‘Real Racing 3’ Updated with Real-time Online Multiplayer and Two New Supercars

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When EA and Firemonkeys first revealed their “time-shifted multiplayer" in Real Racing 3 (Free) at the iPhone 5 event last year, it sounded like a perfect fit for a mobile game. It was essentially like racing ghosts of other real players from around the world, but it gave those ghosts their own AI so they could react dynamically when you raced against them. It was like being able to race against real people without needing those real people to be online at the exact same time as you, which can be difficult when gaming on the go.

As cool as time-shifted multiplayer was though, it definitely wasn’t a replacement for full-blown realtime multiplayer. Well, fans of Real Racing 3 have been clamoring for that feature for what seems like forever, and today Firemonkeys have responded by adding a realtime multiplayer mode to the game through Game Center. In addition, there are two new Supercar vehicles in the game, a McLaren P1 and Lamborghini Veneno. Check out the teaser trailer showcasing the new vehicles.

We haven’t dove into the new multiplayer mode just yet, but our own forum moderator Killercow offers his own first impressions, saying “It’s actually pretty cool. You can only use certain types of car, there are tournaments where you can earn up to 500 gold (60$) and you can see the total number of players online." Hey, sounds good. The multiplayer is only for up to 4 players, which is kind of disappointing compared to what was on offer in previous Real Racing titles, but at least it’s a start. You can read more impressions of the new update from players in our forums, so check out Real Racing 3‘s latest update with new vehicles and realtime multiplayer.

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