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Upcoming ‘Running Quest’ Combines Endless Runners with Action RPG Elements

I suppose it was inevitable that the behind the back endless runner genre would start seeing some serious crossovers sooner or later, and one we’re particularly excited for is Selosoft’s Running Quest. It vaguely reminds me of games like Puzzle Quest 2 ($2.99) or Dungeon Raid ($0.99) in that they’re taking a game type that works incredible well on iOS and adding a layer of complexity to the mix that elevates it beyond the simple die and try again loop that games like Temple Run 2 (Free) and similar have.

It’s scheduled to be released on February 26th, and the developers are super active in our forums. Definitely add this game to your watch list if you’re like me and somehow can enjoy even the simplest games once they add RPG elements into the mix.