comment_box_33-1-2A story came out today that got a discussion going behind the scenes here at TouchArcade, so we thought we'd get our community in on it too and see what you guys think. The story in question is about how a Kickstarter for a Mutant League Football reboot failed miserably, and how the lead on the project Michael Mendheim believes that focusing on a mobile version is the main reason the project failed.

Now, I'm not here to talk about this story specifically, though I do somewhat agree with his statement. Generally, Kickstarter projects are more conducive to PC games, while console or mobile versions are good as a secondary focus. But I certainly don't think Mutant League Football seeking a mobile version was the only thing that caused it to fail. I mean, it was asking for a fairly large sum of money ($750,000) and the work-in-progress stuff they showed off for the game was less than impressive.

However, like I said I'm not so much worried about that article in particular, but more with the sort of comments that accompanied it. And really, this pretty much applies to any article about mobile gaming on a traditional gaming site like Joystiq, IGN or Polygon. No matter what the article is about, if it has to do with mobile gaming, it's basically guaranteed there will be comments along the lines of "mobile games aren't real games" or "I was interested until you said it was for mobile" or "touchscreens will never be good for games" or "mobile games are just something you play on the toilet."

I'm sure you've all seen comments like those before, so what gives? Why are some gamers so stubbornly against considering mobile as a true gaming platform?


Now, I'm not saying some of those criticisms aren't warranted. Touchscreens definitely are not ideal for games that are built for button inputs. However, for many circumstances, virtual buttons have come a long way since the early days of iPhone gaming, and because of this something like GTA: San Andreas [$6.99] is playable enough to be enjoyed on a touchscreen. Is it ideal? No, but in many peoples' eyes it's worth the trade-off of having somewhat cumbersome controls to be able to tote something like San Andreas around in their pocket. And, with iOS 7 controllers just starting to arrive, those games designed for a controller will now have an actual controller for those that want it that way.

Of course, games designed to the strengths of mobile devices and built from the ground up for touchscreen or tilt controls have shone the brightest on the App Store. In that sense, mobile gaming has the capability of offering experiences you simply couldn't have on a traditional gaming console or a PC. Why should these stellar experiences be dismissed simply because they come on a device that's also your telephone?

Another big argument is that the App Store is flooded with "casual" titles or "toilet games," and that "serious" games are only on dedicated gaming systems. Well, guess what? Even dedicated gaming systems have shovelware and casual games. I remember being so excited in the early days of owning a Wii, but not too long after I'd drop by a game store to check out new games and see nothing but crap lining the shelves. Same with the Nintendo DS at the height of its popularity. Same thing with the NES and Atari 2600 and plenty of other systems. Heck, the shovel ware is basically what caused the great video game crash of the early '80s. It's not simply a mobile gaming problem.

How do you counteract that problem? Well, just ignore the crap and focus on the good stuff. That's what I've always done. Developers of all shapes and sizes are going to flock to what's popular, and right now that's mobile gaming. Yes, there's a lot of junk on the App Store, but there's more than enough gems to keep even the most voracious "hardcore" gamer happy.


I remember being similarly dismissed in my younger years for being a "console" gamer. My first video game system was an Atari 2600 my aunt gave me when I was just 3 or 4 years old. I immediately fell in love with gaming, and have owned basically every major console since then. When I was in middle school, I bought my first PC, and definitely played my fair share of games on it and subsequent PCs. But I've always considered myself a console gamer first and foremost. Well, hardcore PC gamers had a similar attitude towards console games. They were "PC gaming for dummies" and the only true place to game was on a PC.

I always wondered, why? Why does it matter where someone chooses to play a video game? Isn't the most important thing that someone is playing games at all? Whether it's on a high-end PC or a janky Tiger Electronics LCD handheld, gamers to me are people who play games, period. More than anything I feel sorry for mobile gaming detractors, because in all their stubbornness to dismiss mobile gaming they're missing out on some amazing video game experiences that you just can't get anywhere else. To me, gamers aren't defined by the systems they play on, but will go to the games they want to play regardless of where they are.

I could go on. And on and on and on. But I think you get my drift. So, where do you stand on this? Do you consider mobile gaming as "real" gaming? Or is mobile gaming just some silly distraction when you aren't busy playing on a dedicated gaming system or a PC? Do you think that mobile gaming will ever get respect from the hardcore gaming crowd? How many more hundreds of millions of people need to be playing games on their mobile devices for the platform to get some respect? It's baffling to me, and as always, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

  • NeoZeitGeist

    I think all platforms can be taken seriously, it's mostly right at the moment there is a fair amount of garbage to wade through to find those true gems in the App Store over time I suspect that will sort itself out.

    • Samurix16

      I agree

    • Carring3452

      мʏ вɛѕт ғʀιɛɴɖ'ѕ мօтнɛʀ мαĸɛѕ $85/нʀ օɴ тнɛ ιɴтɛʀɴɛт. ѕнɛ нαѕ вɛɛɴ աιтнօυт աօʀĸ ғօʀ ғιʋɛ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн нɛʀ քαʏ աαѕ $1зз74 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ιɴтɛʀɴɛт ғօʀ α ғɛա нօυʀѕ. ι աαѕ ʀɛαɖιɴɢ тнιѕ fox800&#46­com

    • Taclys

      Once you can swim past the freemium games and Angry Birds, then yes, you can find some amazing App Store gems. But it's a lot more work to find an epic game.

      • rewind

        Yes, but freemium games are taking over pricey games faster than mobile gaming is taking over consoles. A world of 'free' stuff is in the near future, whereas hardcore gamers going mobile isn't.

      • 21tigermike

        Not really, just go the 'all time grossing' list. Or the 'what we're playing' list, or one of the other lists. It's not that tough.

      • marc0313

        All time grossing is usually filled free games, so idk what you're trying to say.

      • rewind

        And you're implying that free games are bad?

      • cookthroughtheages

        Casually, not all of them. Hardcore, uuhh, yup!

      • mohammed sarker

        most of them, yeah.

      • 21tigermike

        That's the thing: if a game is 8 bucks and actually WORTH 8 bucks, it will make alot of money. Check again, there are lots of games on that list that are not "freemium + IAP". Those are the... wait for it... best games on the store.

    • 21tigermike

      They already have many 'best of' lists on the App Store. The bottom 90% of anything is usually crap. All of this comes from PC Gamers resenting Apple for (finally) nailing gaming and, quite frankly, beating the crap out of traditional competitors when it comes to platform, games, variety, profits, you name it.

      In other words, this 'respect' will never come because its just resentment. As Apple grows more and more successful the resentment is only going to increase. Stop asking for 'approval' from these "Hardcore" geeks.

      • Jay G

        I don't even know where to begin addressing all the wrong in this paragraph.
        This is just absolute lunacy.

      • rewind

        I disagree

      • 21tigermike

        That's a great point. I never thought of it that way....


      • Jay G

        NOBODY is resenting Apple for any of those reasons.
        I was an Apple dis-liker from the beginning, I never liked them in school (always favoring the Atari 400's over them), and I went through 3 models of Commodore at home before finally buying a PC.
        Apple finally got my attention with the iPod, for no other reason than the fact that it does what it does, better than anyone else, IMHO. I feel the same way about my iPhone and iPad...but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my PC, and there is no way I would buy a Mac unless I would suddenly get the urge to create music. (Again, best thing for the job at hand) I respect Apple for doing what they do so well, and it's absolutely silly to think that there is any resentment towards them from the general PC crowd.
        If you want to generalize, I would submit to you the public perception of Apple fans, and ask you to tell me why they are looked at this way. High and mighty, snooty, snobby, liberal, Starbucks-sippin', hipster loons that think everyone is beneath them, or jealous of them because they are so "cool" with their over-priced devices.
        Complete BS, I know, but that's the perception that's out there, and it had to come from somewhere.

      • homosaur

        I'm sorry but this is 100% bullshit, no console or PC gamers are legitimately "jealous" of Apple. Why would they be? The number of AAA times for IOS is in the dozens, so it's not like consoles are losing developers to mobile.

      • homosaur

        Titles, not times. Thanks a lot APPLE

      • CkX82

        No I think you're 100 % bullshit and you wanna know why he's right about them being jealous ? Because they ( hardcore crowd ) go out if their way to say how disappointed they are a game is coming out on mobile and how unfair it is then resort to bashing mobile gaming.

      • homosaur

        You're projecting.

      • rewind

        I agree

      • CkX82

        I don't

      • rewind

        I just agreed with you're comment but you're disagreeing with my agreement? Huh? That means you disagree with yourself.

      • Nothin99

        Being a hardcore PC gamer myself and having many hardcore PC gamer friends, I find your statement to be 100.1% BS

      • Nothin99

        I laughed when I read "Apple has finally nailed gaming" you obviously don't know the joys of PC gaming. But I will say there are some great IOS games out there if you can find them

      • Filing Cabinet

        In no way have they "nailed" gaming. They have provided an easy way for developers to get their product into the hands of consumers but that is inherent to the device itself (ie mobile phone you always have with you)

        Then they have keynotes where they show off rubbish like CSR Racing and their best new games selections usually include freemium junk.

    • joaolx

      Have you seen the garbage you can also find in the xbox live arcade? Each platform has it's awful and amazing games. The thing is the App Store and the Play Store are much more open to those awful games because anyone can make anything for mobile. But the quality of games on mobile has grown a lot and it isn't always about graphics. I didn't like mobile gaming, i thought it was awful until I saw games that made an awesome use of touch controls and that were innovative and new.

    • swatbot

      Yes. That and people disagree on what hardcore gaming is. Some people claim JRPGs aren't hardcore. Some people claim console gaming isn't hardcore. Hardcore often has nothing to do with how difficult or innovative a game is. By today's standards pac-man looks like a casual game, but it's freaking hard (and was innovative).
      Meanwhile the rest of us simply enjoy video games and we don't get all emotionally defensive over what platform a game happens to be on.

  • Adam9812

    I whohartedly agree.

  • BaltimoreDave

    Saying mobile is not real gaming is just silly. Worrying whether a sub set of people think the games I enjoy on my phone are "real" or not is even sillier.

    • Diaboliq

      Just like how console gaming isn't real gaming.. I had an XBONE years ago, it's called a PC. That's real gaming. Mobile games > console

      • pauldavidmerritt

        Agreed people don't even come close to understanding how XBOX ONE has finally caught up to hardcore PC gamers' updated and advanced versions of Crysis 1 (released around 8 years ago, I think?).

        "WHOA, XB ONE games look super awesomeeee!!!"

        *okay, keep patting yourself on the back because you own one, thinking this console has more advanced graphics than PC games released years ago*

  • LousyHero

    I have owned or played on nearly every system since video games came into peoples homes. I am definitely a hardcore gamer. I also dont care what i play on. I dont worry about xbox, ps, nintendo fanboys because I understand as a gamer that systems are there so i can enjoy the entertainment on them. I still game on whatever i can find great games on. Guess what mobile has some great games. I have spent countless hours now playing mobile games, and find some of them to be better than console games. Those that arent exclusive to mobile are still great just because of the new ways to interact with them. I never would have imagined that i would be playing the baulders gate series while on the go, yet i am now able to do so thanks to mobile. I for one cant wait to see all the new amazing games we will have coming out in the years to come, and that is how a hardcore gamer should feel imo.

    • ODMay

      Whoa! lml

    • LousyHero

      Also who in the hell doesn't like being able to play games on the toilet? Thats has hardcore gamer written all over it. 😛 (possibly messy written all over it as well.)

    • BulkSlash

      I couldn't agree more. I've been gaming since before the NES and for me, mobile is just a new and exciting way of playing games. All this snobbery from so-called hardcore gamers about lack of buttons makes me consider them not real gamers.

      A real gamer should be excited about playing games with all sorts of new and different controllers and interfaces. Gamers that insist games without buttons are rubbish are in my opinion just one step up from the type of gamer who only plays COD and considers themselves to be a hardcore gamer.

      I suggest we start calling ourselves "real gamers". People can call themselves hardcore and deride mobile gaming if they like, but it means they're just not real gamers!

      • homosaur

        I don't like snobbery so I'm going to be a snob.... Great work.

    • James M Wallace

      I feel the same way. I've been gaming since before the NES and I simply see today's mobile gaming as a convenient outlet for relieving stress between classes (I'm a middle-age full-time student). Just because people like me no longer have the time to sit on the couch staring at the TV with a controller in hand or sit in front of a monitor, keyboard and mouse all night doesn't make me a subclass gamers Nor should mobile gaming be subclassed because of its' conveniences.

      This week I was floored by user videos regarding Block Fortress, a game that may be similar to Minecraft in visuals but has so much hidden depth that it'll be my first iOS DL when I pick up an iPad mini next week. Yes I'm a 3DS owner, but Block Fortress is a game that can only be experienced on non-dedicated devices.

      There's Sonic CD, a game which eventually caused me to screw up in school nearly twenty years ago. Sonic CD is now available on mobile devices, and BETTER than the original console/PC releases in the '90s.

      "Hardcore" gamers swoon about the amount of vertices drawn in games and the expensive living room/entertainment rigs built to play them, but they convenient forget that there are many outlets for good games, and not just through consoles. They could at LEAST credit more knowledgeable mobile gamers for being adventurous, unless them.

      • salvee

        Ditto to all! It's all about the game, story line, playability. Hardcore gaming might be considered oculus rifts with a vitruix! Running, sweating and junk!

  • ODMay

    For a company that only creates mobile games, I can see them putting in a lot of work on a mobile game. But for companies that make games for home consoles and mobile devices, I don't see it.

    • Xissoric

      Sorry, I may be misunderstanding but are you saying that mobile developers work harder than console developers? Because if so, I believe that you're wrong. While yes, mobile devs put a ton of work into their games, console devs are also going into work 5 days a week, for many hours on each of those days. I also know that console developers like Naughty Dog put an incredible amount of effort into their games to make them the best that they can be.

      • heresandypandy

        Not to put words into his mouth, but I think he meant that companies geared SPECIFICALLY to makes mobile games make more effort with mobile games than companies who dabble in both. In other words, major console developers still see the mobile industry as either a quick cash grab or a side-dish advertisement to their main product.

      • homosaur

        You're exactly right and that's part of the reason many gamers are disgusted by mobile. Companies they have come to trust like Capcom are doing a horrible job, while the other side is the huge popularity of from freemium casual stuff which gives longtime gamers an aneurysm. Of course the top 1 or 2 percent of games on IOS are great, but it's still pretty hard to discover stuff. The App Store is nearly useless for discovery and even reviews as 99% of them are clearly written by either incoherent psychotics, children, or pissed off customers.

        And while I like TouchArcade, I think the review system needs to be overhauled before anyone could rely on it. Most of the actual write ups are thoughtful and well written but the ratings often seem to be pulled right out of the author's ass. If you asked me about another reliable IOS review site, I'd stare at you blankly. It's so hard to judge quality and a few bad purchases will really sour someone on the ecosystem.

      • matus

        It confuses me that if, as it has been reported, ios games accounted for more than 3DS and PSVita games combined, why can I walk into newsagent and find numerous magazines that are either dedicated to those platforms, or dedicate a large amount if coverage to them, yet ios gamers magazines are non existent. If it wasn't for touch arcade the likes of oceanhorn would have passed me by and I'd think ios gaming was all candy crush and Simpsons Tapped Out.

  • Byron Koukaras

    Maybe someday? It's all of matter of $$$

  • JCho133

    I'm a mid-core/hardcore gamer (although, I'm a hardcore CONSOLE gamer, not a PC one. There's a big difference) and I take it seriously

  • Holcman

    I think that "hardcore" gamers will get a shock when touchscreen games skyrocket into popularity. (It certainly will, with how it's evolving. Pretty soon people will be able to play touchscreen games on TV with a controller like a console.)

    • Jay G

      Hah, uh, yeah, it's called a WiiU, and soon to be Playstation Now.

      • Juroku

        And Glassr whatever the xbox version is called

      • Juroku

        And Smart Glass or whatever the xbone has

      • Jay G

        Personally, I'm hoping the Steam controller will work with iOS controller to rule them all.

  • Alexythimia23

    Lmao without a doubt REAL gaming is here and has been for a while on mobiles and tablets. All it is with hard core gamers is that they feel anything inferior to their pcs or consoles should not be considered a gaming experience, as they think it cheapens their gaming experience, and as we all know it does not. Jared is 100% right with his view, i personally care about the experience of a game, and a good game can be executed on any medium as long as its a good game. Unfortunately we live in a world where not everyone is as open minded which is a shame as they have missed out on some great gaming experiences on iOS, that cannot be found on consoles or pcs. I personally am very glad i did not miss the whole iOS gaming experience and have been there playing since the start and I'm sure i will be in the next few years to come.

    • bigjack66


  • Cirnol

    I'd consider myself a console player and I can totally see both sides.

    Personally I'm on the side that mobile gaming is a unique experience. It does really bring stuff that I may not see on other things for a while. I know it's not a great example but Sonic Dash is a unique Sonic endless runner that probably won't appear anywhere else for a while.

    I have a lot of fun with other apps that I have installed and am grateful for the low prices on them. Something like Monster Adventures I could easily see on another platform but here on iOS/mobile it's always gonna be cheaper.

    I think when non mobile gamers see "casuals" playing something like Candy Crush is when people think they're not really playing a game and a quick browse through their folders would show they hardly have any noteworthy games. I think "hardcore" gamers seek out the best mobile experiences while the "casuals" will only really care about what their friends are playing and try it and/or not worry too much about games but really just use their mobile device as a mobile device with a bonus of a few cool games.

    I hope this made sense as I was interrupted half way through writing this. And sorry if I offended someone with the Candy Crush thing. It's just currently the most popular game I could think of among people in my life that I wouldn't really consider as on-going gamers.

    Tl:dr : Mobile games can provide an amazing experience if it is sought after.

  • NOEN

    I guess you could call me a "hardcore gamer". Mainly console games because I couldn't afford a great PC to play on. My first console was the Intellivision and I've had (and still have) every home console and handheld console since then. For some reason gamers have always been a hard bunch to please. I've always felt that it didn't matter what you were playing on, as long as you were having fun. I pretty much consider my iPads/iPods handheld consoles. I love the fact that I can have X amount of games all one one little device. Plus, the AppStore has introduced me to a lot of Classic PC games that I could never play back in the day. I've always hated the labels that were thrown at gamers. Casual gamers, hardcore gamers, PC, console gamers, Nintendo fanboys, whatever they call people that play xbox, ect. We are all just gamers. I'm 37 and in all my years of gaming, I have never seen games so popular. Everybody is playing SOME sort if game on their phone or whatever. There's spinoff cartoons, stuffed animals, clothing, ect. Gone are the days of considering us nerds, playing in our parents basements. Lol, it's time for us to rise up people and band together as just "gamers". Sorry for ranting. Bottom line is I feel that mobile games CAN be considered "hardcore", but to me, wether I'm playing on a mobile device, handheld, or console, I'm just playing videogames.

    • klingon666

      Some people just don't understand. That's why it's called ENTERTAINMENT !!!!!!

  • Xissoric

    Nope, console/PC gaming is on a whole other level when compared to mobile gaming. While I find iOS games to be fun, I see them for what it is, and that is to take fun games on the go. There is no possible way I would choose to play an iPod game if I have a better game on console right nearby.

    • Whyt

      Here's where the confrontation lies. How do you quantify 'better'? Graphics? Look at the Infinity Blade series. Longevity? Complexity? Whatever your criteria, there is more than likely a game that is comparable to consoles. Mobile devices have just as much (if not more) of a spectrum to choose from too. The problem is handheld gaming, in general, has always been the red-headed stepchild, bogged down by children's games and substandard ports. What some people don't realize is how fast the gap is closing. We are just waiting on technology.

      On a side note, I also feel like since console gamers get pissed on by PC gamers so much, they take it out on handheld/mobile to justify their place on the spectrum.

      • Xissoric

        Dude, chill out a little bit. I'd definitely say that there are some seriously awesome iOS games, and I've been a member of this site for around two years now. I certainly understand that there are some quality games on the platform. However, you need to look at the alternative on console/PC. These games have massive teams of hundreds of people working on them, so obviously they're going to be better. My point was that I don't think iOS game development will ever reach the size of their console counterparts, simply because the vast majority of people with iPhones aren't willing to spend even a dollar on games/apps.

      • Whyt

        I'm wasn't trying to attack you, I'm trying to point out how objectively (rather than subjectively) the word 'better' gets thrown around in the gaming community. I feel that we, as gamers, are led to believing that multi-million dollar games are where we should be focusing our time and money.

        I find it hard to swallow that rehashes of the same franchises are supposed to be good for us (ie madden, call of duty, assassins creed). Money spent can't possibly equate to the quality of the game. It seems to me that independent studios have to spend as much time legitimizing themselves as they do making a game.

      • Xissoric

        Sorry, I may have interpreted your side note incorrectly, I assumed that was meant to be targeted at me specifically. I certainly agree with you in that more money doesn't mean better quality; that's why I specified I'd choose to play a good console game over an iOS game if I had the choice.

        The whole point in this thread isn't really to discuss which platform is better, which is what I made my main point seem like in my original post. I'm simply saying that while I see the merits of mobile gaming, and I really do enjoy playing games like Skulls of the Shogun, Strata, Junk Jack X and other games, I find that they're good for different reasons than I like console games. I enjoy console games because I can get immersed in them, and can play them for a good bit of time. I enjoy iOS games because I can take them with me, they are fun and are often packed with content.

        Again, back to the main question of the thread, which was whether or not I think iOS games will be taken as seriously as console or PC titles. And based on the people I've talked to, and made suggestions as to which iOS games are good, the moment they see the dollar or more price tag, they turn away from it. Of course this doesn't apply to games like San Andreas, but it does apply to the more obscure titles of the app store. So based on the general "gamer" outlook on iOS gaming, no, I don't think that they will ever really look at it the same way as they look at console titles; and no, I also don't look at iOS titles the same as console titles either.

      • Whyt

        Yeah, I guess I should get back on topic as well. I guess whether or not mobile games can be taken seriously by 'hardcore' gamers depends entirely on your definition or hardcore. To me a hardcore gamer eats, breathes and sleeps games. Which means that, no matter the platform, if there's a game your gonna play it.

        I have a friend though who says that a gamer is only hardcore if they are extremely competitive with it ands want to be the best. I believe this definition of hardcore is what keeps mobile gaming from being taken seriously.

      • 21tigermike

        "simply because the vast majority of people with iPhones aren't willing to spend even a dollar on games/apps."

        Huh? So you're saying you only buy 99 cent apps? Then you haven't played any of Square's iPhone/iPad RPG/Strategy games? Seriously? Because those games go for about 15 bucks each. You know. The good games. Oceanhorn was about 7 bucks. You didn't play that either?

      • Niclas Johansson

        Pretty obvious he doesn't include himself in the "vast majority" if hangs at TA, don't you think? Chill, dude.

      • Jay G

        I don't think he was referring to himself personally there, Chief, I think he was talking in general.

      • Galenmereth

        Not op, but I have played Square's games on iOS (FFT, TWEWY, FF3) and let me tell you, they were not good experiences for me. FFT was truly cumbersome to control, so I went and got the PSP version. TWEWY was a nightmare to control, so I went and replayed the DS version. FF3 was alright, but it drains my 4S battery like there's no tomorrow - something most 3d games do on it.

        And so my gaming experience - combined with a ton of other games I quite liked on iOS - is marred by inconveniences I don't have on, say, my 3ds. On iOS there's the usually uncomfortable controls (holding the phone sideways in my palm and using my thumbs on a flat surface isn't comfortable), the issue of me needing my iPhone battery for other things than games - a huge problem when out the whole day - and also the often unstable nature of the software (game breaking bugs not uncommon), where the most intensive games can require reboots to work, and also drains battery even faster.

        For these reasons, iOS gaming is just something fun on the side, while my 3ds or psp is where I go to play games on the move. And at home I vastly prefer a good controller and play console or pc. So iOS and Android mobile gaming is a fun distraction marred with a lot of small grievances that add up.

      • Darkenroll

        I mostly agree, especially about the battery life concerns and controller preference. I just wanted to mention as an aside that the latest update to ff tactics for ios fixed the psp version slowdown and a LOT of control issues. If you haven't played it since the update and don't have the fan-patched psp version I would say the ios version is probably the best version of ff tactics available, even without multiplayer.

      • Xissoric

        Yep, as other people have replied to you I certainly have spent more than 99 cents on games. If you read my reply directly after the one you're talking about, you'd see that I specifically stated one of my favourite games on mobile is Junk Jack X. I've played many games other than this that are more than 99 cents too though, I was referring to many of the people that I know that play games primarily on console/PC.

      • homosaur

        I'm NOT trying to crush on Oceanhorn, but that game is one of the better games on iOS and it's a worse, generic clone of a decade old console game.

      • Goggles789

        I'm not so sure that just because 300 people work on a game that it automatically becomes better...assassins creed was boring as hell for me, but Samurai Gunn is freaking incredible and that was from a pretty small studio.

      • Xissoric

        I never said that all games worked on by a large studio are great games, but there are really good ones, that when compared to mobile games, it just doesn't seem like they hold up.

    • Jay G

      I think the best examples of this are sandbox games like Terraria, Minecraft, Junk Jack, Survivalcraft etc...I WANT to play them, but I just can't stand the pain in my neck that I get when using my iPhone or iPad for long periods of time. The only place I can really look at them for very long comfortably, is on the bowel, but then my legs fall asleep and people start pounding on the door. 😉

  • themostunclean

    The people that make comments like those on IGN are probably not even hardcore gamers themselves. They make ignorant and snide comments to sound cool and be accepted, going along with what they believe to be the popular opinion to feel accepted.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that they're likely some idiot 13 year old (or 40 year old living in their mother's basement) who doesn't even own a smartphone or tablet. If they do it's some bottom-barrel android device that can't run good games. Their sniping is solely out of jealousy. Comments sections on those sites give me flashbacks to kindergarten.

    So the title of this article doesn't really make sense. It should read "Will close-minded, self centered IGN trolls ever accept that they don't know anything and give mobile gaming a shot". The people that complain about mobile aren't hardcore, REAL hardcore gamers play good games no matter the platform. Just look at this site, I'd say most of the thousands of people who come here are hardcore gamers and we all love mobile!!!

    • Goggles789

      BAM, this!!! ^

    • Jay G

      From my past conversations on here, I would say that the people that hang out here are just as rabid in their opinion as anyone on IGN's boards, and sometimes just as ignorant or foolish.
      No matter where you post an opinion, there is always someone that disagrees with you and jumps on you with both feet.

      Of course, TA is just as guilty as IGN is by posting flamewar-baiting articles like this one.

    • homosaur

      Yep, I bet a lot of the folks on here are console or PC gamers too and enjoy mobile gaming and iOS on its own merits.

  • C. Stubb

    Not if the Freemium crowd has anything to say about it…

  • Blodia

    Who the hell cares what "hardcore gamers" think? As if it's a badge of honor being a low-information couch potato with too much free time...

  • Opinion

    I believe many mobile gamers ARE "hardcore" gamers.

  • worldcitizen1919

    I'm a hardcore gamer who builds my own PC's and stacks it with the best graphics card from Nvidia and fastest memory with an over clocked quad core. 6 channel sound a widescreen 3d monitor.

    I play ios games extensively because I love the CONTENT. If the content is better on a PC I will play that or on a console then that.

    I love a certain game and play it very often but on PC it's not the same as I my ipad laying in bed playing it. The mobility wins for that game but I do ago back to Tomb Raider for PC because there's nothing to equal it on ipad.

    Basically its wherever my most liked game plays best there I will be and that alternates between PC and ios. PS3 games I never enjoyed much.

  • MiloTheBadKitty

    Frankly, I think that most innovation in the video game universe lives on planet iOS.

    Console graphics keep getting prettier, the set pieces are bigger and more extravagant, but the only time I come across a game that blows me away solely on the merits of innovative gameplay, it's on my iOS devices.

    I guess it just depends on what people are looking to get out of their games. Mobile gaming has a bit of a bad rep among hardcore gamers, I think, because of games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds. Not that those titles are by any means bad, but usually when I talk to my console-devoted friends about mobile gaming, those are the things they associate with it first. It's only when I show them that my phone can run San Andreas (and run it well) that they start to take it seriously.

    Honestly, I just don't think hardcore console gamers are fully aware of the constantly skyrocketing quality of mobile games. Hopefully, something will catch their attention and they'll come around...

  • MrAlbum

    What I am about to describe below is not all gamers. Heck, it doesn't even describe everyone who identifies as a "hardcore gamer." What I am about to describe is a highly specific, highly vocal and highly visible subsection of the category of "hardcore gamer." This is not directed at any specific individuals, and represents my own understanding of this group of people. As such, there will inevitably be flaws in the following description and the conclusions I come to. I heartily recommend anyone who sees any logical inconsistency or fallacy in these statements or arguments to reply to this comment and explain where they may be found. With that said, I shall begin:

    When "hardcore gamer" people put some time into a system or platform, that means they are investing time, effort, money and more out of their life to devote towards said entertainment. They take things to quite the extreme, sometimes to the detriment of the other areas of their lives. It often feels like they are sacrificing a piece of their soul to the platform or genre they are dedicated to, because said platform/genre seems to give very good entertainment in return that, in the moment, feels "worth it."

    So imagine how such a person would emotionally feel when some OTHER platform or genre claims to not only do the same thing their favored platform/genre does, but also claims to do it better. Of course they would scoff and slander such a platform/genre! Of course they would defend it as best they can, because at that point, any threat to their favorite platform/genre translates in their minds as a threat to themselves, because it forces them to either take an honest look at the new platform/genre and risk being proven wrong in their opinion which would invalidate all the time and effort they put into their favorite platform/genre which translates as a failure on their part to adequately judge the "worth" of their favorite platform/genre... or go on the attack and hopefully prevent the new platform/genre from taking off and eclipsing their favorite platform/genre, which would "prove them right" and validate all that time they spent on their favorite platform/genre and reinforce that all that time, money and life they put into it is "worth it" more than any other platform/genre out there.

    Yes, this may not make sense. When ego and selfishness and projections of one's self-worth onto something else are being considered, it is rare to find any kind of common sense or reasonable logic. Emotions are like a storm: short, violent, destructive, and uncaring of the damage they cause in pursuit of their goal... and emotional traps like I outlined above are very easy for a "hardcore gamer" to fall into.

    In a sense, the above is an -ism, like racism or sexism. These so-called "hardcore gamers" are deliberately slandering, debasing, discriminating and hating against these various other platforms/genres purely out of a desire to promote their own superiority, so they can feel "good" about their decisions in entertainment. And their libelous efforts have caused pain and grief to everyone else around them, and have tarnished the reputations of what it means to be a video gamer and what it means to be a fan of video games.

    In a sense, these so-called "hardcore gamers" are the Ku Klux Klan of the purveyors of entertainment: they operate through bullying, lies, and hatred, and their aim is to destroy anything that even thinks to "threaten" their "inherent superiority."

    If this were most any other issue or topic than video games, such a group of people would be marginalized out of existence and out of the public consciousness immediately. The only reason this has not happened, as far as I can tell, is because these so-called "hardcore gamers" have not organized into one unified group. Because there is no true equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan in today's gamer community, all that is left to fight are individuals. And successfully "defeating" one individual does not "defeat" the group that exists but does not exist, paradoxically. And there is no way to "defeat" one of these individuals because they have the armor of freedom of speech and free will, so any attempt to beat them forces both parties into an ideological shouting match that wastes time, money, energy and effort.

    All genres of art, including the various art forms, are equal in fact. No one work of art should be discriminated against because of its genre or platform, and this axiom extends to those who enjoy said work of art. No one person should ever be considered "lesser" or "not worthy of one's time" purely because of their choice in entertainment. No one person should be forced to defend themselves just because their tastes differ.

    No one should ever have to deal with the pain of being the target of hatred, regardless of its intensity, source, or lack thereof in both respects. For those who are being targeted right now, you have my sympathy. For those doing the targeting, I am disgusted at your actions and strongly suggest for you to cease your targeting and question when something fun became a life-or-death struggle for supremacy.

    Make of my thoughts on this matter whatever you will.


    Mr. Album

    P.S. I'd continue, but the battery on my phone is about to die. This should be enough to give readers a good idea at how I see the group of people I described above.

    • MrAlbum

      Continuing from where my comment cut off:

      All genres of art, including the various art forms, are equal in fact. No one work of art should be discriminated against because of its genre or platform, and this axiom extends to those who enjoy said work of art. No one person should ever be considered "lesser" or "not worthy of one's time" purely because of their choice in entertainment. No one person should be forced to defend themselves just because their tastes differ.

      No one should ever have to deal with the pain of being the target of hatred, regardless of its intensity, source, or lack thereof in both respects. For those who are being targeted right now, you have my sympathy. For those doing the targeting, I am disgusted at your actions and strongly suggest for you to cease your targeting and question when something fun became a life-or-death struggle for supremacy.

      Make of my thoughts on this matter whatever you will.


      Mr. Album

      P.S. I'd continue, but the battery on my phone is about to die. This should be enough to give readers a good idea at how I see the group of people I described above.

      • NinjaKitteh

        I made this exact point on a thread around Christmas and got a bunch of responses telling me to chill out. I'm glad I'm not the only one on here that has this viewpoint. Thanks for taking the time to share, it's good to know I'm not alone.

    • Goggles789

      That is a great post. Thank you.

  • bernanke

    Im a hardcore gamer. Im on this site. That is all

  • Earth Vs. Me

    I won't lie, I mainly play iOS games because I don't have the time or money for a 3DS. If I did I probably wouldn't bother too much with mobile games, except for the major ones like Deus Ex: The Fall and Infinity Blade III.

    • homosaur

      Honestly you are on to something there. I bought a 2DS over Christmas and the only thing I've purchased on iOS since is The Room 2. The quality and depth is not even comparable.

  • pauldavidmerritt

    Yes, it can. It will only when the developers (in general) actually get serious with their game development. 'Can' is the key word here, mind you.

    "What do you mean?! There are plenty of great hardcore games out there! You're just being a nanny-poo, and your input sucks. Get off of the TA App, and go somewhere else to complain!"

    Blah, blah, blah. Yada-yada. How old are you again? Keep playing your "hardcore" games, kid. And quit acting like the games you love have anything to prove about this mobile gaming platform and the dumbed down, cash cow games flooding YOUR phone or tablet.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      By the way, I am a hardcore gamer, just not by any stupid definitions like, "I love to sit on the toilet while playing games. Who wouldn't?!" And, "I've played every console there is, and I love playing games on my phone." And, if I looove the games, then it's a great gaming device for hardcore players."

      You biased gamers that love sitting on your hardcore Throne Of Gaming are simply tainting this entire review (and every other review like this). By the end of it, no one will have a single clue what it actually means to be a hardcore gamer.

    • Taclys

      You seem quite upset about diverse opinions.

    • homosaur

      I don't disagree but if it increases the number of devices in the market, it's good for the market long term. Once as many people own tablets as PCs, you'll start to see a more robust ecosystem.

  • Raider_-z

    I'm Going to be honest I love Mobil gaming ever since I was a kid pokemon on the game boy color was the best but let's be honest the only time I ever really play iOS games are when I'm bored and even then I hardly play App Store games thanks to coolrom if you were to ask me I had the option of playing in a Mobil platform or on my ps4 it's obvious what I'm going to pick I'm a hardcore gamer and yes that includes battle field 4 and ghosts but gaming is gaming if your preference is on your iPhone or iPad cool gaming wasn't ment to be just four one system it's what makes gaming and gamers unique yea there are some games that blow my mind that I think heck yea this should be for the PC but in my option Mobil gaming is ment for your vita ds and phone nothing more nothing less you can't compare it to my ps4 or xbox that simple

  • Taclys

    I think in the mind of console players, yes, mobile can be taken seriously. But as for the select elitist PC users who have spent thousands and thousands on their gaming computer? They don't even take console users seriously. If you said you gamed on mobile, even hardcore or console ports, they would just assume you played Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

    Not every PC gamer is this way, but I've met a lot of PC gaming assholes.

  • MasterChief3624

    No. As long as mobile gaming focuses on bitesize experiences and get played on devices with touchscreens as controls, no. I will never take a touch-only "console" seriously as a real gaming platform.

    • Goggles789

      But, they clearly do not focus only on bitesized experiences. I would not consider games like KOTOR, Baldurs gate, or any of the Final Fantasy games bitesized. However, because the platform is mobile in nature, it has much more room for bite sized gaming than a console or PC. I think it has the capability to offer more value as time goes on. Besides, it's a multimillion dollar industry, at this point. It's going to stay strong whether you like it or not, and millions of people are also going to enjoy it whether you like it or not.

      • Pheebers

        As I've been following along with comments, KOTOR's been foremost in my mind. Wouldn't most consider it a real game?

      • bilboad

        Sure, KOTOR and Baldur's Gate are real non-bite-sized games, but I think they can be seen as exceptions that prove the rule. They weren't developed for this platform, are more than 10 years old, and I think a lot of people will agree that it's quite a compromise playing these games on a phone or tablet compared to on a computer or console. The vast vast majority of games on iOS are much smaller and simpler than the average console or PC game. I do think that's changing as tablets get more powerful, and might change even more if MFi controllers catch on.

        I think the biggest obstacle to getting AAA games *developed* for iOS (as opposed to 10+ year old games being ported to iOS) is that the majority of iOS gamers seem to think any price over $3 is a high price for a game. Even here on TA you often see long rants complaining about some developer daring to charge for DLC content or a game update since they already paid a whole $3 or $5 for the game, so how dare they try to make any more money off the game after charging such a premium price! In a sense, these iOS users themselves don't see the platform as a serious gaming platform, since presumably some of these people think it's fine for console or PC games to cost more. I don't think we'll ever see the equivalent of Skyrim or Diablo or Halo or Assassin's Creed or Forza developed for iOS, even if the hardware eventually can handle it, unless or until iOS users themselves start taking the platform more seriously and are willing to pay a fair price for that kind content.

      • MasterChief3624

        Okay, the ones that don't focus on bitesize experiences still have the gaping lack of precision known as touch controls. iOS controllers are a good idea, but that is awkward... it's a step in the right direction, though.

        And I know the industry will flourish whether I like it or not. But it pisses me off.

  • McBlink

    The hardcore was coming over until pay walls and IAP started to stink up the app store. IOS gaming rocked in the 2nd part of 2010 all of 2011 & 2012. Now you really have to dig deep and it's almost not worth it. -Hardcore Gamer

  • anon_coward

    depends how you define "gaming"
    nice thing about my ipad is that there lots of genres out there. just like the 90's and PC gaming.

    console games are almost all walk in straight line, shoot enemies that pop out, repeat, watch cut scene, repeat

  • bigjack66

    I've left my console (360) by the wayside for my ipod. I'm 53 years old and been playing games since pong and space invaders. I don't see the difference between pressing a button or touching the screen. I defy anyone to say you don't get the same experience on the ipod. The touchscreen gives rise to great new innovation in games Republique is a perfect example and great puzzlers like the room! Also tons of free games. It also has my favourite games GoF2 and Metal Wars 3! And now San Andreas which is a great port. Sure there's a couple of minor issues but there was on ps2 also. And finally games are about a tenth of the price at most. Best choice I've made getting the ipod!

  • rewind

    I don't believe this will happen anytime soon. Hardcore gamers are set on being 'hardcore gamers.' They think that makes them cool. These snobs are the ones who helped the Xbox One and PS4 sell millions initially. However, over time, our culture will change and people will change with it.

    iOS devices have seen a bigger graphical leap over the years than consoles have. At least in my opinion. And since Apple doesn't lose money on hardware, they can continue to make new products every year. Mobile gaming has a bright future (except for Windows Phone) and is growing rapidly, but it just needs time

    • Raider_-z

      I'm guessing hardcore gamers in your option are crap if you knew what a true Mobil gaming device was and a true gamer then you would realize that phone games back then consisted of side scrolling 8 bit trash on your black berry a true Mobil system handled is a ds vita psp color sp and I could go on and on it dose not matter how fancy you get with your graphics games for your phone are ment to be one thing crappy games for your phone and that's never going to change and as for this infinity blade stuff I keep hearing woooo hoooo it has the graphics of my old game cube revolutionary NOT if you gave any gamer the option of playing a phone game and a console game and took a vote on which one is better we all knew who would win you guys think that the iPhone is going to revolutionize gaming nope sorry to be real with you kid it's not case and point

      • Goggles789

        That was a very fun sentence.

      • rewind

        It's not even a sentence. There's no period.

      • themostunclean

        About the same level of literacy and intelligence you get from most "hardcore gamers" that comment on IGN.

        This comment reals of someone who doesn't even play games on a phone. Possibly because they're a 5th grader that doesn't own one. If they'd actually played Infinity Blade they'd never make that GameCube comment, that's just plain ignorant and wrong. I don't remember that level of texturing, shaders and lighting effects existing on the GC.

  • Adams Immersive

    It's human nature to love (and create) an "us" vs. "them" division.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    If a console game can be taken serious, then a mobile game can be taken serious. Simple as that.

  • Mdcosta911

    Infinity Blade I, II and III... Case and point.

    • Jay G

      Umm, no. Pretty. Repetitive. Boring. Makes good use of touch control though.

      • Taclys

        If Call of Duty and Pokemon aren't both repetitive, I don't know what is.

      • Jay G

        I would agree with that also.

      • rewind

        Exactly. Nothing more depressing than opening a CoD game and feeling like you bought a $60 update.

  • armilla

    I don't really mind either way; if people don't take mobile seriously it doesn't bother me one bit. It's their choice to ignore a platform that often offers great value (An obvious choice is X-Com, but think of board game conversions that cost a fraction of their physical counterparts) and a variety of experiences. And if one frequents mobile-centric sites like TA or pockettactics (in general, I prefer turn-based/strategy games, which are less hindered by control issues) it's easy to find the standout titles.

    My ears perk up whenever the Giant Bombcast mentions games like 868-HACK, Year Walk, or The Room, and in moments like those I hope they help influence listeners to not dismiss mobile outright.

  • Kane

    I love sitting on the toilet seat playing games. Much more relaxing than slouching on a sofa.

    • Jay G

      This ^^

  • Lamar Taylor

    Who cares what a bunch of uptight geeks think? Just check the most popular apps on Android and iOS...they are games. Obviously you can't compare games on a PC or PS4 to mobile games because that is a different level of gaming. It's no different than trying to compare a Ford Focus to a Porsche 911. They are both cars but built for totally different things at a different price point. Do people driving a Ford Focus think they are having an inferior driving experience because they aren't in a 911 driving to work? No and I think you catch my drift.

  • kreylix

    To me, there doesn't seem to be very many "hard core" games on iOS, so it's hard to imagine "hard core" gamers (however you define them) taking iOS gaming as seriously as you and others hope.

    Why? Because, way too often, a "hard-core"-like game released on iOS was developed for another platform and ported to iOS - or, it just seems like that. And it's just not as good as the platform it was originally on. (And, sometimes it just feels awkwardly crammed into iOS.) For hardcore gamers to be more excited about iOS games, there would have to be a lot more hardcore games designed from scratch to be an iOS game.

    Mobile gaming is, of course, real gaming. Will it get the respect of the current hardcore crowd someday? Not likely. But there's a decent chance there will be a different, new hardcore crowd that appears as game designers figure out how to make killer hardcore games for this platform. It's still a young platform and there's still a lot of wrong preconceived notions being implemented in, er, not so great ways.

    For example, these new $100 iPhone d-pad-ish controllers that (according to reviews) underperform (tech lingo) when compared to those $40 last gen console controllers you already have in your home - that's just killing off any possibility of a better gaming controller for iPhone users in the near future - those seem so dead in the water that few devs will go the big extra trouble to implement them to work in their games...

    ...and that makes me happy, as I think it's sort of ridiculous to try to make the iPhone into a game platform with a d-pad. That's not evolving, or innovating.

    I hope there's some revolutionary new hardcore games for the iOS that are really designed to take advantage of the iPhone's strengths, rather than adapting to the iPhone's limits/weaknesses.

    An excellent example of a unique hardcore iOS game would be The Infinite Black.

    • Goggles789

      I can think of lots of hardcore iPhone games. Freaking BosonX...that game is tough as nails and feels as hardcore as can be.

      • homosaur

        Yeah but it also has all the complexity of a flash game.

  • Azure

    I agree with parts of Jared's post.

    I divide gamers into 2 groups. Casual and Immersive/Hardcore. The main difference being is how much time is being invested and how it's being invested.

    Casuals purely play for the experience and are further divided into 2 other groups. Games are either fun or not for them. Everything else is irrelevant.

    Immersive/Hardcore players are a more interesting category. The most important thing is that we need to replace the word 'fun' with 'enjoyable' mechanics. What this means is that the game doesn't necessarily have to be fun, but the mechanics themselves are enjoyable enough to take the game seriously. I/H players dig into the game and understand its structure.

    From this, we move on to dedicated casuals. They stick around for longer than casuals and copy popular builds that work. They don't do any actual research but defend their build using the words of the author who made the build.


    As for gaming experiences, there's the casual and hardcore experience.

    Mobile platforms on their own will always be casual experiences and are incapable of evolving from that state. The oculus rift provides a more hardcore experience for mobile platforms, but that technology has a long way to go.

    Consoles and PCs are the only providers of a hardcore gaming experience because of 3 reasons.

    1) Huge screens to visually submerge you in the atmosphere
    2) Loud speakers from the monitor/tv that immerse you in a fantastic audio atmosphere
    3) The unparalleled response time and precision you can only get from a pad/stick/k&m

    Let's face it, even if two games were made for mobile and dedicated rigs, even if they're non-optimized, touch controls will *always* lag behind their console and pc counterparts in terms of input-recognition and response time. All consoles and pcs need to do is initiate an electrical reaction. Try spamming skills on a smartphone. It's significantly harder.

  • 61050

    i only play games on my phone to be honest. i dont really have the time to invest in a "hardcore" game anymore. i don't even have time to use capital letters for crying out loud, and my punctuation use is spotty at best thats how busy my days are. it isn't perfect, but ios as a gaming platform is incredibly versatile.

    you can have all the fun you want at your house with the nifty gaming chain with cup holders and speakers and whatnot, but that is the beauty of my phone - i can bust out pac-man whenever i want, like when im at your girl's house because you are too busy running over hookers in gta and stealing their cash. versatility is the key to success in the modern world, and being stuck at home because all you can think about is playing/watching final fantasy mcmxxvii isnt very versatile.

  • alan12341234

    The argument of 'if mobile platform can be a serious gaming platform' is like the argument I had in a forum back in 1998, questioning if color screen is necessary for mobile devices.

    The real serious games have just started to populate on mobile platforms, it will take time to optimize the software meanwhile hardware and battery will eventually get better. In the near future, this is no longer an argument but everyone will take it for granted.

    Who will now carry a black/while PDA today?

  • roma4ever86

    Actually I would not call someone gamer if he does not play also mobile games 😉

  • Taeles

    Nope. Just like how ps4 and xbox one owners refuse to acknowledge the potential of the others systems and both give middle finger to the pc gamers who turn their nose up and laugh at the specs of the consoles.

    Gamers don't get along cross platform 🙂

    • Taeles

      note, this is in reply to the subject title of this article which appears to be only one of several different questions than in the articles last paragrah.

  • Nachtfischer

    Because of the time efficiency that they have to take into account (due to the circumstances, in which people often play on their tablet/phone), usually smaller scale dev teams, and some still existing technical limitations, mobile games are often far more elegant, tranparent and much denser in terms of "gameplay value per time spent". They just have to be.

    On the big consoles and on PC, the main thing is mostly still spectacle. Gameplay is secondary and often just copied from something that's already there (though the paradigm is definitely beginning to change). I see games like Gears of War or GTA 5 as much "less (hard-)core" than Agricola, Outwitters or Hoplite. Because their gameplay core is actually pretty dull. They're all about the tasty "dressing".

    That's why to me iOS is THE platform for core gamers and in that regard miles ahead of PC and consoles these days (in terms of games available). I don't know any other place where the actual gameplay, the thing that makes games NOT movies, is valued and focussed on as much. Sure, you have a ton of crap games on iOS, but the best ones so much better (again, in terms of actual game design) than the best PC and console games of the last 10 years.

    • riChchestMat

      I would take a look at the stuff on steam and think again. There's a ton of indie stuff there for PC and it sells for a lot more than people will pay for on iOS

      • Nachtfischer

        I already said that the paradigm is sort of changing and we have some stuff with decent gameplay on PCs again these days.

        That said, these games don't come close to the interestingness of decisions that I have to make in games like Outwitters, Empire, 868-HACK or Hoplite.

        And on top of that, there are all these wonderful board game adaptations, which are still on a whole nother level in terms of elegance and efficiency: Puerto Rico, For The Win, Through The Desert, Battle For Hill 218, Pandemic, Samurai, Lords of Waterdeep, Peoloponnes, Wabash Cannonball, Diaballik. To just name a few...

    • Goggles789

      A lot of the good ios games cut to the chase and give you outstanding gameplay within seconds of loading the game. While there are pc and console games like that, I use the recent fiasco that was Ryse: Son of Rome or whatever it's called as my example to support your statement. All flash, no dash. I miss the days of NES/SNES where the graphics weren't all that detailed. If left what I call "dream room." It gives the player a sense of wonder because you have to fill in the gaps yourself. Those were the days!

  • speedier

    The desire to degrade the "other" systems, whether it is mobile or console or whatever, is not about that being bad. But rather it is a subconscious motivation to justify your chosen system. A computer, smartphone or gaming console is a significant expenditure. So people tend to defend their choice by citing flaws in the other options. I try to not be sucked into fanboy rants because I feel they usually gave little merit.

    • 61050

      i completely agree, which is ironic considering my previous post.

    • iammane

      Agreed, it's definitely validation seeking. At the end of the day no one really cares what other people are using but they need to feel good about what they are doing

  • Chaka

    If Apple ever decides to release a device with built in physical controllers I think Mobile gaming will get a good chance of being taken seriously.

  • jamesgecko

    Your first mistake is that you read the comments.

  • dragon2777

    For the most part I play "casual" games on my iPhone like a match 3 or something like that and play the more in depth like EPOCH and the like on my iPad. I think of iOS gaming as real gaming and never called it anything else. There are plenty of games that have 20hr campaigns and the like.

  • GrumpyM

    One thought is that "hardcore" gamers often like expensive games - like GTA San Andreas. To-date, there are not many actual hardcore games built-for mobile, because the price points don't sustain it. Until this changes, we may not get made-for-mobile games, since it would presumable cost $50+ for the game, which is what a game like GTA San Andreas costs to make. The mobile port is just gravy on top of the 5 million plus sales at $59.99 that game got years ago. The same can be said for KOTOR, final fantasy games, baldurs gate, etc.

  • pdSlooper

    The thing about quality iOS gaming is that it's (relatively) hard to find, especially when you're coming in with the expectations of a console gamer. It's easy to get frustrated with the sheer size of the store, its terrible categorization and search schemes. There are a seemingly endless number of developers and publishers, and the store itself seems to do nothing to help you find the best of them. There are also fewer established series or icons to turn to (and the dominance of the adorable but not particularly riveting Angry Birds and Cut the Rope in the App Store iconography doesn't help its standing with "hardcore" gamers).

    There's also the issue that iOS gaming *is* often a new experience...which means it's harder to find games you like by similarities to existing games, and easier to buy a game you don't like based on a faulty comparison.

    • 21tigermike

      " There are a seemingly endless number of developers and publishers, and the store itself seems to do nothing to help you find the best of them"

      The irony of this statement is pretty hilarious: You're posting this comment on the very site that seeks to point you towards all the best games on the platform. You're obviously a regular reader here, so what's the problem? You mean you read TA and you still can't find good games?

      The umpteen App Store best of lists are still not enough? And the 'Customers also bought' lists don't work for you? And the Editor's Choice lists don't make any sense either? Dude. Seriously?

      • pdSlooper

        /eyebrow raise

        Why yes, it would be silly of me to complain about that sort of thing on a website partially dedicated to addressing that very problem.

        I wasn't complaining about it. I was making factual observations about the negative aspects of iOS gaming that can push console gamers away.

  • riChchestMat

    Where did my comment about the Gartner predict for mobile apps go?

  • Scot Damn

    All the haters are also Android users...

    Honestly though, I think a lot of gamers are unaware that a lot of "real games" exist on iOS and even Android. I also believe that since grandma or your mom has an iPhone in their pocket (and may even play a skinner box or puzzle game) could put the mobile platform under a casual light.

    If any respectable, non-troll gamer took the time to play a premium TBS or tactical RPG on a touchscreen - they'd realize that they can provide a better experience in certain genres and can even create it's own unique mechanics. The problem is, there are too many trolls on the internet. I bet face to face that same troll could easily be shown the light.

    A game like Street Fighter will never be ideal on iOS. That doesn't mean the mobile platform is dog shit though. It has its strengths and weaknesses. Maybe this is another reason it's looked at as inferior - because it can't play certain genres very well. Whereas a PC can play pretty much anything with gaming consoles coming in behind it.

    Either way, screw them. One day the light will be so bright it'll be nearly impossible for people to ignore.

  • SusieQ

    People who go to the trouble of calling themselves "hardcore" fans or "elite" gamers or anything else like that are always going to have to find some way to differentiate themselves from others. I suppose some feel that mobile vs non-mobile is the dividing line between elite and non-elite for them.

    That being said, I think that mobile gaming in particular has this sort of perceived image of being a cheap platform for games. A lot of the games today are still free games or games that cost less than $2-3. It's probably not all that uncommon for people to have like pages filled with games on their phones/tablets. While I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing, as it helps create gamers out of people who would otherwise be unable to afford games, it creates a problem in which iOS games are treated more like disposables than the $30-$70 games that are typical to consoles and PCs.

    Frankly though, I think that ultimately, mobile gaming can be a hardcore gaming platform as much as any other console *as long as* people put in the effort to find the good games. There's some pretty good high end games on the App Store now such as Oceanhorn, Infinity Blade, and so on, and I hope there will be more mobile exclusives of this level in the future.

  • rich_952000

    iOS gaming is all I have played in the past 5 years and the almost $2000 dollars in apps that I own, I think, would count as "hardcore".

  • Pete Osborne

    Man, I despise the term "hardcore gamer". Anyone who describes themselves as such will always have an issue with mobile gaming and a few other areas as they're already showing signs of elitism.

    Anyone who games is a gamer, even if you're a Farmville addict. Playing games all day does not elevate you above others and I mean this in a self-deprecating way; my Xbox achievement score and hours played are depressingly high. I've experienced the arrogance of achievement-seekers who play any old rubbish on their Windows Phones to get a few points but dismiss iOS at the same time.

    Gaming should be a uniting factor. It takes me back to my childhood days when all that mattered was having fun

  • Goggles789

    Eli, I agree with you and it always bugs me whenever someone dismisses me on other sites for stating that I play mobile games. People online are only exposed to a very narrow window of who you really are: presented by only a few lines in a chat box. And many people are willing to come to some pretty concrete decisions about others based on what they say on the internet. It's like they want to put you in a box because you expressed yourself a certain way. I always find it strange, because if people actually knew what I game on they wouldn't say some of those things. I game on a psp, 3ds, GBA, NES, snes, Japanese ps2, sega freaking Saturn, GameCube, PC...and an iPhone. My favorite game is Dark Souls on PC, and I can speed run that game in an hour and a half with no shield. By some people's standards, that would be considered hardcore. But, not mine. I am writing this because I'm trying to draw a picture here...that there are tons of ios gamers like me that want it all and appreciate tons of different games! They aren't just toilet seat gamers just because they own an iPhone. And man, ios is getting some fantastic games lately. I think that the hardcore gamers might be ruining the whole aspect we call's about fun and enjoyment. Sharing and creating great experiences with friends. It's about creating a place for people like us that enjoy getting lost in virtual worlds. I'm terrible at directions irl, but man put me in Zelda 3 and I'll tell you where everything is! Gaming gives is a chance to experience the surreal and fantastical...and to experience it in a playful way. I get turned off by the way a lot of hardcore gamers talk...I mean the other day I was told by a hardcore that I'm not a gamer because I don't compete. I'm only a fan. Haha, get real. Hardcore gamers tend to be extremists, and I've learned that the middle path is quite possibly the best way to live my life. I'm not into extreme stuff. It's too stressful, and I feel I lose my enjoyment. So, the next time you want to grill someone on the internet about playing an ios game, stop and think. It's probably not the only thing they play. And hold off on all the hardcore nonsense. It's like a pissing contest, only the piss is digital and nobody outside of the pissing competition cares! The end 🙂

  • Inaba-kun

    The ratio of junk vs quality is terrifyingly high on mobile, and freemium is the polar opposite of good game design.

    That said, an intelligently designed well produced iOS title can be very appealing to a hardcore gamer. (such as myself) The Cave shooters are fantastic, as are the Telltale adventure games. Squaresoft have also put out some real classics on the platform, even if the quality of these ports is often sub standard.

  • Louis Ras

    Most comments on this subject will be biased towards mobile gaming,being TA and all. That being said, mobile games can definitely be considered as a hardcore gaming platform. I would probably, if it was possible in some manner, be able to beat most COD fanboys with my virtual controls used in Modern Combat. The beauty with mobile gaming is the fact that it can be taken anywhere and get picked up and played on different devices. Not even in terms of quality can mobile gaming be disregarded as not a hardcore gaming platform. I believe most console/PC gamers just haven't experienced some of the brilliant games on the appstore.

  • Tarra85

    Me personally, and I'm not a hardcore gamer but I do know people who are, I think you can be a hardcore gamer on any platform if your on the platform that's right for you, whether that be a PC, Console or a mobile game. Because being a hardcore gamer is at the end of the day about your level of dedication and passion to what you play on. I do agree that with each platform your entering a whole different fandom whose level of dedication will be entirely different from the others, so of course a PC gamer or a Console gamer is gonna think a mobile gamer cannot be a hardcore gamer. I myself mostly play games on my iphone/iPad or facebook but I have owned multiple consoles in my lifetime and I find pro's and con's in each. And I like both just prefer the convenience of the iPhone and iPad. I do wish they had more of the PC and console games I like and I'm sure as mobile devices are further upgraded we will see a lot more of the games people love across all platforms instead of just one. I do like the idea of having a controller as an option for mobile gamers because not everyone can use the touch functions as well as a controller. But as far as being able to be a hardcore gamer on a mobile phone I think it's a reality to tons of people just like being a hardcore playstation player is to a playstation player. If anything some of the mobile games are a bit more difficult due to having a touch screen which to some is not easy to control or use. But with the controllers coming I think and hope iOS brings about more console and PC games for the mobile community. This is only my opinion though.

  • jForsythe

    Yes I consider myself a hardcore gamer and I love my iPad and iOS games you do have to get past a lot of those money grubbing so called free games. Just look at the Baldur's gate games they are quite possabily the best games to be released on iOS and KOTOR.

  • DanCJ

    I really can't think of a reason why I should care whether a bunch of hardware snobs validate my choice of platform.

  • grammatonfeather

    I have been a pc gamer for years. Detested consoles. Have a lot of pc gaming hardware including £400 steering wheel and £100 Hotas, track ir, 3d glasses, body vibration. I've all but lost interest in pc games and all those games I bought on steam sales sit there gathering pixel dust. Most of my gaming has shifted towards iPad. I play games on iPad that I wouldn't play on pc. I've questioned why it is I've lost interest in pc games and I've concluded its because I'm waiting for head mounted VR to really make it worthwhile. I used to play pc games with a fresnel lens in front of the screen. It was so immersive and gave me a feeling of being in the game world. For the past 5 years I've been playing games without a fresnel lens and it just isn't the same. 3d glasses can pull you into a game world but the screen darkening from shuttered glasses makes some games unplayable. iPad I can pick up and play and don't have the luxury of special gaming hardware and for most games on mobile it's not important. For me the future of gaming will be head mounted VR on desktop and mobile platform.

  • TJF588

    Most recently popped into the Steam Community Discussions for Ravensword: Shadowlands. While I can agree with concerns over interface restructuring and if a game previously configured with IAP in practice has been rebalanced well, but I still felt the sting of "if mobile, then unworthy" of time outside of those devices.

  • Dazzlemi

    I think that mobile gaming is already treated seriously, at least for IOS and the same games on Android devices too. It seems even more so than PSP / vita. For some people the mobile devices take precedence over consoles. Our mobile games are now typically with us all the time, available for a quick (or not so quick play).
    The last xbox I had was the original one (that has not been turned on in years).
    I do play PC games, but still most of my gameplay is on my iPad / iPod touch (even my older 3G iPod touch).

  • nicoper

    Mobile works for some games (match-3 games, td, and some puzzle games, etc) but for example it would be nearly impossible to play guild wars 2 on a mobile device. So I would say that a computer is better for games with a huge storyline and tons of random keybinds but my iPod can easily go from 100% -> 0% battery in a day when I play games on it.

  • Onikage725

    In my opinion, the only problem is it needs to attract larger devs. And some are trying. With a handful of notable exceptions, our larger hardcore gaming offerings in this space are ports, "spiritual successors," and freemium puzzlers. In the console and PC space many people are waiting to check out Dying Light, Titanfall, the third entries into The Witcher and Dragon Age series', Fallout 4, Thief, etc. on ios I want to pick up BG 2, FF VI when it launches, and I need to pick up Republique (one of the exceptions we need more of). I'm loving my run through a of San Andreas, KOTOR, FF Tactics, and TWEWY, but these are games I've played more than once already. Not system sellers at this point, for most. I did personally switch to iPad mini for better portable gaming, but that's with yrs worth of a collection built from owning iPod touches and a first gen iPad. I think the potential with mobile is to recognize that they are a form of PC in and of themselves. But that's also the problem. Blizzard isn't going to drop their latest Starcraft on ios while the apple hard drive limitations remain at a decade old PC standard, the processors are still behind (though catching up to a degree), and the ecosystem considers anything above $10 to be insulting.

    To some degree, the mainstream mobile crowd affects the image of us mobile gamers as well.

    Real life work conversation:
    Co-worker 1: do you play Candy Crush?
    Me: no, what's that?
    Co-worker 2: omg, you have to play. *explains game*
    Me: Bejewled with time lockouts, cash grabs, and a mechanic to constantly harass your friends? No thank you.

    But they love it, love giving each other lives, and don't want to hear about this paid game nonsense of which I speak.

  • bchazan5

    I think it pretty obvious that making an outright statement of "mobile games aren't real games" (or whatever, along those lines) is ignorant and stupid. I play iOS games constantly. I have iPhone and iPad and am constantly working on a game (the baldurs gate 1 and 2 currently) or plugging along at a freemium (tapped out). I check this site daily and get excited for new releases. I think the rise of legit IOS gaming in the last couple years has been downright incredible and I can't wait to see what's next.

    However, there are games out there that do not have a comparable experience on mobile devices. World of Warcraft, for example. Sure, there are MMO(-style) games for iOS like order and chaos online, but in comparison they are really light years behind. I would say that is true of all of Blizzards games currently out (though it is AWESOME that hearthstone will be on iOS). I also feel the same way about first person shooters even though I don't personally play them. There's no experience on iOS similar to online halo or cod. Sports are the same; there is no experience on iOS similar to online madden. These subsections of gaming (mmos, competitive RTS, FPS, online sports) probably make up the vast majority of "hardcore" gamers and I can see why they might not consider mobile gaming to be "serious" to them.

  • Michael Dulson

    We're all gamers, there's no need for this game-ism* in this day and age.

    * - racist but for gamers.

  • GaZ-OiD

    A serious hardcore gamer on a phone? Not for me to be honest

  • joaolx

    I think most "hardcore" gamers also don't know about games like Infinity Blade, Device 6 and many others that are amazing games.btw I hate the name "hardcore"

  • IpodGamesRcool225

    Yes mobile gaming is real gaming as well. Some games I've got on hear are great and I spend ages playing them. I still do prefer console and PC gaming to mobile gaming, but that dosnt mean mobile gaming isn't real gaming.

  • Edwin Ramirez

    What could be more hardcore than playing while on the toilet?

  • catharsis6163

    I've been gaming since the days of the 2600 and I've owned nearly every mainstream system since then. I was on my way to going strictly
    Mobile when some of my favorite devs started doing freemium. That kind if ruined it for me.

  • philadendron

    I've been a gamer since the NES days, and I respect mobile as a platform. There are plenty of legit games on iOS to call it a legit platform that deserves respect. It just needs a decent controller and it will be a true mobile gaming beast.

  • AlexMilo

    That depends on so many things. For example, Call of Duty is not considered Hardcore games, the devs said so themselves, and also that people playing CoD should not consider themselves real gamers.
    So I don't believe mobile games can be considered hardcore, before it succeeds consoles.

    • AlexMilo

      But Im deffinetly not saying that mobile games shouldnt be taken seriously. With controllers being released here and there I think that more developers should get into mobile games.

  • marc0313

    Well I mean they created game of the year for mobile games on a lot of sites, those games are pretty great, i.e. OceanHorn, Device 6, IBIII, Republique, hell, anything from Simogo, and when they try, Gameloft, and the occasional decent EA title, the countless great Indie Games like Superbrothers and Limbo.. I definitely think mobile gaming has come a long way, as even the good casual games are pretty cool like Clash and Candy Crush. The games I named earlier are only pretty recent. Then there's other older ones or some I haven't been able to touch, and I tried to name mobile exclusives. There's also great ports like the 3D era GTAs, KOTOR, XCOM.. Anyways, I love mobile gaming and I think these great games are more than enough to suffice. Thanks for reading.

  • Cause007

    Hardcore gamers will take mobile games seriously once they have too much responsibility to remain a hardcore gamer. Period.

  • ste86uk

    PC was always my favourite gaming system over anything full stop. Circumstances changed and with no pc or Internet now I love my mobile gaming more than my console apart from when Borderlands is around.

  • bigrand1

    Jared and I come from similar backgrounds in gaming. I was 12 when Atari came out with Pong and since then I've owned virtually every console since then except the Neo Geo. Have always dabbled with PC gaming, but been a console gamer all my life. Got an Xbox One now, but do almost all of my gaming these days on IOS and Android-based devices and I love it! Who'd ever thunk I could have all the games I want in my pocket? With no software to tote around at all? Don't want to argue about it, but I firmly believe that mobile gaming is not only viable, but the way of the future as well. Perfect for our on the go way of life! Sales for console gaming has waned in recent years and at sixty bucks a pop, I feel we're near the end of this phase. As with everything else like movies, music, games, and now reading material, our entertainment these days is going full-speed toward all DLC. Video stores and record stores have all almost already gone bye-bye, and could Gamestop be very far behind? Just the way it's going, man. Hard core console gamers may hold on as long as they can, but will eventually succumb to the times. I think it's an exciting time to be a gamer with all the choices we have right now. One or the other or both ways! Something for everyone! I know I'm digging it!

    • Earth Vs. Me

      You mean you owned a 3D0, an Atari Jaguar, and all the other "green party" systems, but not a Neo Geo? Oh man, that was the one system not made by Sega or Nintendo that you should have had! It had all the best 2D fighters of the 90's in arcade perfect form. Luckily SNK is giving us a second chance with their great iOS ports .

      • bigrand1

        I hear ya! Yup, had 'em all but that one. However, the Neo Geo was way expensive (and so were the games) and I wasn't really into fighters that much back then. Certainly nice to play some of those games now, though, definitely!!

  • JohnnyJ301

    I started out playing iOS games on my iPod touch and then made the progression to pc/console gaming.
    I can honestly say that iOS gaming might not be as in depth, or have the graphics that a Triple AAA console game might have. For example, The last of us, Dead space 3 but at the same time, it's not all about good graphics and in depth story lines.
    Mobile gaming is still great. When you play games like Dead space, The Room, Plague, Infinity blade. You realize that a great game is a great game, no matter the platform. I game on all platforms whether it will be console/PC or mobile. Each has a lot of great things to offer.

  • Zenfar

    I enjoy mobile, PC, and Console games if somebody doesn't want to respect or try these types of gaming it is their loss...

    • Ultima12

      Well said!!

  • chicken chungus

    We should just settle this with one giant knife fight IRL!!!

  • meatz666

    There'll be always douches in the internet. Specially in IGN.

  • salvee

    It's all about content! We all know that. Any system can be taken serious with the right content. Developers just need to be serious aboot it!

  • Adam Mooberry

    I get pu$$y, therefore I am not a hardcore gamer.

  • AdamM

    I get pu$$y therefore I am not a hardcore gamer. Stereo types go both ways.

  • JD214

    I can't take mobile games serious when the IAP's are more than the game itself.

  • iandean24

    I would like to point out to anybody thinking that mobile gaming is just a toilet break fetish is clearly Mis-guided.

    For example some real gems being XCOM which is absolutely perfect for touchscreen ... Even more so than point and click! I think games like XCOM take full advantage of the medium as it's perfect for navigating around aswell as being a fully fledged title.

    Yes the market is saturated with these pish-posh under cooked games however we have to remember this market is still very new and the people putting out games seem to be trying to make a quick buck or two whilst it's in it's infancy.

    I simply cannot wait for what this market has to offer in the future and with the integration of ios7 controllers who knows where this new genre can takes us?

    I would have more to say on this matter as well as more depth but I must say writing a small article response whilst sitting on the toilet at work! Is really not ideal

  • Jacob Gehman

    I haven't read any of the responses here, so maybe this has been touched on already. (Normally I'd read through, but there's a gazillion comments and I just don't care.)

    1. What is it that makes any console succeed with the core gaming crowd? Interesting, exclusive IP titles. Especially series. The obvious example is Nintendo's success with Mario. You can also look at Halo for Xbox whatever.

    2. These are titles you're supposed to sink lots of time into. People can--and do--burn entire weekends playing Halo, or Zelda, or Assassin's Creed.

    3. Therefore, the iOS would need some kind of game to break through into that echelon of depth and playability. Something that isn't casual (see: Birds, Angry), but sweeps across the teenage and 20-something quadrant of iOS device owners as must-play entertainment. Something that they'd play for a whole weekend without wanting to break out their console.

    4. A part of this hints, too, at the success of mobile devices produced by major console companies--Nintendo and Sony. Nintendo is probably the king of portable thanks to having an IP that translates well to mobile titles with Mario--Mario Kart, for example, is every bit as interesting on the small screen(s) as it is on a TV. Plus, they have the Pokemon phenomenon. Sony has been arguably less successful, and much of that success can largely be attributed to being established in the console business already. We'd rather play one of their Ridge Racer titles on the PS3 than on the Vita--it's just a much better experience that way. However, it's still a way to play Ridge Racer on the go, and we're pretty down with that.

    5. Which hints at another reason there is success with console-affiliated portables: actual buttons. I don't think I even need to say anything more about that. Boils down to physical buttons being more natural to control without mistake than little hot points on a touch screen.

    6. There are good, deep games on iOS that are worth playing, but none of them have gone boom in the larger gaming culture. Without that pop culture drive, iOS doesn't have much chance to make inroads into being taken seriously.

    7. Without buttons, gaming can be slick (see: Sword of Fargoal), but most games need more input than that. So any deep, impacting game will need to have fine-tuned controls that make sense for the platform. And I'm not sure how possible that is.

    Those are the two riddles that need to be solved to be taken seriously.

    (Incidentally, I don't view IAP as a major detriment. Mostly because I see console/PC gaming going that direction to a certain extent. It may devolve a bit on iOS, but not as much as it's going to evolve on PC/console.)

  • iandean24

    I would like to point out to anybody thinking that mobile gaming is just a toilet break fetish is clearly Mis-guided.

    For example some real gems being XCOM which is absolutely perfect for touchscreen ... Even more so than point and click! I think games like XCOM take full advantage of the medium as it's perfect for navigating around aswell as being a fully fledged title.

    Yes the market is saturated with these pish-posh under cooked games however we have to remember this market is still very new and the people putting out games seem to be trying to make a quick buck or two whilst it's in it's infancy.

    I simply cannot wait for what this market has to offer in the future and with the integration of ios7 controllers who knows where this new genre can takes us?

    I would have more to say on this matter as well as more depth but I must say writing a small article response whilst sitting on the toilet at work! Is really not ideal

  • Akhmed

    If you play on a mobile device then you're not a hardcore gamer. Period!


      Nap it on, this is why PC and console gamers like me are shunned and be considered stinkers!

  • Stranded87

    Mobile gaming is 'real' gaming, or can be anyway, but it's got a long way to go. Almost all of the best games on mobile are ports of things that already came out on PC's and consoles imo, there aren't too many (if any) true classics that are exclusive to mobile. I think that's mobile gaming's biggest problem really.

    In terms of being taken seriously though the enormous amount of crap on offer doesn't help people's opinions of it. You use the Wii as an example of that happening on consoles too and you're right it did, but most gamer's were incredibly dismissive of the Wii too. That doesn't mean there's not good stuff to play but when a quick scan of the app store can turn up so much rubbish and when the likes of Angry Birds tend to hog the limelight it's not surprising that it doesn't look appealing to 'gamers'.

    Personally I don't think the controls are such an issue anymore as developers are getting better at playing to their strengths, but yeah people who don't game on mobile devices seem to largely be of the opinion that the controls will be crap.

    So yeah I think really that mobile devices just need more good exclusives and ideally some that are less casual. They need more exclusive games that have a lot of depth and a lot of content or just a really original concept if they want to draw more established gamer's.

    That's essentially the argument that PC gamer's make against consoles. It's not just that PC gamer's are using superior hardware but that PC games are in some way smarter and deeper than console ones, which to be honest used to be true. PC's had incredibly complex strategy games and RPG's while consoles had Mario and Sonic. Of course Mario and Sonic were both great games, but there wasn't as much to them.

    It's less the case now but many of the most innovative and interesting things coming out are still PC indies. Thankfully the indie nature of mobile gaming means that developers can presumably take risks here too, but for whatever reason they often don't. Games like Year Walk and Sword and Sworcery definitely raised some eyebrows among conventional gaming communities, but there aren't enough of these sorts of things, nor are there enough deep, big conventional games.

  • chamillion205

    I used to think ios was a platform for a quick 5 min gaming session and never really anything serious. But the games like bastion ( which is still on my ipad), all the GTA's, stealth inc, oceanhorn, and countless others started coming to the platform. I now consider my ipad just a big of platform as my vita and 3ds

  • daniel5457

    Hardcore gamers... You mean people with no life??

  • Apposl

    Eventually, yes, I believe the whole console/PC/mobile hardware is over time converging, making what 'display' we choose to play the games on becoming the only real factor down the road.

  • Guest


    The Point is- we do play the Mobile, Console, Handheld and i don't care it's on man on fire games as entertainment! We play the video games that entertain us with rich storylines, excitement and mainly engaging gameplay that is enough to make you expect the best from the game developers

    I'm a Neither-way gamer who played Mobile, browser, Console, PC and Handheld for years. I currently go to college for game development, what do i like about it where people play games for entertainment, the people that make games for others, they focus on put their games to every possible platform that they can get their hands and make their games the finest that people can play.

    What i get angry about it is that some people claimed that Mobile gaming is Dead or it's sucks- without them even taking the time to find out if worth playing them for their personal preference and Claim that Console Gaming is King and is superior, etc. Are people that are not worth listening to, trust me, it can tick you off when someone says to your face especially if you wish to try them out.

    Anyone that doesn't like trying other platforms such as Console(PS4, Xbox), Handhold(Nintendo 3ds), PC(Steam) or Mobile (Google Play, iOS) but believe that one gaming platform is King to the others. I would be like "Oh hell no!" and find someone that would be more open to try out other gaming platforms.

    What i am saying that we should focus more on playing quality games regardless which platforms they are. Rather than Crappy nonsense about this gaming platform being King or this one being a crap or this one is inferior. The gaming is real regardless if mobile, console or handhold,etc.

    That really matters especially people may want a chance of pace from playing console,etc.


    I am happy playing console, pc and mobile games. Though I been playing more mobile games cause I can carry around, play on breaks, let it play itself(exp, material and gold grinding while I work on assignments), play difficult levels myself, seek active or passive allies. Console game are great, but the auto-battle helps ease some of the grinding while visually aesthetic games.

  • mohammed sarker

    mobile games are to entertain my subway rides. that's it.

  • mohammed sarker

    freemium games tend to suck with a few exceptions.

  • The Commenter

    I know its late but I only play mobile when Im tired playing my games on PC..I love playing World of Tanks but my PC broke for several months so I tried the alternative World of Tanks Blitz(mobile version) But when my PC got repair I instally go back to PC and instantly abandoned the mobile version..Its just that mobile games are really hard to control with the freakin swipe swipe and swipe F**** you..It's no match compare to keyboard and mouse..The only good games on mobile are Vainglory, Clash Royale and Monument Valley and some decent games I forgot to mention...If you are talking about shovelware the ratio on Mobile is very high compare to PC and console...And copycat games on mobile is also the norm...This is why after so many years mobile gaming are still never get that much respect from gaming community...