This past December, Games Workshop announced yet another Warhammer 40K game was in the works, a "lane strategy game" called Storm of Vengeance which was being developed by the folks at Eutechnyx. Today, some new details have arisen over at Eurogamer about Storm of Vengeance, including a release date of March 27th. As presumed by the original vague description, Storm of Vengeance is similar to something like Plants vs. Zombies set in the Warhammer universe. Here's a brief teaser showing the game in action.

Storm of Vengeance will launch with two factions, Space Marines and Orks, and will feature 50 single-player missions for each one, set against the storyline of the novel 'Purging of Kadillus' by Gav Thorpe. There will be a third faction as well, the Imperial Guard, available as launch day DLC for 99¢. As mentioned, the game will launch on March 27th for $4.99 and aside from DLC packs like the Imperial Guard, it won't contain any IAP. You can find out more of the nitty gritty details about Storm of Vengeance at the source link below, and mark your calendars for March 27th when it's set to hit the App Store.


  • DotComCTO

    Wow. That does *not* do it for me. I guess I'll continue to wait for the upcoming Warhammer 40K game from Slitherine!

    • Borus

      Looks like it's a nothing but reskin of the "Ninja Cats vs Samurai Dogs" title from same "company"...

      "As mentioned the game includes the Space Marines and the Orks, but Eutechnyx will sell a third faction, the Imperial Guard, on launch day as 69p DLC"

      What's next? "Droppod crush saga"?

  • shcgzb


  • ODMay

    Why would someone be interested in something like this?

  • Pagan Fox

    Will give it a go though.....maybe a lite version?

  • Bruciato


    • falco


  • Goggles789

    What is this crap??

  • Goat76

    Looks like a weak ass Plant VS Zombies.Fogetaboutit

  • bigjack66

    Jesus what is this some of these companies think iPods can only play crap. Come on it's not hard to see just look at what's on the store. Ubisoft has the same problem!

  • Bliquid

    Wow, this looks ugly.
    And not ugly "good".
    And boring.
    And uninspired.

    • anarchy in the app store

      How is anything ugly good?

      • REkzkaRZ

        Don/t be a fool.

  • IceMan7


  • Mike


  • NinjaKitteh

    Wow, a lane battler, how original. They could have actually made a 40k campaign but went with a lane battler? Aaaaand people wonder why no one takes mobile seriously.

  • Morphzeus

    I see, I'm not alone.
    The video trailer is a bad joke!
    For there is a more than third-rate "Plants vs.. Zombies" Clone.
    Really sad!

  • bigjack66

    A word to the developers, don't bother we're not interested. We'd like a proper game from the Warhammer universe but this ain't it and we don't want it thanks anyway!

  • joaquin_ondamoon

    More like 'Storm of Nonsense'. Pass.

    Why doesn't someone port over THX's excellent XBox arcade dual stick shooter 'Kill Team' over to iOS? I'd play that all day, not this drivel.

    • apolloa

      You mean the one off Xbox Live? I played that loads, loved it more then the full big Warhammer game that was released which I also played through.

      • joaquin_ondamoon

        Yes, that's it exactly. Loved that game. Great graphics, fun gameplay, spot on WH40K atmosphere. Nice level up mechanic. Would be a natural for iOS.

        I miss THX. They mostly did WH40K right.


      • Bool Zero

        Well they mostly come out at night... Mostly...

    • ianlogsdon

      It wouldn't surprise me if whoever bought Rainbow Studios didn't get rights to Kill Team in the process, Relic didn't develop it so Sega likely wouldn't own it, no idea who bought Rainbow Studios, but as far as anyone can tell, the GW licenses weren't necessarily transferable to a new owner.

  • icruise

    I'm a fan of the Warhammer universe, but if the trailer shows off the best the game has to offer, I'm definitely taking a pass on this one.

  • valkuryn

    This made me want to cry and hang my head in shame for even hoping this game was going to be good.

  • staypretty

    So disappoint

  • OneBagTravel

    I've been waiting for a decent hex based 40k game. This crap has gotta go. I'd build it myself if Games Workshop would give me licensing lol

    • 61050

      and id help you, if i knew how to code. i can whip up some badass pixel 'art' in mspaint if youd like though. you should see some of the stuff i can do with the line tool.

    • Andrew Laidlaw

      Somehow I think a hella lot of people could draw a lot better & say that thay've got this gr8 idea for a new game & thee drawings them self would very prob rake it more cash than the game its self

  • elhawk3

    That trailer looks gawd awful....

  • REkzkaRZ

    Wait for it ... The game costs $5!!! HA HA HA
    Did April Fools day come early this year?

  • vapourtrail

    Utter cr* p. even Warhammer Quest was a huge letdown. Should/could have been great if it wasn't short, slow, crash-y and the IAP content was stock vanilla. Just the IAP is like $45. You can buy BOTH Baldur's Gates for $15 less!

    It'll take something really, really amazing in the future with the Warhammer name on it to come along for me to even give it a sniff. I used to buy the miniatures and play tabletop.

    I will not forgive Games Workshop for approving these half arsed games easily. My respect for them is at almost entirely gone.

    • vapourtrail

      How's that for a "storm of vengeance" Games Worksh*tshop?

      • bigjack66

        Storm of Indifference more like!

  • phandaal

    Not a single positive comment. That's gotta sting.

    Serves them right thought. What an uninspired piece of rubbish.

    • joaquin_ondamoon

      My only concern is that when this does as poorly as it should, GW will point to it and say, "See? No one wants WH40K games on iOS!", instead of, "Ohhhh, no one wants TERRIBLE WH40K games on iOS."

      And I bought WH quest, which was another weak title. The 'Hunters' series did a much better job with that genre of strategy game. Why the hell doesn't GW make a basic tactics type WH game? Are they so terrified that tabletop gamers will bail for digital? 'Cause I'm thinking there's room for both.

      • ianlogsdon

        The sad part is that WH Quest was developed buy the Hunters guys, why they got stuck with a Fantasy title rather than scifi is beyond me

  • bigjack66

    Yeh I want a decent Warhammer game too and the iPod can handle it it's just some developers don't realise what Its capable of. These developers are losing out on a massively growing Market that just keeps getting bigger.

  • vapourtrail

    Games Workshop is like an old, grand passenger dirigible

    • vapourtrail

      Knowingly left in disrepair because the owners are too cheap to fix it. A slum dirigible so to say. Too cheap to fill with helium so they fill it with their own farts.

      • vapourtrail

        But will still overcharge you for rides in it off the name of its former glory. Then they try to overcharge you for a meal on the ride, charge you to go to the bathroom, charge you for anything possible. The whole time the fat cats are smoking cigars in the pilot bay, counting their money and laughing away. One of these days one of those cigars are gonna set that dirigible of farts on fire and it'll all come crashing down. And no one will be surprised.

  • B1GW1G

    Boo this game!

  • Andrew Laidlaw

    IF that's the best effort that the programers can do for games workshop then F*** I can get the games that they reliced back in the 90's off ebay for a couple of quid & those games would still look & play a lot better than some 2bit 2D browser bit of c**p.

    Despite this game being still in the Beta stages I'd be embarested to even admit to owning this game let alone paying near enough £6 for it, as there's far better games on Facebook (freemium ones at that) & plenty of better games on the likes of apple, android & possibly even blackberry + windows phones & tablets