I've been dying to dive into Mines of Mars ever since it was announced nearly a year ago, and today Crescent Moon has revealed that the wait is almost over as the game is set to launch this Thursday. Mines of Mars is a procedurally generated, sic-fi themed adventure in a similar vein to Terraria [$4.99] and with heavy influences from Metroid and Motherload, according to Crescent Moon. Despite the procedural level generation that makes the game different each time you play, there's actually a cohesive storyline accompanying your adventure. Check out this eerie and beautiful new trailer for Mines of Mars.

While the action in Mines of Mars looks great and the story element is intriguing, what really does it for me is the atmospheric mood the soundtrack provides. It reminds me of another Mars-based game, Waking Mars [$4.99], as well as the more recent Out There [$3.99], both of which make you feel the weight of being out in the vastness of space and the fear of being in unfamiliar territory. In fact, those are also feelings I got playing the earlier 2D Metroid games.

Mark your calendars for this Wednesday night when Mines of Mars goes live for $4.99, and swing by our forums for more discussion or check out our hands-on preview of an early version of the game from back in September of last year.

  • ImJPaul

    Terraria/Waking Mars/Mass Effect all rolled into one game. So very excited for this.

    • Kane

      The game should be named -
      Mars Waking Mass: Terraria Effect

      • frederigoxcz305

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    • brydude111

      What mass effect elements are there?

      • ImJPaul

        The mass effect comes from the weapons, inventory, music and the "vibe". Just my opinion of course. Everyone's gonna see it their own way.

    • Truffled

      As far as the 2D mining element goes it looks more like Junk Jack than Terraria to me. The size of the large square blocks gives much more of of JJ vibe.

  • Amenbrother


  • JoeriD

    It's been a while since I added this one to the ol' watchlist (and sort of forgot about it, the way that goes). Love how these "just a few more days" updates, for promising games like these, can give that kind of jolt for the upcomming joy..

    Trailer looks good. This is gonna be awesome..

  • NinjaKitteh

    Meh...I'll stick with Starbound. A lot more going on in that game.

    • JoeriD

      You Sir, deserve a giant "Ok..". Especially mind those two dots, they resemble my puzzelment, but i refuse using a questionmark, because I dont wanna ask you a question.

      Just ask yourself whats wrong with muppets such as yourself. If you feel the need to shit on other ppls entertainment, because you enjoy another kind of entertainment, that is not lacking what this game lacks (on beforehand?)

      Dear muppet, next time you could say something in the lines of "hey fellers, look up this other game that.." or shut up.

      • JoeriD

        Bad sentence structure, bad!

      • NinjaKitteh

        Here let me change what I said because it doesn't fit into how YOU want the world to be.

        I'm not interested in this game because it offers a watered down version of what Starbound already offers in it's early beta. As example, this game takes place on one planet, where as Starbound takes place on a galaxies worth of planets.

        That better you self-centered brat?

      • fearlesskk

        Starbound pc this ios. Nuff said

      • Unfrozen

        I think he has a valid point. Calling him a self cantered brat for reminding you to keep negativity out of a discussion on a game you aren't interested in doesn't make him a self-centred brat.

      • swarmster

        Don't want to get in the middle of this, but since you've elaborated on your opinion, here's one thing this game purports to have that Starbound lacks: a cohesive story. I'd personally take that over an endless stream of random content any day.

        It's what a lot of these 'procedurally craft stuff for the sake of it' type games lack, in my opinion. Since none of us have played this one, I'm looking forward to seeing how that aspect turns out.

      • JoeriD

        Looked up the Starbound trailer (since fearless mentioned it's for pc (another point where your kind of "feedback" lacks..)), and it looks wicked. Guess this could work on handheld. Would be sort of waking mars with building features and shooting. Cool bro.

        Anyway, didn't wanna be the moralising prick(nor brat) here. It's just. I come on TA for finding about games I don't know about, and go on the forum to find out even more about it, or just talking bout it., All I'd try to say is that I (as selfcentred as I might be) find that this forum doesn't need the diminishing "Meh-posts/reactions", where one could as well say "Here bro.. Look this up"..and then I can say the first alinea of this post..

        But I dont really wanna try and argue here. A ninjakitteh would surely best me, on the internetz.. Right?

      • NinjaKitteh

        To be honest my whole family are a bunch of negative nellies. Always have been. It's how I am in real life. I don't think I should have to change who I am just because I want to comment on the internet. This place is supposed to be free. I'm sorry to those I have offended because of who I am, but there are people like me, lots of them. All I did was make a simple comment that anyone could have just glossed over but suddenly my whole personality is the problem. That's the the brat comment...someone assuming to know who or how I am on a personal level. I think everyone can connect with not wanting to change who they are fundamentally for the sake of someone who can't just ignore a post.

  • Zaraf

    After watching that trailer, I said "Instabuy."

  • Maglor

    hehehe... INSTABUY...

  • andylangers

    Can't wait for this....

  • yoshthug

    So long Battle Supremacy. Hello Mines of Mars!!! Soooo excited!!!

  • Gameplaya

    Lol sic-fi 😉

  • Ubisububi

    To me, it looks like it has more in common with the old iOS classic, I Dig It. Dig for raw materials, upgrade equipment, dig deeper, find treasure, upgrade, dig deeper, etc. I mean this as a compliment, by the way. I LOVED the treasure hunting aspect of that game, and mines of Mars looks even better.