Hey Slenderman Fans, ‘Slender Rising 2’ Just Hit the App Store

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There aren’t many things that make me feel old, but totally not understanding the phenomenon that is Slenderman is high up on that very short list. Per Wikipedia, it originated on the Something Awful forums as a made up myth, and it sort of went from there, taking on a life of its own. Since no one technically owns the Slenderman IP, everyone and anyone can make games using him. There’s a ton on the App Store, and most Slender-fans consider Slender Rising to be among the best.

Well, Slender Rising 2 ($3.99) just hit the App Store, and it was among the many games I streamed today. The graphics are good, which makes sense considering it’s an Unreal game. You basically wander around, collecting signs or taking photos of ghosts, and avoiding Slenderman.

People on our forums are stoked for the game, and if you liked the original, or any of the Slender games, you sort of need to pick this up. We’ll have a review of it shortly, so if you want to wait for that before downloading, rock on.

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