xbllogoMicrosoft wants to expand its Xbox Live online service into iOS and Android games, according to a report from The Verge. The first details of this appeared in a job posting on Microsoft's website which was recruiting developers for a team that would "create a modern framework that is open source, light-weight, extensible and scalable across various platforms including Windows Store, Windows Phone, iOS and Android." A source familiar with Microsoft's plans tells The Verge that this is in regards to a platform they're building which will extend the Xbox Live functionality to Android and iOS games in addition to Microsoft's own Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft has already dipped their Xbox Live toes in iOS and Android with Wordament [Free] back in late 2012, a game that allowed you to unlock Xbox Live achievements through playing on iOS or Android. There's also the Xbox SmartGlass [Free] app which allows you to sign into your Xbox Live account and do various things like look at your achievements, message your friends or fiddle around with your avatar.

However, this latest initiative aims to make Xbox Live much more integrated into the games that use it, as well as making it easier for developers to include in their games. In addition to basic things like achievements and leaderboards, it's also possible that Microsoft's revamped Xbox Live framework could power cross-platform online play. It essentially sounds like Microsoft wants to build their own alternative to Apple's Game Center and Android's Google Play Games service, both of which offer very similar functionality to Xbox Live for their respective platforms.

It's an interesting idea, and being an Xbox Live subscriber myself I certainly wouldn't mind padding my Gamerscore with achievements unlocked through playing iOS games, or having the ability to interact with my Xbox Live friends through games on my iPhone and iPad. At the same time though, before Apple introduced Game Center it was rather annoying how many different online platforms their were, like OpenFeint, Plus+, Agon, ScoreLoop, etc. It fragmented the online and social aspects of iOS games. It was nice having just one platform to deal with once Game Center became the standard. I'd still like to see where Microsoft is going with this though, so hopefully they'll dish out more details in the near future.

[The Verge]

  • https://twitter.com/FuurinRei FuurinRei

    I do not want this. Everybody should use Game Center and lets stop sidetracking.

    • Ekaraj Sirkureja

      I don't see this changing the groundwork of achievement and leaderborard of most games, I believe most will still stick with game center and few games that Microsoft published to App Store may use their own things. At least that's how I see it, I honestly don't see indies developer will go for Microsoft's XboxLive over Gamecenter anytime soon.

      • frederigoxcz305

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  • camo

    Fk xbox live

  • Pete Osborne

    Oh God, I've only just managed to escape my achievement addiction, I'm screwed if they implement this in a well-thought out manner...which, luckily isn't really MS's strong point at times

  • jammyman

    They should start making console games for mobile instead, like black ops in the next year or so

    • Ekaraj Sirkureja

      Umm, there is Call of Duty: Strike Team on App Store and Microsoft owns no right to the Call of Duty series, it's owned by Activision.

    • Siveon

      Great, mobile games that are just watered down versions of its console counterparts.

      Just what we needed.

    • xzeldax3

      Go play modern combat.

  • B30

    Please, not again, stay on your Surface.

  • blackbear219

    I was a big 360 guy but with Remote play here and Playstation Now coming, Microsoft has fallen way behind.

    The XBone dashboard isn't even finished yet and the console has been out for over 3 months.

    They're going to rush to try to catch up, and they're almost guaranteed to f*ck it up.

  • Raider_-z

    Screw xbox one 360 and the fat clunky one in my basement playstation for life ✌️

  • Bool Zero

    The platform snobbery is strong in this comment thread... The idea of Xbox achievements and XBLA games on the iOS platform doesn't threaten Gamecenter anymore than Openfeint did when it was still around. Let's stop this mentality that somehow one is harmful over the other.

    The ideas presented here aren't going to hurt iOS gaming or diminish it in any sense. I just don't understand these knee jerk comments some times. The potential applications even in theory stand for some food for thought.

    If you don't like Microsoft, that's fine as no one is asking you too, but let's not throw the baby out with the bath water every time we hear news of any company trying to expand its exposure in different ways. I know I welcome some ideas brought over from Microsoft. Say what you will about the company but they have had some positive influences of gaming and if some new ideas can be brought over to iOS gaming and potentially widen it's acceptance, than how is that a bad thing?

    • Raider_-z

      You must have have forgot what the xbox one and Microsoft were trying to implement with it's console before it's release couldn't game share sell your games constantly needed to be online if not well guess what buy another xbox n hope your home 24/7 the list goes on and on I'm all for change but if it involves xbox then count me out but what the heck maybe I'll give it a go subscribe and pay 60 for a horrible service who knows it might be fun on my iPad...NOT no thank you please mister xbox fanboy go far away and play fracture or something

      • Pete Osborne

        There was nothing fanboy in his comment, just sensible and well thought out opinions. Besides, I'm all for faulting a company when it's due but a few of the things you mentioned were never true of the Xbox One and the rest was true of the PS4 as well.

  • TJF588

    Just about the only reason I'd get the outdated iOS versions of Final Fantasy and FFII.

  • bilboa

    This would be great if it allowed game syncing between iOS and Xbox and Windows for games which are ported to all platforms. I have Skulls of the Shogun on Xbox and iOS, and would love it if my game would sync to both platforms.

  • Adam Thornton

    If they add xbox achievements to all the ios final fantasy games I'm going to be very very busy! And while they are at it, add them to the chaos rings games too!! I know quite a few final fantasy friends who would be overjoyed if this ever happens.

  • sokae

    Why are there always trash talk when it comes to console.....fun is all it matters.