There's not much reason for Umoove to be on your radar unless you're huge into following the Israeli tech startup scene, but they probably should be. The studio just released Umoove Experience: The 3D Face & Eye Tracking Flying Game [Free] which is one of the best iOS tech demos I've seen in a while. Calling it a "game" is a little generous, as it's barely more of a game than Epic Citadel [Free], but where it differs is how you control it.

Using the front facing camera of your iOS device, the game is able to track the position of your face and eyes allowing you to control flight in game by surprisingly minor head movements. Games that utilize the front facing camera in interesting ways aren't exactly new, but most of them (Sega's Go Dance [Free] is a fantastic example) aren't very precise and require incredibly exaggerated movements to be detected.

To see the various ways that this tech can be used, check out Umoove's oddly epic trailer:

The Umoove Experience game is really pretty cool, and is totally worth downloading just to see how neat the Umoove tech is. The end game here for the company seems to be to get their two SDKs, FaceSDK and EyeSDK into as many games and apps as possible. I always love seeing developers come up with clever ways to deal with controls in iOS, and this is up there with one of the best.

Even if you only try it for ten seconds, Umoove Experience is still something you need to check out.

  • CooleTeeps

    This looks too good to be true.

    • Yehuda Lauer

      and yet, it is very much real.

  • dariusjr98

    Decided to start a discussion for it.

  • MachineJXD

    Oh crap this is cool i just downloaded on my ipad,men i wish to more apps like this even good games 😀

  • Johan Bauer Gjestland

    Nice tech demo, I wish they had the eye-tracking in place as well, as moving your head is quite counter-intuitive for a flying game, imho. It's generally a good idea to look the way you are going!

    • MrAlbum

      Eye-tracking may work better for something like Oculus Rift, where your eyes are fixed to 100 percent of the screen no matter how you move your head. If eye-tracking was on iOS, you may find your eyes leaving the screen every few seconds or so and missing out on important stuff happening on-screen.

      Then again, eye-tracking might work for a horror game. For example: if you look away from the screen in terror or drop the iPhone due to a nasty jump scare, your character dies. Period. With a demonic laugh coming from the speakers/headphones. That just might work....

  • themostunclean

    Alright for a tech demo. Any game with these controls would be frustrating as hell though, the calibration is too easy to throw out of whack and the iPad has to be held too close to the face to maintain any kind of accuracy. Would be a nice accessibility option for ios devices though.

  • Alexythimia23

    I could never play one of these games on the bus.... Too many hot girls around.. Id be crashing my ship every two seconds lmao but in all seriousness its nice to see different control methods tinkered with, but seems more like a novelty?? Did not really grab my attention where im thinking "wow wish i could play infinity blade like this" from that video seems like the novelty would wear off fast?

  • jfrank7

    At a distance of about 20mm the game was pretty accurate, after a while it lost a little bit of accuracy. I don't expect any simulator with this engine but i can easily tell that there will be some pretty cool arcade games with this engine, perhaps a horror game would work well with this since they will force you to look directly into what they want you to look at =3

  • Wizard_Mike

    Just when we get used to virtual controls as a standard, they bring us virtual virtual-controls!

    I can't wait to read the complaints of people playing some new eye tracking controlled game, calling for the devs to add swipe controls, lol!

  • Holcman

    Possibly the most epic trailer ever! Awesome!

  • TimCapelle

    Is it just me, or was this video really heavy on stereotypes?

  • REkzkaRZ

    Hard to watch porn when the porn watches you...
    (Hope it has anti-shake built in!)