Good morning everyone! There's seriously just nothing better than waking up to a huge load of new iOS games, and that's certainly the case today. There's some highly anticipated stuff in this pile like Out There, Disco Zoo and more.


Here's what's on our radar so far, and of course, random stuff can always pop up between now and these games' actual US release at 11:00 PM Eastern. Also, be sure to check back later at 4:00 PM EST when I stream all these games live on our Twitch channel.

  • KillerSpecialK

    Weak week

    • Pete Osborne

      Weak troll πŸ˜›

      • Stormourner

        oh a troll? I would rather not feed the troll ;P

  • xx99

    Really excited for Out There and Disco Zoo. Also to check out what some of these other ones are about.

    • joaquin_ondamoon

      Yes, instabuy on Out There, and Disco Zoo looks to be fun - I'm intrigued.

      • xx99

        I'm sure it will be a lot of fun, at least for a few days.

  • darkprophet2088

    I was hoping for Wayward Saga... sigh.

    • Stormourner

      unless the developer announce the release date. you just have to wait patiently

  • anarchy in the app store

    I read Avadon 2 as Avalon 2...

    Great, now I crapped myself for nothing!

    • brydude111

      Avadon is still a great game

    • Amenbrother


  • Echoen

    That's a lot to stream, Eli. 5ish hours to go

  • Zeillusion

    Cannot WAIT for wayward. It looks unbelievable (:

  • Scot Damn

    Between Out There, AD: Warlords, Calculords, and a few surprises, this has GOT to be one of the best release weeks, ever. My mind is on the verge of exploding.

  • WillCN

    Out There, Autumn Dynasty: Warlords, and Block Fortress War coming out next week? iOS gaming has suddenly gotten better!

  • speedyph

    A bunch o shovel ware

  • Siveon

    I was wondering when we'll get the iOS version of FTL πŸ˜›

    Jokes aside, it looks alright.

  • Darnoc

    Where is wave wave?

    • B30

      It's Out There

  • tcb5150

    I was hoping for Primal Flame....Cubed Snowboarding looks good, though.

    • Pete Osborne

      Primal Flame is out already, I think it hit yesterday. I'm sure TA will include it in their What's Out later

      • tcb5150

        Great! I'll check it out. Thank you!

  • brando

    When is Battleheart 2 coming? Maybe a late addition?

    • Jazzpha

      BH2 won't be shipping until probably April, as per Mika's twitter.

    • christouphie

      April bro

  • DavidLee0810

    So no news yet for Final Fantasy Agito πŸ™

  • Matt F

    Out There looks amazing, my purchase tonight

  • ZarieoZ

    Also there is a weird thing happening in the AppStore right now, lots of big name titles are dropping prices.

    Infinity blade III dropped to 2.99$
    The room 2 drooped to 0.99$
    Limbo dropped to 0.99$
    Badland dropped to 0.99$
    Horn dropped to 2.99$
    Epoch 2 dropped to 0.99$
    Shadow blade dropped to 0.99$

    All that within a few hours, I wonder what's causing it or it's just all of then got the same idea the same time O.o

    • ZarieoZ

      Oh and Final Fantasy IV just joined them dropping to 7.99$

    • Biowhere

      Thanks! I just picked up the room2

      • Zenfar

        You will love The Room 2

    • ZarieoZ

      Oh and XCom joins them with a 9.99$ price drop.

    • vicsark

      Add Battle supremacy at 1.99
      Ravenmark SoE at 2,99
      And I already spent 10 bucks today

  • Amenbrother

    Whats up with all the price drops?!?

  • Zenfar

    Hi my game Mine Out was released last night. It is a difficult brick breaker game with mining style and pigs. $0.99 no ads and no IAP.

  • nimu

    Out There !

  • anabolicMike

    I want those space games. Really want the out there one. Instabuy!

  • Onikage725

    Out There and Avadon. Hell yes.

  • elijahca

    Too bad Wayward Souls isn't on the list this week!

  • GameTaco

    Another game to check out while you're waiting for tonight's releases is Country Life: Harvest Day (if you're interested in Harvest Moon-likes). It's basically version 2.0 to Country Life, which is still kinda being supported as well, but not as good as the newer game.

    Free to play, featuring a little of the usual monetization methods:
    - A pop-up ad between the end of the day and the next
    - Some IAP gems that you can probably ignore (+free as daily bonus)
    - A Golden Egg that you can get by connecting to Facebook; not sure what that one's about as I don't use Facebook.

    Gems seem to only be used for faster unlocks for additional farming plots and places (which on their own cost thousands of the currency earned in-game, which you're bound to make eventually just by shipping crops normally).

    Gameplay runs fairly well on iPhone 4. Loading areas is a little slow, however. Not a lot to do early on, expect to be sleeping in early a lot once you figure out everything there is to do, but what there is is pretty good. Also, you can tap to move and you can walk over partially grown crops now, so farming isn't quite as tedious as before.

  • rewind

    Disco Zoo!

  • ginkomanc

    Trolls vs Vikings is out now aswell,supposed to be pretty cool,gonna check it out now.

  • DemoEvolved

    It's official, ios games are posting as fast as Flash games on kongregate now. Good luck acquiring users with new ip

  • LearnIIBurn

    Been waiting for Out There for quite some time. So awesome it's finally here!

  • Bloodangel

    Where has plundernauts disappeared to?!
    It was on here, I checked it out and left a comment and read other comments... Now it's vanished! πŸ™

  • Irvin

    Out There is incredible! definitely should buy it if you hadn't already.

  • mclifford82

    I love Cubed Snowboarding, but I wish they'd offer an alternate control scheme. Right always being toward the blue line makes the game challenging for an unfun reason. Either make it swipe up/down to move lanes or make one side always up and the other always down.