Bug Heroes 2 from Foursaken Media is one of our community's (an my own) most highly-anticipated upcoming games, and today Foursaken has finally announced a release date for it. Rejoice! Bug Heroes 2 will be heading to the App Store on February 20th, and to celebrate this announcement Foursaken has released the first official trailer for the game. Spoiler alert: it looks awesome. Check it out.

The original Bug Heroes is one of my all-time favorite iOS games, and it was incredibly unique at the time it released way back in 2010. It blended dual-stick shooting, tower defense and RPG mechanics all in one cohesive package. The sequel keeps those core ideas intact while branching out in new territories, most significantly the ability to control two heroes concurrently and a more behind-the-back perspective in addition to the top-down view of the original. February 20th simply can't come soon enough, so mark your calendars and check out more on Bug Heroes 2 in our forums.

  • Fangbone

    Foursaken looks to assume their roles as kings of the iOS. Never really got into Bug Heroes but every game they've put in the past 1 1/2 years has been pure gold. Can't wait to get this. LONG LIVE FOURSAKEN !!

  • Maglor

    Oh... Nice!! Instabuy Reservation No.0

  • ImJPaul

    I am totes magotes instantly buying this with my hard earned USD!

    • Brown Cow

      I'll give you one dollar if you never use the term "totes magotes" again.

  • Crimzzen

    Holy moly, amazing

  • brickwalker0

    Those physics and animations look so similar to Heroes and Castles (for obvious reasons). Looks pretty fun.

  • kenken11

    This is quality.

  • tech_specialist

    I hope it's not freemium. PLS. I just wanna pay once and play forever.

    • JCho133

      It is

    • Guest

      of course its not freemium... come on its BUG HEROES 2!!! not WALLET HEROES 2

    • http://www.foursakenmedia.com/ Foursaken Media

      It is free, but the only real paid content is additional heroes above and beyond what we think is fair to give away for free. That being said, you still CAN unlock everything without spending a dime.

      Other than that, there is no pay2win, no timers or energy systems, of anything like that. Its a very basic pay model: "if you like playing the game, hopefully you'll get a few extra characters."

      • DtheGOPkiller

        If it's done like that then I have ZERO issues. However hopefully it's not something really crazy like $20 or more bucks to unlock all the heroes. I would be happy as a clam to pay even $10 for a BH2. Personally I feel you guys have always been very very generous with your games. And you are my personal favorite Devs and have been for year. But it would be a shame to see a high price to pay for each hero. If the price is right I am for sure paying for every single one. The only reason I am not freaking out is you and your brothers reputation and history of being up and up guys. So I have faith the IAP Hero's will be very reasonable. I cannot wait. BH is no kidding in my top five fav games of all time. And I mean all time. All systems all types.

  • JCho133

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!!!

  • Boris Nguetie

    OH...MY....GAWD!! the first one was soo damn good but THIS....THIS........

  • dribblejam

    Same number font. Same character Type models, same effects as monster adventures. Couldn't they create new ones??

    • Squablo

      Sure they could recreate each game from the ground up. Since it's a very small team of people, that would put the release at like what, 2016? This isn't the 80s-90s anymore. Developers use middle-ware (unreal engine) for everything now days. Why? To cut down on development time. We've been waiting for almost four years for this game. I'm totally fine with re-using assets.

    • http://www.foursakenmedia.com/ Foursaken Media

      First of all, thanks for the feedback 🙂

      However, I've gotta say I don't see anything similar to the character models between BH2 and MA, other than that they both have big eyes :p (which was originally from Bug Heroes 1 - and, they're bugs after all) - all Bug Heroes 2 models and textures were created by our one 3D artist from the ground up for BH2.

      As for the effects, while yes, most of the individual particles are used from our cartoon effect set, most of the actual effects have been tweaked, changed or added to to suit Bug Heroes 2, which admittedly might not be apparent in a quick trailer. For ex we've added tons of extra details - things like smoke spewing out of the gun side as shells eject, tons of effect and ground glows on lights and explosions, shockwaves, bug goo when you kill enemies, a cool charge up activation effect on abilities, and tons more - that you definitely didn't see in MA.

    • WeMeet

      Are u high? Or u never played bug heroes 2? There are now 25 heroes instead of 10 (i think) and most of them are absolutely new except for few favorites such as termite and even they are totally revamped, so plz..... This is a milestone compared to BH1

  • dariusjr98

    I was already interested, but after I saw that mini-mech, I'm sold! Too bad it probably won't run well on iPhone 4, because those graphics are very impressive.

  • Kenan2000

    Foursaken so you can unlock every single character in the game without spending money just like in heroes & castles?

  • lockecole7

    Is anyone seriously worried about payment issues with these guys? They've always been more than generous with payment models, and honestly who deserves our money more than these guys. More money they get the higher quality and quicker these amazing games come out. Seriously these guys are everything that is right about iOS gaming, great payment models, intuitive and original game types combining several genres at once, all somehow done without a huge conglomerate corporation and keeping a constant stream of communication. Seriously how many developers comment this many times on a websites review if their game trailer? Honestly I don't know how you guys find the time in your days, but god bless...and keep em coming.

    • WeMeet


  • Mantle

    Bug heroes 1 is the best game on IOS ever, this one is even much more crazy...more than 20 heroes...how crazy you are, this is the DOTA on Ipad
    I spend money buying diamond, this is the only game worth the money
    I would like to ask anyone know which "legend hero" worth to buy,because the game become very hard, I need a power hero to go on