nintendo_logoNintendo is making headlines in the mobile gaming world again, as this week a new report from Japanese publication The Nikkei (translated and relayed via Dr. Serkan Toto) details Nintendo's upcoming smartphone and tablet initiative which the company is expected to announce at a briefing this Thursday. As Dr. Toto notes, "The Nikkei writes that Nintendo wants to use smartphones to expand its potential user base by spreading information about new game releases, i.e. by using video to introduce future titles. (This will probably happen through some kind of official Nintendo app.) In addition, Nintendo is said to be planning to put so-called “mini games” on smartphones, playable demos of console games – content that can only be purchased in full on Nintendo hardware."

The news isn't really surprising, as it falls right in line with what Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime revealed in an interview this past December. And, just over a week ago, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed that Nintendo was considering a "new business structure" and would be looking for ways to market to potential new customers using smartphones and tablets. The one thing I think doesn't seem very likely is "playable demos of console games" as it just doesn't make sense that Nintendo would go to the trouble of implementing a touch control scheme for a demo of a 3DS or Wii U game. But mini-games featuring the characters or certain elements from those seems much more likely. We'll find out soon enough I guess, as Nintendo's briefing is scheduled for this Thursday.


  • joshnolan

    Lol the wii u looks like garbage honestly I would prefer the ol xbox 360 to that monstrosity.... I would pay for the games on my phone.... But will not be forking out cash for a big clunky piece if plastic

    • Squablo

      Your statement says it all. ".....looks like garbage" what looks like garbage? The graphics look great, most games running at 1080p 60fps. The system itself? Rounded edges at half the size of a 360. The gamepad? Possibly my favorite controller of all time. Maybe you should play it sometime. After all, I had no interest in the WiiU until I actually played it. Also, I'm a 10 year Xbox Live veteran. My 360 sits right next to my WiiU, and guess what system I play more? Yep. WiiU. If you actually play it instead of just going with the Internet trends, you might be surprised. Theres a lot more unique games on WiiU than say, generic shooter 1,2, and 3 on Xbox or Playstation.

      • rewind

        I agree, and I thought the Wii U was terrible until I played it too. The graphics aren't 'top notch' but they're better than the 360 and PS3

    • ikari_paul

      but can you play Nintendo IP on a 360? thats why people ususally buy a nintendo console, not to play the same stuff that also exists on the other consoles

      you dont want their IP? ok, so the console is not for you. are you so much up your own ass, that you think that your opinions are shared by everyone, and they represent the "truth"? their just your point of view, and there are enough people to disagree with them

    • shadax

      The dust on my 360 and PS3 is collecting dust. Mostly because I play PC games now, but our Wii U gets a LOT of action. It's a great system and it looks a world better than the wii. It doesn't have the capabilities of the more popular consoles, but it's really fun and a breath of fresh air from "hardcore" games (which I hash out alone on PC). Ultimately, for couch multiplayer, it's an awesome system.

      That said, it is pretty expensive and Nintendo does have a lot of catching up to do. But your post is very ignorant.

  • steviet

    I just wish they would bring super Mario world to the iphone

    • ikari_paul

      would you pay 10$?
      hope youre not expeting to see nintendo stuff at 99c

      • Micah

        Yes, I would. Just like Squenix has put out the Final Fantasy series at a premium price, I would expect nothing less from a true conversion of old school Mario/Zelda/Metroid games. I'd gladly pay $10 for a Super Mario All Stars, or World, or Paper Mario, or any of the like. Probably $15.

      • steviet

        Did I say anything about 99c? No, so why comment

  • oddyoh

    They should make an official iOS controller...but they won't. And I thought iOS doesn't allow for demos, so that doesn't make sense.

    • ikari_paul

      of course it does, its aclled the "LITE" version. you have the 1st level for free, and the rest is locked behind IAP

  • NickyNichols

    Remember that Legend of Zelda bow & arrow game when the Wii first came out? Yeah, I don't really want that on my iPad either.

  • salvee

    A turn-base Mario party game...and print money

  • peaThere

    Wow really nobody wants to play full games on the wii U anyways who would want to play demos on their phone. Nintendo give us a break put stuff that we really want to play just saying.

  • Smurgendorf

    I would love a Mario themed runner game with the typical polish Nintendo gives its games.

    • ikari_paul

      yeah, im sure youre expecting nintendo polish at 99c

      would you pay 10$ for a nintendo "polished" runner. thought so...

      • Micah

        For a polished runner? no. I don't need a runner with Nintendo branding on it.
        For an actual full NES/SNES game? Absolutely.
        I can get them on an emulator after jailbreak, but the fit and finish is just not quite there.

  • curtisrshideler

    I can foresee them dragging this out like they've done with just about everything. I mean, I want to play Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on my phone. And I'm sure that'll still be a decade away before they add up all the mini-game downloads, pretend they were actual games, assign a dollar figure to them, and realize how much they could make if they just swallow their pride and catch up with this world's technological mobile situation. Then, hopefully we can start playing games on our phones that I played over 20 years ago. Well, at least pay for the ones we are already playing thanks to Cydia.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      Yep, you said it--pride. Nintendo will not be releasing the games we actually want to own and play on their phones. They will be releasing cheap Freemiums for *everyone else* that are kiddie impulse buyers. This will hold Nintendo up on their last leg, just a bit longer before trying some other botch console release.

      This tells me one thing: Their gamers are not important to them compared to quick-and-easy bucks. In fact, this shows we are now viewed only as expensive assets.

      All this is all ironic to me. I'd bet all the money Nintendo is trying to save and pocket that they'd be able to release die-hard Nintendo titles to us, charging solid premium prices ($19.99) and, in turn, be able to rebuild their reputation as the greatest gaming outlet. I'd bet my mother's tater tot casserole recipe that most gamers out there would pay that (or more) for Goldeneye, Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Super Mario Brothers 1 2 AND 3, Kirby's Adventure, Super Mario World, Zelda, Pilot Wings, you name it.

      They could truly break our banks, and gamers across the world would become Nintendo slaves once again.

      • ikari_paul

        man, youre desperate all over the place hammering your selfish opinion into everyones comment section. what a sad loser

        and btw, just shows how clueless you are. Goldeneye will never see the light of day, because of expired licencing agreements. just shows that youre a clueless fanboy

        and why split profit with apple, if they sell enough 3DS to keep the money for themselves.

      • nini

        You're doing an excellent job as a troll, just wanted to mention that. Not often we get someone who doesn't understand their own hypocrisy but still slams others for not agreeing, that's some grade A trolling right there. And that you keep trashing the iPhone on a site dealing with iPhone games, just fantastic.

        I trust I'll be seeing you come the next Nintendo article, won't be the same without you.

      • pauldavidmerritt

        Funny 🙂

    • Kane

      I'm playing Golden Eye & Perfect Dark almost flawlessly right now on my iPhone 5s. I can't wait 10~20 years for an official port.

  • TJF588

    inb4 microgame samplers

  • DotComCTO

    Someone at Nintendo must be thinking, "If gamers only KNEW about the great games we have, they'd rush out and buy the Wii U just to play the full game!".

    Here's the rub: Nintendo doesn't need to build more brand awareness. People already know who they are, and they're aware of the Wii U. Tt's just that consumers aren't running out in droves to buy the Wii U. The PS4 and XB1 sales clearly demonstrate where consumers want to invest their money.

    As @toucharcade-7db288509e5d7a1ab64194bfafd63641:disqus pointed out, Nintendo will drag this out to the bitter end before they have no choice but to get their software onto other platforms.

  • Poo

    Nintendo is dead.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      I'm sure everyone would love to 'dislike' this comment, but they ARE killing themselves. I don't care how much you 'dislike' someone saying it.

      They can't shake their stub-nosed pride, and the fall will be exactly what they deserve for it.

      • ikari_paul

        id rather see nintendo release games on VITA than on a shitty iphone.

  • parranoya

    Can't Sony and Microsoft kibosh this on their phones? Nintendo just said they will use their competition to promote their products.

  • gmattergames

    Sounds like a baby step toward the inevitable porting of IP's. May also be because the treehouse only has proof of concepts ready for deployment and they want to give the street something to speculate in order to stop the hemoraging.

  • GSport

    Just bring us Mario Kart already! Sonic All-Star shows it is possible and quite fun! DO IT!!!!

    • ikari_paul

      would you pay 30-40$ for the game?

  • Jason Flor Flook

    Nintendo just denied the mini games part of this report.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      Yep, now the denial of claiming ridiculous mobile gaming plans, then finding a new marketing-tactic way of stating said plans that they're not going to change --- Frivolous Freemiums galore!!!!

  • Squablo

    Nintendo is dying because of you guys. You think if you don't buy their hardware that you'll get their games on your system of choice? I hope they take those IPs to the grave with them. You guys can have fun playing Halo 12, Call of Duty 37, God of War 21, Killzone 45 and whatever else your precious Microsoft and Sony can dribble out at you every year. (For the record, I own all of the current gen systems, and then some)

    I can foresee another Video Games market crash circa 1980s all over again, and it gonna be YOUR faults. YOU guys want more of the same? You got it!!!

    • pauldavidmerritt

      No, no and no. The gaming industry changes like anything else. That's not one of our faults. What a big name developer wants to do with it is THEIR FAULT. It's called business. Business is as organic and evolving like anything else. School might help teach about this constantly changing aspect that happens in every industry out there.

      • ikari_paul

        as organic as the smartphone games bubble bursting one day. lets see what you have to say when that happens.

        never you say?

        truth is, you guys envy nintendo's portofolio, and would love to have those games on a f**** smartphone, with shitty virtual controls. and like little selfish cunts, if you cant have them, you wish the company would just disappear.

      • Jason Flor Flook

        Hipster gamer to the rescue. Your points might hold truth for 1% of gamers.

        Do people wish certain Nintendo games were on Mobile? Sure.

        Do people wish companies and their IP's would disappear because they think like you think? No.

        Do they need to slightly change how they do business? Sure, it's how every company since the beginning of ever stays in business. They adapt, they change.

      • ikari_paul

        but is the only way going smartphone? is the only way giving up its own hardware divison? dont think so. you think it is. we agree to disagree

        and that 1% figure is your invention, so dont try to pass that as a fact. is rather see nintendo release a new 3DS/DS, that also acts as a smartphone to keep guys like you happy.

      • Jason Flor Flook

        "Nintendo can improve, but not by releasing their games on other systems, that are already tecnhicaly obsolete, and a joke compared to a pc.

        Id rather see them release a new console or their own smartphone. And if they should go down, they should thake their ip with them, than pimp them on trash like the x1" - from your statement sir.

        You literally stated what you accused selfish little cunts to wish would happen. You are some kind of moron.

      • ikari_paul

        glad that another fellow moron joined the comments section, then

        and how did i contradict myself? as said, id rather see nintendo disapear and take their ip with them. or if they feel they have to go all smartphony, they should release their own device, a cross between a phone & DS, with proper controls. guess your too stupid to read and understand english

      • Jason Flor Flook

        You state in one conversation that you would rather have Nintendo die and take their IP with them.

        Then you make fun of people calling them selfish little cunts for wishing that Nintendo would die and take their IP's.

        I fully understand how to read and understand what is written.

        You apparently just type whatever you want as long as it supports whatever you are arguing for.

      • H4nd0fg0d


      • ikari_paul


      • webman2k

        What makes you think they'd be using touch buttons. This is a company that was reborn on the idea that gamers want new innovative ways to interact with their games. I could see a whole crop of well thought out touch versions if new Mario, Zelda, etc games in the ios and android platforms.

        As said before in other comments, this isn't about money, it's pride. They HAVE to know that original games from their studios in touch platforms would make a killing. No, this is about Nintendo first party pride. Like Sega, when and if their hardware fails to sell, they'll cave, or go out of business.

        I think that's one if the reasons they take chances with their hardware. Their plan b is a no brainer, and would absolutely be successful, even if they just ported old titles.

      • Squablo

        The only reason Sega failed is because they didn't have any money. They couldn't compete against Sony, Microsoft, AND Nintendo. Nintendo has a TON, I say again, A METRIC TON of money in the bank. On top of that, the 3DS is doing EXTREMELY well. They are in no immediate danger of going out of business any time soon. I'd even say Sony is in far more financial trouble than Nintendo.

        Let's not forget, Nintendo as a company is over 100 years old. They are not one to turn a head toward every trend all the time. They are not in a sprint, but rather a marathon. Looking at the WiiU lineup this year, compared to X1 or PS4, I'd say it's looking pretty good for them. There won't be any REALLY good games on X1 or PS4 for at least a year, leaving those systems in the same position the WiiU was in last year, with nothing to play, especially since the next gen systems aren't even backward compatible.

        Nintendo will be fine, and your going to have to buy their hardware to play their games.

      • pauldavidmerritt

        Not sure where you're coming from. I am a Nintendo lover, but I think they are now making VERY poor, desperate decisions, and that's that. Don't like it? Well, I'm not sorry for sharing my thoughts.

    • H4nd0fg0d


      • ikari_paul

        boohoo indeed. if you want nintendo games, go buy a 3ds. loser

  • bigE1669

    According to Engadget, Nintendo is denying this report now.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      Yea, I would too if I was Nintendo and stated "mini-games", getting nothing but tomatoes publicly thrown at me for doing so.

  • ikari_paul

    if nintendo games are so irrelevant and dead as some butthurt want everyone over here to believe, why are they so desperate to have them on a friggin smartphone with *shudder* touch controls?

    and would those same sore losers pay 30-40$ for the privilege? of course not. id rather see nintendo games on VITA than whored out on a casual meatgrinder like a smartphone.

    everyone really believes that nintendo would release a 3DS quality game on a smartphone for 2-6$? come on.

    • Micah

      I don't want [insert Nintendo game here] on my phone with touch controls. I want them on my iPad to use with my controller once the market gets its head out of its ass and starts providing options other than "crappy controller for $99 vs more crappy controller for...$69".
      Once I can get a controller that is relatively close to an Xbox or PS3/4 controller for <$50, I'm sold. At that point, I WANT to play everything.

      Do I want Nintendo to bow to me and give me everything for free? No.

      But if they offered much of their classic library on my iPad would I pay $20 a pop for those classics? Hell yes.

    • toofinedog

      Wasn't Mutant Mudds a 3DS port to iOS?

  • H4nd0fg0d


  • JCman7

    It's already been denied by Nintendo

  • falco

    Nintendo want to make demo only on mobile, so you will pay for a demo ??

  • MachineJXD

    If nitendo relase shitty mini-games the this sucks ass :-/

    • Cilo

      I don't think nitendo will be releasing anything, never heard of them.

  • Cilo

    Status has changed on this report, check Kotaku for the latest update, looks like this rumor was corrected officially by Nintendo.

  • toofinedog

    I'd love for some quality demos to re-kindle my romance with Nintendo. I have a Wii and stopped playing it almost completely due to my PS3 which I've also been neglecting due my some addictive iOS games I've been enjoying.

    • Nemerlebb

      If you have been neglecting these two consoles in favor of your iOS games then why would demos rekindle your love with Nintendo? I don't follow your logic (since, also, eShop has demos of its own).

      • toofinedog

        Sorry, I meant to clarify Nintendo's first-party IPs with new content. Please forgive me.

      • Nemerlebb

        nah it's cool I see where you're going since I prefer portables and never owned a home console. Just wondering that since you're put off from buying a Nintendo console, demos on iPhone would do little incentive to make you actually purchase it. We all know the quality the company puts forth in each game so yeah...all I'm saying but we're all entitled to our opinion

      • toofinedog

        Also, I find myself playing more games when I'm not sitting at home in front of the tv, and I'm really not into buying new hardware like a 3DS.

  • NinjaKitteh

    I think Nintendo is going to do their own thing regardless of all these smart devices on the market. Good for them too. It's called gumption, something lacking these days. Could it kill them in the hardware arena like SEGA? Sure. But that's their choice.
    The honest to Cthulhu's truth is all the people making the loudest grunts because the big N isn't bringing games to mobile, desperately want to play Nintendo games. So much so they'll scream to the dark depths about how big a mistake Nintendo is making. In actuality they could just buy a Nintendo system and play the games they want. The only ones keeping them from enjoying these games they so want is themselves. It's sort of sad really. Especially considering all of them could take a bit of time to jailbreak and enjoy the games anyhow. I think it takes a bit of time, I've never actually jail broken my phone.
    Personally I dropped out of the whole console thing at the PS2/XBOX/GameCube generation. I really haven't felt the need to go back. Most of the Nintendo games I want to play I own, plus the consoles to play them on, and an old TV so they don't look like

    • Nemerlebb

      Agreed! The 3DS cost around 300$ and will last you 5-6 years whereas iphones are rendered obsolete each year; I never understand someone who buys an 800$ gadget and moans when he has to buy a 300$ one time! The people who always blame Nintendo for being too childish/kiddy seem to be the ones who are pressed the most about having their games on an iPhone. Makes you wonder about the hypocricy in the world. Oh and pseudo economical/analytical articles about the soon-to-be doomsday of Nintendo should just stop! STAHP! The company is not doing brilliantly great, however it's still in an enviable position industry-wise. Why isn't anybody talking about how Vita is tanking...hard?

      • NinjaKitteh

        Not to mention MSOFT releasing the 360 at a 73% fail rate, yet still doing very well in the long run with that decision.
        All console manufacturers have had ups and downs, Nintendo more than the other two. Nintendo has come back as many times as well. They are also the only company in the big three that don't sell their consoles at a loss on launch. Do there's that too. If they stumble a bit they'll most likely get by, without pumping their IPs to other quarters.
        You make a really good observation as well. It's funny how the people bagging on Nintendo about pandering to children are the loudest to want "children's" games on their phone. Hilarity abounds.

  • TR3S