logo-1024x512Last month, developer Robot Invader announced on their blog that a sequel to their 2011 hit Wind-up Knight [Free] was in the works. They've since updated that blog with some new information about the game, the most recent entry coming today. It discusses a new feature in Wind-up Knight 2 that wasn't in the original: Checkpoints. If you aren't familiar with the first Wind-up Knight, it's an auto-running platformer similar in style to the Rayman Jungle/Fiesta Run games on iOS. Your little knight plods along on his own, and your job is to make him jump at just the right times to traverse the cleverly-designed levels. Add to that the need to shield yourself from falling objects, slash away at impeding enemies, and roll under head-height hazards and you have yourself one very fluid–and very difficult–little platformer.

We loved Wind-up Knight in our original review, and part of that love was due to just how satisfyingly difficult it could be. As mentioned, it didn't have any checkpoints, so one slip-up meant starting a level over from the beginning. That sort of difficulty can be an acquired taste though, so Wind-up Knight 2 has been built from the ground up with a checkpoint system in mind. I don't expect this will make it a cakewalk though, as the levels in Wind-up Knight 2 look to be much lengthier and more complex. And of course, if you're truly hardcore, there will be an option to turn off checkpoints altogether. Here's a screen cap of the knight crossing one of the new checkpoints.


If you missed out on the first Wind-up Knight when it launched back in 2011, I absolutely recommend you check it out if you're looking for a challenging platformer, especially if you've found yourself enjoying the more recent Rayman games on iOS. We'll be keeping tabs on Robot Invader's blog for more news about Wind-up Knight 2, such as pricing and a release date, and we'll let you know once more information is available.

  • hakamhakam

    Omg, wind up knight is one of my fav games on iPhone can't wait for the sequel.

  • Donny K76

    I love the original!! Quite an innovative platformer!

  • hakamhakam

    I'm kind of worry when I hear "Checkpoint" though, hope they don't streamline the game to the point where the gameplay is water down. Similar to games like Dark Souls, the punishing difficulty is what make this game so much fun and rewarding. If they take that away, it will just be another 2D auto-runner with some decent features. Honestly, the option to turn off checkpoint should be put in separate mode altogether because there is no incentive to remove checkpoint. If it have no benefits to the players (in fact it'll likely hinder the experience since it's design with "Checkpoints" in mind) then who would bother? they should make it like hardcore mode or something and make it have its own leaderboard and/or achievement. Anyway this is just my opinion, it's absolutely fine if you disagree, all I'm trying to do is express the concern so believe me when I say it's one of my favorite games, I'll definitely check it out when it hit App Store and I hope you do too.

    • Donny K76

      Perhaps GC achievement points will be higher for those who finish levels or sections of the game without checkpoints. Hopefully the sequel is close to completion.

  • Taclys

    If I remember right, the first game was brutally hard at points.

    • jontas

      It was unbelievably hard,'especially if you were going for 100%, but soooo much fun at the same time. I definitely had a love-hate relationship with WK1.

  • staraffinity

    Cool, but didn't like the previous one too much. A bit to ”on rails:y” for my taste. Just like Rayman on iOS. I want to move the character freely! 🙂

    • mclifford82

      Then you'll never like this genre at all, because that's not what these games are a bout. Where do you want to move him? The only actual way to go is the way the game has you going.


      • staraffinity

        I guess I want a more classic platformer game. Rayman Origins or Legends for iOS would be nice.

  • Donny K76

    This will be hitting Android before IOS as a soft release in CA. Pretty disappointed but I will have to wait.