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‘Bug Heroes 2’ Gets an Official Trailer, Releasing on February 20th

Bug Heroes 2 from Foursaken Media is one of our community’s (an my own) most highly-anticipated upcoming games, and today Foursaken has finally announced a release date for it. Rejoice! Bug Heroes 2 will be heading to the App Store on February 20th, and to celebrate this announcement Foursaken has released the first official trailer for the game. Spoiler alert: it looks awesome. Check it out.

The original Bug Heroes is one of my all-time favorite iOS games, and it was incredibly unique at the time it released way back in 2010. It blended dual-stick shooting, tower defense and RPG mechanics all in one cohesive package. The sequel keeps those core ideas intact while branching out in new territories, most significantly the ability to control two heroes concurrently and a more behind-the-back perspective in addition to the top-down view of the original. February 20th simply can’t come soon enough, so mark your calendars and check out more on Bug Heroes 2 in our forums.