cfc5b4ba410a66aa7d25ff66774e72edIf you're not playing Threes! [$2.99] yet, that's a problem you need to fix right now. We loved it in our review, and we've already posted a guide explaining the scoring and strategy of the game. Well, TouchArcade forum member y2kmp3 unlocked the 6144 "Volleo" card this Friday, which is a TouchArcade community first, if not a world first, and getting that deep into the game. So, how'd she do it?

Well, y2kmp3 starts out by saying getting this far into the game took her anywhere between 10 and 15 hours over a number of different play sessions with most of that time going into planning moves. Considering the game "beaten" by finally reaching the 6144 card, y2kmp3 has officially retired from Threes!, even though she hasn't actually hit the game over screen yet. Here's some tips on how to get that far, straight from the person who did it:

1. Once again, it was a random "high number" tile card (in this case, a 384 tile card) that made this run a success.

2. The most difficult part of the game is to learn how to get out of a potential jam, the most dangerous of which is "staggering". This occurs when a "low number" tile card appears between two very "high number" tile cards. It is very important to remove staggering as early as possible (without replacing it with another staggering).

3. I don't use so-called center or corner strategy. Instead, I make it a priority to keep the "high number" tile card that I want to match against the wall, preferably not in a corner. This way, when a random "high number" tile card appears on the same wall, I can get to that card quickly to match.

4. While the game undoubtedly requires skills to win, the "element" of chance plays a significant role in this game. In fact, I would argue that chance dominates over skills in the later levels. I found it simply too difficult to maintain two separate chains to create two identical "high number" card tiles to merge. Instead, my strategy is to create only one "high number" tile card of each kind, so that whatever the random "high number" tile card appears, you can make use of it to escalate.

5. The game is quite taxing to play at the later levels. Near the end, I was keeping count of the 1's and 2's that were appearing and would frequently change my strategy when I could count on the fact that these tiles might not appear for awhile (assuming the stack theory is correct; see #6).

6. I, too, am convinced that there is some unknown stack from which the tile cards are drawn and this stack gets renewed and reshuffled.

7. I am fairly convinced that, given a number of open rows or columns where a new tile card can appear, their probabilities are NOT equal. More often than not, the new tile card would appear in a "less" favorable row or column instead of a "more" favorable row or column with which I could do an immediate match. I am fully aware of the potential issue of "recall" bias, so I welcome other players' impression of this theory.

Additionally, if deconstruction and theorycrafting of Threes! is something you're in to, TouchArcade forum member kamikaze28 is making ridiculous headway on figuring out the inner workings of the game. In fact, I'd say the whole Threes! thread is worth checking out, as the amount of strategy discussion and teamwork going on is easily making it one of the best threads on our forums.

  • GaZ-OiD

    Why would you want to know and spoil the game by cheating? I will give this a miss thanks and carry on enjoying the game 🙂

    • cloudpuff

      How is it cheating? Planning moves and trying to figure out the next number is what this game revolves around, even if someone could correctly predict the exact numbers that were coming they'd still need basic skill as there's no guarantee which slot that tile will fall in, so it still depend

      • cloudpuff

        Depends on luck and strategy, it's just that some of the forum members are integrating the way a lot of casual players play but on a much deeper level. I don't think it's cheating.

    • Kamikaze28

      Hello, I'm the person attempting to understand the card draw algorithm (my name somehow got missing in the article above).

      In my opinion, I'm not spoiling the game but rather appreciating it in a different way. If you it play a lot, you will get an intuition about the behavior of the card draw algorithm. All I'm doing is accelerating this process by applying my skill set as a computer science grad student, statistical analysis and logical reasoning to it. In the end, we will both end up at the same understanding, you with an unconscious, intuitive knowledge and me with a conscious, explicit knowledge.

      In this way, neither I nor you are cheating by understanding the game.

      • thiagovscoelho

        Also, you're getting the sweet data every fan base needs. The wiki for any video game is better and more informed if the fans if it have already broken into the code and inner workings and found the exact working scheme.

    • shadax

      This isn't cheating by a long shot.

      There's really not much there but a few tips. Helpful for anyone stuck who needs a nudge.

      Saying it's cheating is like saying that looking up Chess tips is cheating in Chess. If anything, tips are an extension of the tutorial.

  • cymsdale

    Some good tips, but #7 sounds like b.s.

    • Kamikaze28

      Feel free to join the thread and disprove it 🙂 y2kmp3 has already outlined a way to test if the game is working against you or is just placing new cards randomly.

      • Dominic Ong

        Id actually agree with #7, was playing threes a lot lately and have noticed that there seems to be a higher priority for tiles to appear where in the same row/col of a merge. (for instance you get those string of alternating red/blues that just keep coming in on the same row one after another)

  • Mess

    I can't say I understand what they have found out completely, or how they did (mainly because I haven't paid hat much attention to it, as I just enjoy playing the game at the moment) but for anyone that is interested in the underling theory in the game, then this thread is definitely worth the read!

    Also I am not too sure if y2kmp3 has actually retired from playing, but just retired that game. Don't actually know what that means, because she said that when hitting the 1536 and 3072 cars as well. Although this maybe the same game continued! Either way she has to be the undisputed Threes! Champ 🙂

    • vicsark

      I'm not seeing her high score on GC, i guess she hasn't finished her 6144 game yet?

      • cloudpuff

        No and I don't think she plans to either, she's mentioned a few times that she is going to retire the game .

  • GaZ-OiD

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking anyone, I simply want to keep away from hints, tips and the like. I'm the first to admit I'm struggling to get high scores but I'm ok with that and trying to work the game out for myself 🙂

    • smasters

      If you wanted to avoid tips, why did you click on an article named "tips"? Yikes.

  • thiagovscoelho

    I feel that sometimes it works against you but sometimes — at least early on — it will also work in your favor