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‘Mines of Mars’ Launching this Week, New Trailer Released

I’ve been dying to dive into Mines of Mars ever since it was announced nearly a year ago, and today Crescent Moon has revealed that the wait is almost over as the game is set to launch this Thursday. Mines of Mars is a procedurally generated, sic-fi themed adventure in a similar vein to Terraria ($4.99) and with heavy influences from Metroid and Motherload, according to Crescent Moon. Despite the procedural level generation that makes the game different each time you play, there’s actually a cohesive storyline accompanying your adventure. Check out this eerie and beautiful new trailer for Mines of Mars.

While the action in Mines of Mars looks great and the story element is intriguing, what really does it for me is the atmospheric mood the soundtrack provides. It reminds me of another Mars-based game, Waking Mars (Free), as well as the more recent Out There ($4.99), both of which make you feel the weight of being out in the vastness of space and the fear of being in unfamiliar territory. In fact, those are also feelings I got playing the earlier 2D Metroid games.

Mark your calendars for this Wednesday night when Mines of Mars goes live for $4.99, and swing by our forums for more discussion or check out our hands-on preview of an early version of the game from back in September of last year.