Last month, Noodlecake Games talked a bit about their huge forthcoming update to Super Stickman Golf 2 [Free], which will see a new set of levels themed around Team Meat's brutal platformer Super Meat Boy. That in and of itself is very cool, but today the team has lifted the lid on more details concerning this major update which is set to hit the App Store this Thursday.

Seeing as one of the huge draws to Super Stickman Golf 2 is its excellent multiplayer, this update includes some nifty new multiplayer features. The first is a new Turn Based Chat system that will let you more easily talk a little smack to your opponents. Then, if you're really confident in your sick skillz, you can now place wagers on matches in the form of Golf Bux. Finally, if you've ever wanted to change your username for online multiplayer, this update will give you the option to do so.

chat Wager

The next new feature is entirely cosmetic and just something cool to blow some of your extra currency on. It's custom trails for your golf ball. If video games have taught me anything, it's that entirely superfluous visual options are always a welcome addition.

As for the more substantial content in this update, there will of course be the new Super Meat Boy course, but there will be three additional new courses as well. Two of those are pretty standard Super Stickman Golf type of courses, one called Gears Land and one called Implausible Land. However, the third new course is a doozy, and really changes up the typical gameplay. It's called Space Land, and as you might have guessed, its big hook is that there is zero gravity on this course. The physics in Super Stickman Golf 2 are already pretty off the wall, but this takes things to a whole new level. Check out this brief teaser of Space Land to see what I mean.

So there you have it, more details for the next Super Stickman Golf 2 update than you can shake a nine iron at. That's not even all of it though, as Noodlecake mentions at the end of their blog post detailing this update that there's even more goodies like new hats and achievements to look forward to. The update should hit this Thursday, so be on the lookout for it. Oh, and here's a mega bombshell: when the update hits, Super Stickman Golf 2 will be going temporarily free for the first time ever, so if you've avoided spending money for it thus far, now will be your chance to pick it up and then realize you should have just bought it a long time ago.

  • Ya Boy TwoKay‼️

    I never wanted it but since it's gonna be free…why not

    • nini

      I never wanted it and even at free I'm still not interested.

  • koryc

    Can't wait

  • Gamer1st

    Is it wrong to wait for the price to drop?
    I say nay!

    • ikari_paul

      again this overused sentence!?

      i agree, as long as you ACTUALLY wanted to play this game

      but if your just interested to check it out, to see what the fuss is about, then no, dont agree. if i were to buy EVERY game that "looks interesting", id end up spending crazy money

      • Steve Green

        Easy does it.
        It's just a joke.
        Not a good one.
        But meant to be funny.

  • MrKershaEsq

    This price point drop raises a big red flag in my mind. I'm guessing the 'update' will include IAP gameplay 'balancing'. If you know what I mean.

    • cloudpuff

      My thoughts exactly.

      • Ryan Holowaty

        Actually there have been no tweaks to any levelling or what have you to "balance" the game to promote IAPs. Everything is as it was before the price drop. Other than adding in the Ball Trails of course, which you do need Golf Bux to purchase. But being entirely cosmetic, they were added more for the hardcore multiplayer enthusiasts who emailed us and said they had nothing to use the Bux for anymore. But a valid concern none the less!

    • misfitskater6

      The Noodlecake blog post about the update says the game will be free only for a limited time. I can't imagine they would make a bunch of huge changes in terms of trying to get more money out of people if the price drop is not permanent.

  • rewind

    Remember there was this game called Stickman Golf that came before Super Stickman Golf and SSG2. Oh, the good old days....

  • Donny K76

    An opinion, but a strong one to back it up: Stick Golf 2 is the BEST mini golf game on IOS. If you don't like mini golf, fine. Otherwise you are missing out on a real treat.

  • misfitskater6

    Stoked for this update! Nice that it's going free, I can get all my cheapass coworkers to get it and own them.

  • schoolhouse spirits

    Great ios multiplayer game...Played this a ton with my family over the holiday. Love the 8 player local races (4 player online).

  • anada

    But when will pass and play multiplayer make an appearance? (If ever)

  • Kang 81

    This is great news, SSMG 1 & 2 are some of the best games on iOS! The space level looks awesome and the Super Meat Boy level sounds great as well. Come on Thursday. 🙂

  • Aero WK

    Does anyone else have constant disconnects when playing online or on Bluetooth? Me and my friends can only play together successfully about 20% of the time. Same thing with SSM1. Super frustrating. Otherwise, I love the game.

    • schoolhouse spirits

      I play a ton of online and local, never had any connection issues.

  • Ramaz1234

    YES! I've been wanting this game for a long time (:.

  • Friv 2 Friv 4

    which you do need Golf Bux to purchase. But being entirely cosmetic. like,