The product of Double Fine's record-breaking Kickstarter is finally set to see the light of day, at least for owners of Windows, Mac or Linux platforms. The first Act of Broken Age, Tim Schafer's first foray into the adventure game genre in 16 years, is scheduled to launch for those platforms on January 28th, Double Fine announced today. The entire game will be just two Acts, and the concluding Act 2 of Broken Age is set to launch later this year as a free update to owners of the game. In regards to other platforms, Double Fine states that "In the future, the game will also ship for Ouya, iOS, and Android." To celebrate the release date of Broken Age Act 1, Double Fine has released a brand new trailer, introducing the main female protagonist Vella.

Broken Age is centered around two main characters, Vella Tartine and Shay Volta, who are embarking on similar adventures in two totally separate worlds. You'll be able to switch between the two characters at will, and I'm almost positive the two characters' paths will eventually cross during the course of the game. I have to say, I really love the two-character idea as well as the excellent art style of Broken Age. I'm really excited to get my hands on it, but from the sound of Double Fine's press release, it sounds like the mobile versions might not come until after Act 2 has been released. Hopefully, their "later in the year" and "in the future" timeframes are just them not wanting to commit to anything to specific just to be safe, and an iOS version of Broken Age won't be too far off.

We'll definitely keep an ear open for anything more specific about the iOS release, but if you're interested in the desktop version of Broken Age Act 1 launching on January 28th, you can pre-order the game right now on Steam.

  • Papa Deuce

    Looks good to me..... I like DF games.

  • ste86uk

    Hm it sounds interesting but looks a bit feminine/kiddy to me.

    • nini

      Those are terrible traits, I know. Nothing good ever goes to kids or girls.

    • Ross Karchner

      Is it the mere availability of a female character that makes it "too feminine"?

      • 21tigermike

        No way. It's the art style. *cringe* It's distracting.

      • SparklingCyanide

        If you feel like being so short sided and biased, then just don't play it. For the rest of us, it's brilliant.

  • nicodemus82

    Can't wait to pick this up.. Loving the art style!
    Just finished the new Broken Sword game too, so perfect timing ^^

  • defunct32

    The same guys who made Costume Quest? What kind of game is it though?

  • Corky McButterpants

    Game had me at...
    "Tinkle Fairies"

  • jamarohn

    The last point-and-click adventure game I played was Grim Fandango. It was an epic journey and story telling, full of lovable characters and plot twists, all culminating in a very satisfactory ending.

    I sure hope this title will live up to that high benchmark... Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Baracus

    This WILL be amazing! Even tho I prefer gaming on iPad nowadays I might just have to get it for Mac to avoid waiting!

    • Baracus

      Sorry to reply to myself but I should add that it SHOULD be amazing for 3 million dollars haha 😀

  • bigjack66

    Looks very kiddy-ish and really annoying.

  • iAmTheWalrus

    >one million dollars

  • Bobiroka

    By iOS, I assume this will be available for iPhone as well as iPad?

  • OrangeJews

    As a backer, I get the game on all platforms, right?

    • abodi


  • agaetis181

    This is just hilarious. $3 million for a SINGLE CLICK 3 hour borefest. Whoever backed this won't ever admit how they were conned, so expect to read those rave reviews because Tim Swindler is a damn genius!

  • Solace

    I loved The Cave, so I'm pretty stoked about this. Too bad there's no console version like there was for The Cave; I'd like to be able to play on my brother's giant TV screen.