Even though we weren't totally in love with the game in our review, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years [$14.99] is important today for one reason: It's apparently the harbinger of Final Fantasy VI. Per the iTunes text of After years, "Final Fantasy VI coming soon to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!" Of course, Squeenix has been teasing iOS gamers with Final Fantasy VI for quite some time now, so who knows if this is any kind of definitive proof that it's coming any sooner than it was going to come anyway... But, at least it's a sign that they're doing something inside of iTunes Connect.

I'm not sure how much I'd recommend picking up Final Fantasy IV: The After Years at this point unless you're just into collecting all the Final Fantasy games for iOS. It falls in the same strange grey area of some modern Final Fantasy games of being a sequel of a sequel, which is always a strange path to take. Additionally, $10.99 for one of the games in the series that's just resoundingly OK at best is probably better put towards Final Fantasy VI when it finally launches, as that game is actually very good.

And, hey, in a glass half full sort of way, the delay for Final Fantasy VI hasn't been all bad for us. Square Enix seems to have essentially used the Android platform for beta testing, as gamers on that side of the mobile gaming fence have already found a very substantial progress-stopping bug which Squeenix has fixed. Fingers crossed the fix makes it on to the iOS launch version, whenever it actually launches.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Since Tales of Phantasia came out, I've really learned to appreciate Squeenix's way of doing business. I will honestly never complain about their pricing model again.

    • curtneedsaride

      Yeah, they give us full games with no IAP or timers... And they even redo graphics for these FF ports. All that work, and they only ask for one price. And I will gladly pay it! TOP could have gotten money from me too if they just would've followed the same method.

      • ineptidude

        All The Bravest

      • curtneedsaride

        Yes, that had IAP and timers, but it wasn't a port of an existing game. And I actually bought it all because I enjoyed it. Still play it. NOW, if they did that to Final Fantasy VI, then they'd have problems.

      • Cheeseball

        Exactly. I know $15 (or in my case $17) seems too much for an older JRPG, but at least you get the full game with remade sprites with no IAP crap.

    • swatbot

      While we're at it, kudos to the team that ported Lunar SSS. OK the first release was buggy but after the fixes, now there's a port done right: full controller support, graphics that keep the aesthetic of the original, etc. And the price is right, too.

      • curtneedsaride

        AND with iCloud support!!! Every time I reinstall it on a new device, there are my saves waiting for me. It's like they exist out there whether I do or not!

    • 21tigermike

      HAHAHA... What a piece of S that is. I assume you went and grabbed it on Emu after that. 🙂

  • nimu

    Is it just me or has it been 2 weeks since no awesome games have come out?

  • eventide

    They're running a big FF sale on PSN so I think it's related to that.

    • Onikage725

      These don't usually synch up with those, so I doubt it.

      Also, Eli, what do you mean it's a sequel of a sequel? I thought it was just simply the sequel (well, remake of) to FF IV.

      • heresandypandy

        I guess Eli's considering Final Fantasy IV to be a sequel, which in a series-sense I guess it is but I'd consider each FF game to be a unique entity myself.

      • Onikage725

        Eh, I'd disagree on the strangeness of it. It isn't "Lightning Returns" territory.

    • Nekku

      NOO! Don't burst my bubble!

  • Kedens

    I wish FFVI was coming tonight but being that the same goes til next weeks release Wednesday 2/05/2014 I'm guessing it'll be out then

    • Kedens

      Edit: sale*

  • chuckdoom

    Sqeenix needs to hurry the hell up lol

  • Rustrobot

    I have yet to buy a FF game on iOS due to the price, but I'm pretty sure I'll buckle for FF VI.