When EA and Firemonkeys first revealed their "time-shifted multiplayer" in Real Racing 3 [Free] at the iPhone 5 event last year, it sounded like a perfect fit for a mobile game. It was essentially like racing ghosts of other real players from around the world, but it gave those ghosts their own AI so they could react dynamically when you raced against them. It was like being able to race against real people without needing those real people to be online at the exact same time as you, which can be difficult when gaming on the go.

As cool as time-shifted multiplayer was though, it definitely wasn't a replacement for full-blown realtime multiplayer. Well, fans of Real Racing 3 have been clamoring for that feature for what seems like forever, and today Firemonkeys have responded by adding a realtime multiplayer mode to the game through Game Center. In addition, there are two new Supercar vehicles in the game, a McLaren P1 and Lamborghini Veneno. Check out the teaser trailer showcasing the new vehicles.

We haven't dove into the new multiplayer mode just yet, but our own forum moderator Killercow offers his own first impressions, saying "It's actually pretty cool. You can only use certain types of car, there are tournaments where you can earn up to 500 gold (60$) and you can see the total number of players online." Hey, sounds good. The multiplayer is only for up to 4 players, which is kind of disappointing compared to what was on offer in previous Real Racing titles, but at least it's a start. You can read more impressions of the new update from players in our forums, so check out Real Racing 3's latest update with new vehicles and realtime multiplayer.

  • dribblejam

    The game would be as beautiful as the trailers if we had some anti-aliasing! Still top notch graphics though:) So glad about the real time multiplayer though!

  • LM10

    This would be the best game on ios if it wasn't freemium crap!

    • MCOBigBen

      I don't get this mentality at all. It would be a better game if you had to spend money on it? I have been playing since release, and have never spent a dime. Easily one of the best free gameplay experiences I've had.

      • LM10

        You must be very fascinated with timers.

      • Holcman

        You must be very fascinated with trolls.

      • Eris Karreci

        There is a way not to wait for timers. I never wait for repairs, delivery or upgrades on any car.

      • Tommi Zhihao Yu

        the timer turns off many people . Id rather pay a premium price for this game and having the choice of never seeing one energy bar empty.. Infinity blade would be stupid if you had to wait for a hour before trying to finish off that one deathless standing in your way cos your energy is empty. I wanna be able to race as many times as i want. As a console gamer i can play GT for the whole day without stopping. I gave up on RC3 cos after waiting for the repairs my mood for driving vanished for that day as well.

      • Boris Nguetie

        so..you dont get the frustration that a racing game that use your actual real money to fix your car can bring to someone?? YOU DONT GET IT?? wtf? you probably are so damn good that you did all your races without even scratching your car and you never got to fix it or your just extremely patient and your OK to play when the game feels like it...and never own it...! damn dude you got a smartphone capable of playing real racing 3 and your happy with this paying model because it made you save 5 or 7 bucks?!

      • Opinion

        You're mad

      • Boris Nguetie

        Kinda.... But MOSTLY surprised !!!

      • hakamhakam

        Actually I do, and I would say that for all freemium game, I can wait, there are over 100 games on my iPhone and iPad, I don't need to play one game in one sitting. I have never pay for timer and never will but I don't hate it. :/

      • simpleasker

        or he works for firemint

      • doublezz

        Let's say the new car costs 900 gold(which it does for the new car)How could you get it without spending real money?

        And even if you happened to have 900 gold, the next car costs 1000 gold, what's the plan? Don't play those cars? Don't place those tracks?

        You don't spend real money, you won't be able to get the full game.

      • Wedge598

        Same here for me. But I do have to admit that my refusal to pay the high IAP prices will restrict me from playing some of the new cars. I simply can't make enough gold to purchase the upgrades and cars I need to unlock some of the higher series. If the IAP gold prices were cheaper I wouldn't hesitate to spend money on this game that has given me hours of enjoyment. But I can't justify the $100 I would need to spend to unlock the Porsche and finish the Zenith series.

  • Samurix16

    2 words, money pit

  • B30

    EA SALE!!! Real Racing 3, now only 99c. Only for a short time!

    • AngryBaby


  • hellscaretaker

    makes me laugh people where moan about the time shift and now there is multi player there are people still moaning about the game.... !!!

    • zergslayer69

      Give them 16 player online multiplayer and they'll find something else to complain about. Make the game a paid game at 99 cents and they'll complain that it was free before. There's no winning to whiners.

  • doublezz

    Why the locker is still there. It stops people from paying real money for the purchase.

  • brutt

    Didn't finish one multiplayer race. I am getting disconnected before reaching the finish line. Any1 having the same problems?

  • OutSpoken

    Damn, playing multiplayer makes me realise I'm really pants lol... Timers are quite annoying but its still a game I enjoy. I'm trying to convince myself that the timers are a preventative measure to stop me racing all night 🙂 again I do understands peoples frustration.

  • John Koorn

    I love this game but multiplayer has just so many bugs it's not funny. If you're lucky enough to finish a race without being disconnected, then you probably didn't win because just about everybody cheats by taking shortcuts!

    • Eris Karreci

      I haven't even tried the multiplayer yet... all it does all the time is: "Error. Failed to find players" any ideas?

  • Juan White

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