‘The Room Two’ Coming to iPhone this Week [Update: iPad Version Going Universal]

If you didn’t own an iPad when the excellent 3D puzzler The Room ($0.99) came out in September of 2012, you were out of luck as it originally launched as an iPad-only title. Thankfully, developer Fireproof Games released a pocket-sized version for the iPhone and iPod touch just a few months later, appropriately titled The Room Pocket (Free), which allowed a broader audience to enjoy a really fantastic game. Well, if you’re still iPad-less then you’re probably aware that the game’s sequel The Room Two ($1.99), which launched this past December, was similarly released as an iPad-only title. A sad day for small iOS screens.

However, as Fireproof had previously revealed to us, a pocket-sized release for The Room Two was in the works for “early 2014." The developer has confirmed to Pocket Gamer today that the official launch date for The Room Two for iPhone will be this Thursday, January 30th. Great news, as that’s only about half the time iPhone and iPod gamers had to wait for the pocket edition of the original game. And, as is evident from our 5 star review, The Room Two is a worthy sequel to the original, and deserves to be played by as many people as possible. Keep an eye out for The Room Two on iPhone later this week.

Update: Fireproof has clarified in the comments below that The Room Two will be coming to iPhone by way of a Universal update rather than a separate “Pocket" edition like the first game. Awesome! So don’t keep an eye out for a new app later this week, but instead for an update to the existing version of The Room Two.

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