bird. Can we move on? I'm sorry to say, but I've been following your site for such a long time that I feel kind of let down at this point.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        I have no idea how Flappy Bird is relevant to the situation… but anyway, we gave this game 5 stars. There's nothing weird or inconsistent about that. We think it's a 5 star game. If you don't agree that is perfectly fine, but no reviews (not just ours) will match up to your own opinion every time, it's just not possible.

      • Robot:String

        This guy would have given Galaga a low score because, you know, Galaxian and Space Invaders... 😛

        Truth is, if you are a good game designer, you can still take a Flappy Bird clone and make a good game out of it.

        Some people think you have to reinvent the wheel with every game. That's just not possible always. You can simply take a good idea and make it better, and make an awesome game.

        The nature of the game market is iterative. All FPSs are just Castle Wolfestein/Doom remixed...

      • stoned

        I think it is perfectly ok to give top ratings on a regular basis and not save it for the 'oerfect game'.
        I think you do it too often. I miss distinction, a 5 star rating should not be given more often than a 1 Star rating. As it is right now, I ignore the games with less than 4 stars, they usually are just not worth any attention. Even 4 Star reviews makes me suspicious, why did it miss the all too easy fifth star. 5 stars often mean just a nice game with potential, like in my oppinion in this case. I have difficulties to see the excellent if the good gets the top rating. Maybe you could add achievements, like highly original content or gameplay, polished, big value, stuff like that, so that it is clearer to me why I should spent any money and preciouus time on a new title.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        That counters what TA is all about. We want to be a source of GOOD games, I would never waste time reviewing 1 star games just to make sure there's an equal ratio. 99% of the App Store is 1 star games (or less!), I just don't see the point in giving those any attention at all.

        The gist of TA: come here, see a bunch of games that we think are worthy for one reason or another. Not all of those games will suit every person, but at least you aren't wading through pages and pages of crap in the App Store trying to find something that's worth your time or money.

      • Leeabe51

        I read game site reviews so I can find out what is good or bad, mainly because App Store ratings are meaningless to me. TA isn't helping me much if they don't let me know what the bad games are as well as the good. Lots of games are hyped, do well in the App Store, but I have no idea if they are worth the money. I like reviews to steer me away from the crap just as much to show me what is good.

      • bilboa

        I read TA to find out what's good, not to find out what's bad. As Jared says, there are far more games released than TA could possibly review, and most of them aren't very good. I don't want TA to spend half their time reviewing mediocre games just so their average review score matches the average quality of App Store games. That doesn't mean they should never review bad games. High profile games should be reviewed even if they're bad, like Dungeon Keeper. And the occasional negative review of a random bad game keeps things interesting and can be educational about what makes a game bad. Overall though I agree with TA using their limited reviewer resources mainly for reviewing good games.

      • Leeabe51

        So basically you agree with me.

        When I see a game that is doing well in the App Store, I look for reviews to see if it's anything I would care about, or if it's more like Flappy Bird, something the masses may love but I have zero interest in. In the past if I didn't see a popular game's reviews on TA I just assumed they never got around to playing it. I guess now I know, if there isn't a TA review of a popular game, they didn't like it. Wait that doesn't work either, they loved Flappy Bird, but I don't think they ever reviewed it.

        In the end it doesn't matter, I have found that I tend to like different types of games than what TA and it's forum goers like. Not knocking them, just saying I am not their target audience.

      • bilboa

        Well, I don't agree with you in finding TA unhelpful, since I've found them to be extremely helpful by steering me towards lots of games I've enjoyed.

      • bilboa

        Oops, hit Post by accident.

        I meant to say, I don't agree with you in finding TA unhelpful, since I've found them extremely helpful in steering me towards lots of games I've enjoyed. I think a couple of ways might differ from you in how I use TA are

        1) I go much more by what the review actually says than on the score. The score helps give me a quick at a glance indication of the reviewer's overall opinion, but that's not enough to tell me if I'll like the game. I have somewhat particular tastes in games, and there are lots of objectively good games that I don't enjoy, and conversely lots of flaws that might get a star docked from a game's score that I personally won't care about. So I need to actually read the review to decide if it's a game I'd like to invest my time and money in, and therefore I can't really relate to how much importance some people put on the exact review score.

        2) I know TA is a small team and accept that TA only reviews a small fraction of the games on the App Store, so I don't see it as a big flaw in the site that they don't review every game that I might potentially be interested in. If I see a game mentioned somewhere that looks interesting and I don't find a review on TA, I just go search on metacritic for other reviews. I still overall find TA to be my favorite mobile-specific game review site, but there are other sites worth reading as well.

    • basil

      People should say whatever they want it's not hurting anyone

      • Galenmereth

        So let this man say what he wants, too.

      • riChchestMat

        So you let basil say what he wants too

      • basil

        Everyone say what I want

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        I was hurt.

    • Goggles789

      You made a great point. I didn't think this game was all that great, and giving a 5 for a game that many are finding unplayable is silly. What if the dev abandons the game and never fixes the display bug? TA can rate however it likes, but it's only a single perspective. What matters most is how you feel about the game.

    • danc4498

      Just wanted to say I agree completely. The 5 star rating is overused by touch arcade. I've blind downloaded many games cause it had a 5 star rating and was disappointed by most of them. Now I at least watch the trailer.

  • TouchGamer1987

    Love this game. Must buy.
    Reminds me a little of Tetris Attack

  • Dethedrus

    Best. Trailer. EVER!

  • bigukdaz

    Really fun puzzle game but please sort the screen out on ipad air

  • Jake7905

    I was ready to hit that buy button, but read that there are display issues on the Retina IPad Mini and IPad Air.

    • Marvin

      On the regular IPad mini as well. It works fine on my 5s but is cut off on the left side of the mini

  • JCho133

    Haha that is quite the Editor's Note

  • spader623

    I was thinking 'eh it looks fun, but idk...' Then I saw that trailer... Just for that, I'm sooooo tempted to buy it. Stupid backlog.

  • crispin


  • DemoEvolved

    I think games that are completely entertaining should get 5 stars. A game can have flaws and still be completely entertaining. There is no "platos form" of a game that every game needs to live up to

  • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

    I'm baffled at the hype this is getting. Yep, I own it. But I feel it's a solid time waster at best.

    • quizoid

      It's okay. I, personally, would have more fun with it if it was a grindy-level-uppie game and not a high-score experience.

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      And you would rate this how many stars?

      I bought a pixely crappy game awhile back, Slayers (or Slayers II?), and was completely annoyed with TA for giving it a super review. It was a cute gimmicky game, but it was not a game that deserved kudos.

      I'd like to see TA's reviewers review get reviewed. 🙂
      (Not nec joking w/that last line.)

      • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

        I've learned to disregard the reviews here, sadly. They defend it by saying they only review "good games". So I take that to mean they've never played a bad game, somehow. Or if they have, they simply don't review it for some odd reason?

        Anyway, if I were to give Block Legend a rating, I'd give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

        At best it's a serviceable time waster. But for anyone used to playing games like 10000000 or Dungeon Raid, it's childs play. The only redeeming qualities would be the absence of IAP, the fact that I usually enjoy RPG elements in a puzzle game helps a tad, and the amount of unlockable characters which have their own little bonuses.

        The problem is the colorful pixels displayed lack originality, coming off as cliche and burn my eyes. The puzzle mechanic is really shallow and despite what the above review says, the game play lacks tension. It ends up being a shallow, generic experience unfortunately.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        @scotd:disqus - well, I agree with you again.
        Not gonna get Block Legend, will be passing on that. Wasn't going to get it before reading your 2.5 stars, but I believe it.
        Never sure why TA endorses some games with really high ratings when they simply don't compare to other *TRULY* high quality games.
        (BTW, thanks for mentioning DR, still my fav 'go to' IOS game.)

      • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

        No no sir, thank YOU for introducing DR to me! It's been a bright spot in my quest for quality puzzle RPG games and will stay on my device until it decides to no longer function! I'm glad to know we both share very similar taste!

      • http://about.me/davidlnguyen David Nguyen

        Thank you! I used to buy every 5 star game TA has given, but it's kinda hard to keep up with that when there are 1000x more games out now and TA gives many games high scores. Maybe the games deserve them, but I also understand that it's usually in the best interest of the site to review good games because of advertising reasons. A few sites like IGN and POLYGON are good at trying to be honest, but I have a hard time going buy TA reviews now.

      • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

        Yeah I totally agree with you there. This TA post comes off as a hype article with a review rating. With so many games available, it's tough to know where to spend your money. I just strive to have an honest and objective point of view. Unfortunately it seems there aren't many review sites with the same perspective/philosophy, so we gotta be able to count on the community.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        I know it's not the best game, but I played it anyway just to see for myself (I'm like that). I think the dev deserves some points for making an 'addictive' game that has some strategy, and the music & graphics are not too bad.
        I didn't particularly like the game, not hooked by 'unlocking new characters' who are very similar IMO, and wasn't impressed with item occasional shopping for loot.
        I'm not sure why this game doesn't interesting me much, since DR has similarities -- DR is a match 3+ game where you gain up to 4 abilities as you level up by matching / battling skulls, and you get gear which slowly improves, and the various boss baddies don't look much different from eachother (but their abilities are really different).
        I guess DR has infinite replayability to me, while this game is more of a 'play for a few days' & then delete. DR is more of a 'strategic' game while this was more of a match 'em game.
        I think @scotd:disqus was pretty accurate w/that review. Good job! 😀

      • https://twitter.com/ScotDamn Scot Damn

        Thanks for your impressions man. I always enjoy reading what others who I respect think of games.

        I may have been somewhat unfair in my review. I haven't changed my mind, but reading what you say here, I feel I may have left an impression that it was an ugly broken game which isn't the case. It would probably be a great game for younger or casual gamers or maybe even people new to the genre.

        I like it doesn't contain IAP. I also like what the dev tried to do, making a mix of a JRPG and match 3 with turn based attacks and attributes to level up.

        But the difficulty is so low I would get bored waiting to die. The puzzle mechanic itself is simple, too simple for my taste. The game seems to ride on the player wanting to obtain all the characters. But if you're flying through the game with little resistance, it's tough to care unless you're the type to obsessively finish every thing in a game. The graphics are nice enough, but to me look generic, but that isn't a big deal.

        So I agree with you for sure @rekzkarz:disqus - it has it's charm and shiny pixel graphics, but lacks the depth that others in the genre have. It just isn't for me or probably anyone really into the deeper games like DR, PQ, and 10mil.

  • uFinKnow

    I have it but the screen is bad on my IPad can't stare it. I am stashing it until it's fixed

  • Alc819

    Game does not display properly on ipad air. Edges are cut off on each side making game virtually unplayable. Waiting for a fix.

    • Aerioch

      Same problem on iPad mini

  • jamieS

    Screen orientation bug drives me nuts! Don't lock the screen orientation in a game.

  • Billy Ocean

    I'm stealing that girlfriend.

  • SeanMayFire

    I don't see how this game got 5 stars when 30 minutes into playing I'm finding the quests aren't completing no matter how many times I complete the simple requirements. It's a simple glitch that prevents me from getting any further into the game and enjoying completing the game. And I don't even see where you earn gear? This game has a lot of potential but how do you give a game 5 stars and you can't even complete it do to shitty programming?

    • Marvin

      I've not had a single proble, with the quests

  • DtheGOPkiller

    How can you give a game 5 stars when a very good amount of users cannot play because the screen is cut off? I have a regular iPad Minni and cannot play it. Nice. It was this or another game and I got this now out $2 for nothing. And the fact the Dev hasn't addressed the bug makes me a little POed to be honest. Fix it NOW! Don't care if it's only $2. I don't like paying anything for something broken. Five stars shouldn't be given to games that cannot work on half of people's devices. WTF?

    • Alc819

      Agreed. I have never complained about a review, but I find it just wrong to give an immediate 5 star rating to a game that is broken on Ipad air and ipad mini. I have seen other reviews where ratings we're given with a disclaimer that if certain bugs were addressed then the reviewer would change their rating. I think this might have been appropriate here, give 4 1/2 stars and say that you would upgrade to 5 if issues we're fix. At the very least would give the developed an incentive to fix the problem.

    • TangentWorlds

      Agreed, I was going to buy it but the App Store reviews show many people can't play the game without encountering crushing bugs. And that iPad UI bug seems like they didn't test before releasing. So I'll wait.

  • DtheGOPkiller

    This is the first time I have been mad at TA. I bought this based on 5 star review. And the screen is cut off and quests don't finish and all sorts of bugs with equipment not showing up I collected. And the Devs are ignoring people on forums. What a waste of $2. Crappy game filled with way way to many bugs to be seen as anything other then broken.

    • hellscaretaker

      I will defend the devs, they have released a message on there facebook page apologising for the bugs and they are currently trying to fix them.

    • xen3

      Agree, I will never be fooled by TA scores. This game is far from 5* because of bugs, cropped screen and really oversimplified gameplay. Shame on you TA.

  • ste86uk

    I think I'll have to buy this I was already tempted but may wait for the update before I start playing.

  • GrumpyM

    I'll confirm the game is broken on ipad air. I expect better research from toucharcade - I don't come here for impressions from a brief drive in traffic. I come for well thought out, professional reviews. I can get "impressions" from reddit or elsewhere, but TA is typically the best formal review site. Trying it on both iPhones and iPads seems like it should be a given for all games reviewed.

    • stoned

      Agreed. Too much impression and too little thorough review. It seems to be a trend here on TA, maybe the appstore grew too big for the manpower available?

  • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

    Couple issues with the review. One being the "tension" it adds. The combat is turn based. As another pointed out in the thread, if it were real time it might make it more interesting. But as it is, the puzzle mechanics are super simple and on top of that it's turn based. Far from inducing tension.

    I suspect the reviewer was playing it as if it were real time and not realizing it's turn based. I thought the same when I first launched it as did some other forum members did. But we also didn't write a 5 star review on the game before realizing it.

    If you don't usually play or enjoy combat/puzzle games similar to Puzzle Quest, Dungeon Raid, or 10000000 than this game might be for you.

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      (In other words, get *REAL* 5 star games like Puzzle Quest, Dungeon Raid, or 10000000 and skip this.)

      • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn


  • Themostunclean

    Same issues with this game as others have already mentioned. Not real time, overly simplistic mechanics, no real motivation to advance and cut off on iPad air and mini. Also it's loaded with bugs, items not appearing or working, star blocks disappearing, quests not completing. In all, it's not a finished or polished experience. I'd probably give it one star and only two if they fix the bugs.

    Has to be one if the most botched reviews on TA I've ever read. Something seems off, given the attention they've focused on it since the release (featured article). Maybe it is just because of the awesome trailer but that's not worth all of the misplaced attention.

  • Kosh One

    Five stars for a game with this many issues? TA standards have dropped significantly.

  • Fille

    WTF? Five stars? I cant even see the whole screen on my iPad Mini. And the rotation doesnt work. And more important, the graphics is pretty crappy. They have some serious scaling issues when handling this pixel-style-graphics. From now on I cannot trust TA's grading.

    • http://www.sporeproductions.com Spore Productions

      There is a definite inconsistency to the graphics.

  • Luuthian

    I'm adding my voice to the dissenters. How the hell did this game get a 5 star review? It doesn't even work on my iPad Mini thanks to a good portion of the screen being completely cut off. How did this even get app store approval?

    Yeah it's $2 but asking money on the app store these days is a premium, and this game is far from premium.

  • daniel schroeder

    "...really brings fast relaxes into the mix..."
    "I'd highly suggest you work through them a."

    *Followed by a comment about firing your editor, or not just pasting your dictated draft as the final edit.

  • rich_952000

    Wow, just wow. You'd think mother f**kers got duped into paying $250,000 for a house on a sinking foundation.

    It's a quality $2 cell phone game that one dude finds to be awesome and wrote a five star review about it. Get some goddamn perspective people!

  • Cookies

    It's pretty obvious by now that you guys really like these games and tend to rate them highly. However we can't expect reviewers, who are essentially just giving us their opinion and we decide whether or not to value it, not to grow fond of particular game styles or genres. We all do it, and anyway, they've said a hundred times that the ratings are more a recommendation than a score, so it's up to us to play it and see how much we like it ourselves.

    • Anova

      That would be true, except I'm pretty sure TA would like us to keep coming back. They have other sections where they give their opinion, reviews should be a fairly consistent rating that helps us choose whether to buy, I think that's why most people look at them.

      • Cookies

        I'm not saying that it's inconsistent in any way, and I pretty said exactly that they give their opinions and that's the point of reviewers.

        Half of what I said is obviously true and the other half they have said themselves.

  • DenzilofDojima

    'Full on RPG adventure'

    C'mon, it's a nice little puzzler and all but this kind of comment (and some of the comments that follow it) is just misleading. The RPG trappings in this game are just window dressing.

  • troyster

    It's an ok game IMO, not as excited about it as the reviewer but it's his review.

  • iosuser

    I bought it based on the outstanding review. The game is fun but it is just not complete. The bugs are obvious and there is no apparent progress.

  • DemoEvolved

    I bought this based on the review text and it's not as good as I expected. Basically what you have here is collapse/ diamond dash crossed with puzzle quest except personal spells are super limited 1 time use, there are no chain reactions on the board, the board play has too little churn so you lose tempo and there's not much you can do, there is no cross game progression per class and it feels pretty rote play after the 5th play or so. I think these kinds of issues would surface if the reviewer had given it a few more plays, so maybe dictating the review to his wife while driving was not the best call. Dungeon Raid full version is WAY better than this game. Glyph quest is better than this game. So I'm a little disappointed in the review getting shoved out the door so breathlessly.
    Good trailer tho

  • Boopero

    This game gets boring quickly. I'd rate it about 3.5 stars at most. It plays fine own my iPad 4.

  • Guitario666

    Awesome time killer.
    Works great on iPhone 4 and iPad 4

  • Scott Thompson

    It's a fun game, but I don't think anywhere near 5 stars. The matching is dull compared to 10000000. It's buggy, with a quest system that doesn't work and I've never seen an 'item'. There's no real theme or character to it, unless you count "goofy" as such (attractive skeletons?). Don't understand why the reviewer is so carried away with it.

  • King

    5 stars? I wonder how many dollars the dev(s) coughed up for that

  • uFinKnow

    Amazing update. The game is now a 5 star for me

  • James M Wallace

    So what we basically have here is a mashup of Puzzle Quest and Collapse? I like them both, but (like ice cream and pizza) maybe they shouldn't go together. I'm downloading it now and will try it out, but if it turns out that I could have spent the money on Devious Dungeon and Bug Heroes 2 instead I'm going to be VERY disappointed.

    And I've stated the previous sentence for a reason; from the TA podcast (ep. 145) and the review, it sounds like a worthwhile game, especially if there's no IAPs. But from the dialogue of the podcast participants, some of the reviews on this site and some of the comments here, the definition of "excellent game" between myself, TA, and some of you are VERY dissimilar. It's two dollars, though so I guess it's worth a shot, but from the comments here and the way the podcasters talk it doesn't sound like a five-star-worthy game.

    Should I be worried that this site hands out four- and five-star reviews so readily? Maybe second opinions could help at least?

  • nreyes

    Are there, like, cars and stuff in this here game? Word.

  • http://gamerwit.blogspot.com witwit

    Great Game!
    I have list all characters in this game here. For consideration of which Character to buy.


  • Brendan Charles

    This game is good by not five stars. It has a lot of really fun puzzling element and some which really go past your typical 'match 3' gameplay... but I disagree that it's strength is in the unlockables. Often with this game I felt like it was a free-to-play game even though it was paid. The multiple currencies and increasing prices made everything feel very 'freemium' even though it's not.

    The biggest issue I have with this game (and any other game with RPG elements) is that I have to pay to use items that I have already 'unlocked'. Cool, while adventuring I found a sweet armour set or sword! Oh, but every time I want to use it I have to pay 10 stars, instead of saving it for another character. The fact that you lose all your upgrades and equipment and have to pay to use them in future games betrays the very thing that makes RPG's so fun.

    The level at which the difficulty progresses also needs some serious tweaking. I can feel like I'm building a really badass character with stats in all the right places and a strategy to match- when all of the sudden I hit a wall of an enemy that knocks me out in 2 turns.

    Like I said, I do enjoy this game- but the above complaints coupled with a horrible job of localization really effect the final score for me. 3.5 stars max.

Block Legend Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 5