reggieA question that has been raised since the beginning of the App Store back in 2008 is why the heck doesn't Nintendo port some of its games to mobile? It seems like a no-brainer – any game featuring Mario, Zelda or Metroid would easily top the charts and no-doubt fetch a higher premium than most of what's currently on the App Store. It would basically be a license to print money. Other AAA game makers have found plenty of success in mobile too, like Sega, Square Enix, EA… the list goes on. So why has Nintendo continued to stay away from the hundreds of millions of mobile device owners?

Well, it's not quite as simple as it seems. Sure, they'd make truckloads of money putting Nintendo properties on mobile, but they are a company with a rich history and a lot of pride. Their first-party IPs are their babies, and their business model revolves around selling customers their own hardware by using the allure of those fantastic Mario and Zelda titles. Putting their roster of gaming heroes on other platforms might diminish their value, and could possibly eat into their own hardware sales. Plus, sometimes it's not just all about the money, you know?

While Nintendo's general sentiment towards mobile hasn't changed, in an interview with King 5 news, Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime reveals that the company is interested in "experimenting" with mobile devices, mostly in a way that will keep their brand relevant in this brave new mobile world as well as drive more customers to their own gaming hardware. Fils-Aime states "We recognize that there are a lot of smartphones and tablets out there, and so what we’re doing is we’re being very smart in how we use these devices as marketing tools for our content."

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That doesn't mean they're just gearing up to release a bunch of advergames pushing Nintendo hardware, though. In terms of actual things to play, Fils-Aime adds "We’re also doing a lot of experimentation of what I would call the little experiences you can have on your smartphone and tablet that will drive you back to your Nintendo hardware. It’s largely going to be much more marketing activity-oriented, but we’ve done little things where there’s some element of gameplay – a movement, a shaking, something like that." So, prepare for some moving and shaking with your mobile device, Nintendo-style, at some point in the future.

As for whether or not Nintendo is interested in making full-fledged games for mobile devices, well, it doesn't sound like that's in the cards. "We believe our games are best played and best enjoyed on our devices," Fils-Aime says, "and so the full game play will only be on Nintendo devices." Hey, I'm not one to complain as I love my 3DS and I understand Nintendo's position on this matter, but I would love to at least see them in the mobile space in some capacity.

Be sure to check out the full interview and accompanying video at the source link below, and expect something from the Big N on mobile devices in some form sometime down the line. Just don't expect a full-blown Super Mario 3D Land or Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds port in this lifetime.

[King 5 News]

  • gryphonofmight

    I think these are companion apps and stuff like Miiverse. They don't want their actual games on mobile

    • Matt Curtis


      • B3nlok carefull ....Whenever you see Nintendo related articles you know theres gonna be an avalanche of die hard fans taking over TA to do some sort of damage control.

      • Makako

        But I got to defend Nintendo.... I just ordered a 3DS XL with Zelda today from Amazon...

    • Nick

      I can see earning play coins by using your phone, which makes way more sense as carrying around my 3DS XL doesn't actually work.

  • Sean Magnoni

    Great news. Nintendo still makes my favorite games so it will be nice to see them try things with mobile devices.

    • gryphonofmight

      Don't get too excited. They already said they wanted to put companion apps for their games on mobile and that's likely what this is. Don't expect actual Nintendo games for mobile

      • Makako

        Yea, instead of expecting Pokemon, expect a mini-game where you Feed and Pet your Pokemon and carry benefits into your Nintendo 3DS game.

      • Morgan01

        Really not interested in companion apps used as a marketing tool on my smart device. Pass.

    • M M

      Unfortunately we most likely won't get the classic and new games we all want on our mobile phones.

  • themostunclean

    So maybe more "2nd screen" stuff. Or in Nintendo's case, third screen. Oy vey.

  • Squablo

    Hey Nintendo, check out this idea I had about 2 years ago! Why don't you lure people to your devices by putting out small samples, or "demos" for upcoming games on ios and android?

    Example: you're going to release New Super Mario Bros 3 on the 3DS. Release a "demo" that contains a small amount of the game, and add some kind of connectivity with the full retail version. It would be just enough for people to start drooling over it. Essentially, expand your user base to the millions of smart devices instead of focusing on the smaller eShop base. BOOM!!! Tons more money with minimal effort, and zero erosion to your hardware base. Call it the greatest Trojan horse ever!!! Use your competition against itself!!!

    • gryphonofmight

      I could see that working for a short time actually. My only concern would be people getting tired of it and demanding more ( which they obviously wont get)

    • Nick

      The one thing Nintendo has never done and won't do is compromise gameplay.

      There's no world where Mario REALLY works on a touchscreen, and it would be an extremely damaged experience, and it would end up showing off the game in the weakest possible way.

      • Squablo

        It was just an example, but look at the mini games on Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros. Let's not forget it was Nintendo that ushered in touch screen gaming to the masses with the DS. Those mini games were made for touch screens!!

  • ridiculocity

    Releasing ports of console games from SnES would do NO harm. These consoles are only available as collectors things these days for resell. Their pride is more arrogance and it will be the death of them.

    • gryphonofmight

      but they have the virtual console on wii u and 3ds for that

      • M M

        With an incredibly limited number of titles. Mobile would be a great platform to keep releasing on.

    • ikari_paul

      What nintendo "is" has kept them in business for decades. If it would jump on every fad that appeared, they would have gone the sega way

      Last gen everybody was already thinking nintendo would fail with the wii, and then they shut you all up

      Then you guys wished they would fail with the 3ds, and its a huge sucess

      Truth is, if you guys dont want to buy nintendo hardware, then probably you dont really want to play its games.

      • Nick

        I own a Wii, a DS, DSi and 3DS, and I've loved Nintendo since they launched.

        The NES, SNES, Gameboy, DS and Wii were huge, runaway hits from the second they launched.

        The 3DS has been an incredibly slow burn, until the big titles started appearing and it's just now starting to really get its footing.

        The Wii u, however, is seriously faltering and is not even close to succeeding. They're damn near giving the console away. The changes made by the Wii redefined gaming, especially for adults, parents and grandparents. The Wii u's "tablet" gimmick hasn't seen that. Last gen graphics on a system with a peripheral that, while cool, isn't as innovative.

        Nintendo needs to keep its valuable products on its hardware, but it also needs to consider making specific versions for the devices we have, but as they're not going to compromise with fiddly touch screen controls, it's a way from happening. I think some of their choices in shunning smartphones are simply boneheaded, I also agree with them not bringing Mario or Link to our phones. It wouldn't be the ideal experience, and while their hardware isn't always 100% perfect, they're the most solid in the business. They know how to make hardware to play games.

        There's no clear winner to Nintendo's past decisions, we will never know what it would have been like if Nintendo jumped onto the smartphone bandwagon early on, but what we do know is that Nintendo games are played on Nintendo hardware. It's been that way for decades, with minor exceptions here and there, and I don't foresee it changing in a meaningful way until Nintendo is hanging by a thread.

    • curtneedsaride

      Exactly. I won't buy an old SNES. But I will play the games I own on an emulator on my iPhone. So, why wouldn't Nintendo realize that and just publish a port or two to get money from those of us that want to pay for their awesome games on our phones?!

  • curtisrshideler

    We wait with our wallets open for the day their ports start flowing... And it seems we'll keep waiting. Won't pay or play any of this companion activity crap. And won't buy their hardware. If I can't play it on my one-in-all device, I'll live without it. Ball is in their court. And my wallet is waiting.

    • Squablo

      Suuuuuure. Ok. So if you had the opportunity to play, let's say, 3 or 4 levels of a Super Mario game, you wouldn't shatter the glass on your device by mashing the download button? Let's not fool ourselves here.

      In my personal opinion, the ONLY reason people wish doom and gloom on Nintendo is because they all WANT Nintendo games, they just don't want to buy Nintendo hardware to play them. They think they will get what they want if Nintendo fails. Personally, I support Nintendo, as well as every other game company out there, and if they do fail, I hope they take their IPs to the grave with them, just to spite all you haters out there!!!!

      • curtneedsaride

        I own a GBA and used to own a DS, N64, etc... I just don't play ANY other platforms other than iOS anymore. I always have my phone on me and if I have a few minutes while I wait for a video to render or some clips to compress, I can whip out my phone and play a level or two of something. That's my life. And if Nintendo doesn't want to fit in that, its their loss of my money. Because I am tired of buying their hardware. Its as simple as that. No hate or anything. My gaming lifestyle just doesn't include any other platforms anymore.

        You see, I want longevity in games. I can't put my gameboy color game in a brand-new 3DS, can I? But you know what? I can still play the first iOS game I bought back in 2009. And I am hoping iOS gaming will allow for playing older games on any newer phones. I have GBC games and boxes that gather dust because they are obsolete. But I can fire up an emulator on my phone and play any game I own like that. Why not give Nintendo some money for allowing me to do that?!

    • ikari_paul

      Then i hope you never play those games.
      Nintendo would be crazy to sell their games on other hardware. Id rather see them vanish and take all their ip with them

      • PandionDan

        Vengeful much?

      • Opinion


  • dariusjr98

    This may sound really stupid, but...

    Sony has made phones, Microsoft has made phones....your move, Nintendo.

    • B3nlok

      A gaming tablet running a custom lightweight Android that can play Nint games natively on the tablet or connected to a TV? Sounds reasonable to me.

      • Makako

        I would jump into a nintendo tablet in a heartbeat. In fact, I would LOVE it if the Nintendo Wii U was a stand-alone tablet that needed no TV, nor a box in the vicinity, to be played. Put the games in tiny carts like they do for the 3DS.

  • ashbyc

    Let's be realistic, Nintendo can't survive without hardware sales a same philosophy as apple. The aren't going to port Mario or create original all content for mobile.

    Unfortunately Nintendo will fail and eventually when that happens we will finally see these great titles on ios and android as a last ditch effort to save the company. - IMHO

    • ikari_paul

      Thats what people said when the wii and 3ds were released. You guys see the world from your own perspective, and cant understand that there are plenty of people that see it from another angle, and have other opinions and likes. A lot of people want dedicated hardware, a smartphone tablet is not enough.

      Id rather see nintendo take their franchises to the grave, than se them on ios, etc

      In a world that is close to cloud powreed computing, hardware will lose its imprtance anyway

      And nothing is keeping nintendo from releasing their own smartphones/tablets

      • Nemerlebb

        True that. They never stated they're releasing stuff on OTHER PEOPLE'S tablets and phones. They want to experiment on such platforms. You can interpret it as they're maybe gearing up towards a release of their own versions of tablet/phones.

      • ikari_paul

        Exactly. A nintendo branded smartphone, thought from the ground up for gaming, would be huge.
        Everyone whines about nintendo not releasing games on ios/droid, but lets be honnest, 99% of people around here just like the idea of having the option but would never buy a nintendo game anyway.

        They whine about a 150$ 3ds, but buy every 600$ iPhone that gets released. Thats the type of gamer nintendo would have to care about?!

      • PandionDan

        You forget that the "grown ups" who eschew the 3DS in favor of expensive smartphones are the same demographic that gave Nintendo tons of money when they were kids. I sold my DS Lite because I was tired of going to Best Buy and browsing a selection of puppy simulators and reading comprehension games.

      • Galenmereth

        I have a 4S, a 3DS and recently got a wii u. I'm very glad they're all different devices; this iPhone can't even survive a few hours without charge if I play "proper" demanding games on it. All in one is a terrible idea in practice; for users and developers. Wii U is a terrific couch multiplayer console; tell me how that'd work with an iOS device? Yeah, it wouldn't work very well.

        Nintendo is doing fine.

    • TeddyNYC

      Just like RIM is trying to do now with their BlackBerry Mail for iOS and Android. Too little, too late.

  • ikari_paul

    Nintendo would be crazy to sell games on other devices. In case they do want to jump to smartphones, hope they release their own hardware. Would love to see a nintendo branded tablet/phone

    • themostunclean

      Yes, especially since mobile is their only hardware that is actually successful at this time.

  • Alan Baldwin

    Anyone remember Playstation's Pocketstation stuff, like for FF8? That's how I read it if there's any games to be had at all.

  • Rejera

    Good, that's the way it should be. If you want a nintendo game, GO GET A NINTENDO SYSTEM! I really enjoy my Wii U and 3ds. They make quality hardware that I just can't find elsewhere. They are one of the only large companies that actually innovate instead of pumping out the same thing except with slightly better graphics.

    • ikari_paul

      Agree 100%. How can you compare dedicated hardware, with buttons and pad, to a touchless device is beyond me... And to consider that the same

      People shouldnt worry about nintendos future. It has a huge fanbase, and dedicated hardware will always provide better gaming experince

      And why would nintendo have to share 30% of its profits with other companies anyway?

      • Zeldaniac

        I haven't liked Nintendo controllers since N64. N64 controllers fit dang near perfectly in your hand and every button was right where you needed it. Gamecube got a bit weird but was still okay. Then came the Wii...THE WII. Whose idea was it that a rectangular, sharply angular controller feels good in your hand? The oddly rounded Nunchuk didn't help things in the least.

        As far as mobile, Nintendo products don't FEEL that much different from smartphones apart from the inclusion of physical buttons. Same angular feeling which doesn't feel natural at all. That's not to say I don't enjoy my iPod (or the DS Lite I had for a while), but both certainly can't beat an ergonomic controller like N64 or Xbox 360.

      • NinjaKitteh

        As much as I love my N64 the analogue stick on the controller was horrible and too loose in my opinion. I thought Mario 64 played much better on the DS.

  • Sean Bynum

    I can't see them bringing out any big gun games for mobile devices to compete with their lifeblood portable systems. I hope I'm wrong but it doesn't seem to make much business sense.

  • Jason Flor Flook

    Hate companion apps in first person shooters, and the only real companion app I enjoy is the steam app. I bet Nintendo does a mii verse app like that

  • LORE

    Nintendo will start by putting out demos, then realize how successful they are and put full fledged games, can't wait till pokeman comes out! Time to waste my days in a bubble of fun

    • ikari_paul

      That would be the end of nintendo. Disagree 100%, hope that never happens

      • Arthur

        I don't think it would be the end of Nintendo. I think they could put older games that are already emulated on the hardware right now through people jailbreaking. They would make loads of cash since they could charge Square Enix prices and people would pay them (I know I would). This wouldn't jeopardize their newer games/hardware, but might in fact push people like myself to get a 3DS/Wii U to play the latest and greatest after I've had a taste from the older games.

        tl;dr There is no risk in putting older games on iOS, would make lots of money and advertising.

  • ikari_paul

    There are guys over her who whine and wish nintendo doom and gloom, because they dont want to buy a dedicated 3ds for 150$, that has proper controls

    ... Yet go out and buy every 500$ iPhone that gets released, and is flooded with casual crap and doesnt feature dedicated controls.

    Thats the kind of costumer nintendo doesnt want, doesnt need. Too fickle... Too shallow

    Personally, own a ipad, and love its boardgames, card games and casual stuff, but play on it different games than i play on my 3ds

    • NinjaKitteh

      This is how I am too. I play specific games on my iPad/iPhone but use other systems for more dedicated gaming. Everyone should also remember that Nintendo invented mobile gaming with the touch and go series and the Gameboy. They've been at it the longest.

  • Poo

    Sounds like Nintendo employes morons.

    • Squablo

      Maybe, or maybe we are just a bunch of gamers with open minds and no false loyalty to any one brand or company. There are plenty of people like me who just enjoy GAMES and don't bow to product loyalty. That being the case, Nintendo makes some of the best games in ANY genre (.........oh yeah, forgot about shooters. Metroid Prime series for FPS) and have even invented a few genres themselves, like the StreetPass games on 3DS. Not to mention all of the hardware innovations they are responsible for over the last few decades. How can you NOT support a company like that?

      • Opinion

        A bunch? There's only two of you and you're not doing anything to help the argument.

  • Scot Damn

    As I've said before, unless they could no longer support making hardware, we will never see first party Nintendo on mobile.

    • themostunclean

      May be sooner than you think-

      Links don't always work here, Google "dailyfinance Wii u discontinue"

      Also has a good explanation of why Nintendo can't afford to take a loss on consoles, unlike Sony and MSoft.

  • DtheGOPkiller

    They seem to device driven. GAMES. That's the real money. Games. They should put out a APP in that you subscribe a monthly fee for and then they release some games through that at premium prices. Particularly games that aren't making them money now but did 20 plus years ago like NES games. People would pay top dollar for them. Digital is where it's at. The future for movies games books music is digital. Like it or not. Unless Nintendo makes a full fledged tablet on par with a iPad or Kindle they will fall behind. They already through really bad decision making on their consoles have fallen behind on those.

    • MrAlbum

      Amazon got into trouble way back when for doing something similar on iOS. Apple didn't like the fact that an entire storefront was contained inside of an app for iOS that they had no control over, so they forced Amazon to fudge it and make customers make purchases through the web browser rather than through the app, if I remember correctly.

  • bbve

    There's a Nintendo Direct tomorrow...

  • doublezz

    Finally a steady step. Nintendo did it right this time.

  • ja31971

    No one owns or still plays the original NES. I know, I know, YOU STILL DO, but no one else does, so hear me out.

    Super Mario Bros on NES is still one of the top 5 games of my life. But I don't own an NES. What would it hurt to port those original games?

    It might make younger generations more inclined to buy Nintendo hardware if they could play the original 8 bit games on their phone.

    • NinjaKitteh

      Why would you get rid of your old consoles? I have everyone I've ever owned still. Including my NeoGeoCD which is slow as crap at loading games.

  • ikari_paul

    Dont understand how people think mario3d land games, or pokemon, or zelda, are possible to exist for 0,99$-10$, on buttonless smartphones nonetheless, is beyond me

    Just shows that people know how to open their mouths, but dont know what theyre saying, and dont make any sense. Talk is cheap

    • PandionDan

      It's perfectly reasonable now that we have native iOS controller support. Heck, Nintendo could bundle redemption codes with the controllers! A guy can dream...

      • MrAlbum

        Or Nintendo could create its own controllers for Nintendo-specific games. Proprietary hardware, ladies and gentlemen!

  • C. Stubb

    Wait, so if Nintendo hasn't released any of their games for mobile, how is it I can play Pokemon games from this neat little app I got from Safari...

    That's a joke, by the way. Don't freak out.

  • Boris Nguetie

    is there a reason why T.A hasn't yet talk about camouflage's REPUBLIC COMING OUT THE 19????

  • Dr. Woodenstein

    Yeah, sorry. I'm not gonna play a Mario or Zelda themed temple run/doodle jump.

    • NinjaKitteh

      Gods, another endless runner would be horrible!

      • Dr. Woodenstein

        Not only that, but it would just be a complete tease. I mean imagine waking up, checking touch arcade, and finding a post that says Zelda game released for app store. You'd shit yourself. Then once you started reading the article and found out it was an endless runner you'd cry. You've just shat yourself and cried in a 5 minute period. I mean how can it get any worse than that?

      • NinjaKitteh

        lol If they did announce a Zelda title and it was just a runner that would be completely depressing.

      • Dr. Woodenstein

        It certainly would. You'd think after all the games coming out trying to copy Nintendo titles, Nintendo would realize people want to play their games on mobile. God what I wouldn't give for a real Pokemon game. The closest thing I've got is Hunter Island and MonsterCrafter...

      • NinjaKitteh

        Even though it's highly modded for music making, I still play Pokemon Red on my Gameboy.

      • Dr. Woodenstein

        I have an android phone where I can emulate it. I've used cheats and I'm currently doing a playthrough on Yellow where I have Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon for battling and I use a Mew (which can learn any HM or TM) for all of my HM needs.

      • NinjaKitteh

        Man, Pokemon never seems to get old. Nintendo really would make money hand over fist if they did release a Pokemon game on Android or iOS.

      • Dr. Woodenstein

        Well if you really break it down to it's formula, it's easy to see why it never gets old. It's very similar to oldschool rpgs like say Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest. EXCEPT you can pick up and play anytime. It's not hard to figure out where to go, there's no great story to get lost in. Nothing like that. I mean that stuff is good and all, but it doesn't make the game as accessible for quick play sessions or for long breaks of a few weeks. Oh and number one great thing about Pokemon, it encourages grinding to the fullest.

      • NinjaKitteh

        Nice break down. I couldn't tell you how many RPGs I abandon because I take an extended break and forget what I was doing. Only Final Fantasy VI/3 can I take a break from and that's because I have that game memorized from playing it twice a year, every year, since it came out.

      • Dr. Woodenstein

        I have the same issue. I hate when I'm really digging a game, but I stop for a bit because something else catches my attention, and it ruins everything.

      • pdSlooper

        It's over, the thread is finished.

  • Michael Dulson

    Nintendo doing iOS/Android? Half Life 3 confirmed. :p

    • Squablo

      That just made my night! LOL

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Why not release 3DS demos on the App Store?

    • MrAlbum

      Can 3D work on an iPhone's screen?

    • MasterChief3624

      Lawl. That's a good joke. Thanks for the laugh.

    • Goggles789

      That's actually fucking brilliant.

  • Alfonzo McCarthy

    This is easy for Nintendo. Port about 5 to 8 of their popular titles to iOS for starter and then come up with their own WiFI/Bluetooth controller that is compatible with iOS devices. Bam done! That way they can focus more on creating games to the highest capability based on iOS requirements, and reduce the cost of creating hardware. I would say Android too but I believe Apple would be a great testing ground to see where things go.

  • christopherrocs

    OMYGOSH when I saw this I thought what I had just been thinking about the other day. My old wario game on my gameboy colour. The best game of that time, maybe my favourite game ever. To bad my advance and colour broke ;( but if this game came out, I would pay at least 20$ for the whole game, more then I ever would and have paid on an iPod game

    • Squablo

      That game is on the 3DS eShop for less than $5..........

  • saucybag

    Now this is a step in the right direction, at least Nintendo are beginning to acknowledge the platform as an asset. Only good can come from this.

  • TeddyNYC

    If they want to keep selling hardware, at least give us hardware that's up to date. The display on the 3DS is a joke, 3D is a gimmick and that tablet controller on the Wii U...don't even get me started there. I've loved playing Nintendo games over the years, having owned the SNES, N64, Gamcube, Wii, GB Color, GBA, GBA with back-lit display and DS Lite (2 of them). I hope they start to get their act together by announcing a new portable console next year with one screen, comparable to the quality displays on the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4.

    • decabao

      Whats wrong about the display? Nintendo games aren't about 1080 Full HD graphics you know?

      • TeddyNYC

        The low-resolution display looks like crap compared to current smartphones. Just because Nintendo thinks it's good enough for the kiddies doesn't make it so. To be honest, I see more kids playing on iPod touches and smartphones (belonging to their parents usually) when I go to a restaurant than I see kids playing a 3DS. Nintendo needs to step up and if it's too expensive for them to release a portable console with current specs, then release the software on new mobile platforms.

  • wildperson

    RIP Nintendo consoles

  • Dustin Leiblein

    Pokemon with In-App Purchase.

    Nintendo, you will make ZILLIONS!!!


    do they even have hd? are nintendo console anti-aliasing supported? xD

  • arr4ws

    Street pass apps?

  • TheRybka

    In other words, "our consoles will never have any allure beyond our vast quantities of rehashed IP." But that's flawed logic. I 'm not going to buy a WiiU because I want to play Metroid Fusion. I'll buy MF if it comes to the appstore, but otherwise, I'll be okay. It's just a lost sale for them.

    • NinjaKitteh

      Not that I'm loyal to any one computational company, but I doubt Nintendo cares they aren't getting your money.

      • TheRybka

        Me, individually, no. Me and a hundred thousand like-minded people? Or a million? Yeah, they'll care. And what is a "computational company" anyway? Do you hire them to do math?...

      • NinjaKitteh

        All gaming machines are computational devices, to include things like PCs and our fancy pocket computers I felt a more generalized term was necessary. Computer is short for computational device.
        As for Nintendo, they haven't cared so far, why would that change? They didn't care when everyone wanted them to have a service like xboxlive or psn, and really not doing that on the Wii had little effect on their business even though all of us thought it was stupid. Nintendo is very stubborn when it comes to outside ideas. I doubt we as consumers will change that policy until some of the older administration at Ningendo retire to make way for younger people with newer ideas.

      • NinjaKitteh

        Not Ningendo...Nintendo. Their lack of newer IPs is also because they don't seem to appreciate help from outside sources.

      • NinjaKitteh

        Not Ningendo...Nintendo. Their lack of newer IPs is also because they don't seem to appreciate help from outside sources.

      • NinjaKitteh

        Not Ningendo...Nintendo. Their lack of newer IPs is also because they don't seem to appreciate help from outside sources.

  • Joshua

    At least put the wii fit tracker step app for iPhone and android will be awesome! Also mini games about Pokemon, Animal Crosiing and Mario Party will be cool thought!

  • Richard John

    Nice post Jared Nelson. A good read. Kudos to Reggie Fils-Aime for feeding us some info for what Nintendo has in store w/ smartphones and tablets!

    #RymatiCAST Mobile

  • LORE

    Nintendo can make an easy millions of dollars from porting their games to mobile, if they only port some games and/or demos that increases their fame and fans which equals more Nintendo console purchases everybody gains and they would be stupid to miss this opportunity.

  • spoodermain

    This sucks poor nintendo. I used to have a phone and a gb sp just to play pokemon because the iphone didnt exist. I know i cant compare a nintendo game to ios gaming but nintendo has been falling lately and just make reprtitive games

  • NinjaKitteh

    I myself pretty much lost interest in Nintendo's consoles at the N64. It just wasn't a good system. As far as handheld I've gone all the way to the DSlite. Stopped their because both Zeldas, my favorite franchise, were ridiculously easy. But in all honesty, I got sick of playing a middle-aged plumber around Marioland 2 for SNES.

  • Kirs

    Someone said Nintendo is irrelevant these days...

  • Zenfar

    Would rather play The Room 2, Spellcraft, Mikey Hooks, and Tiny Death Star anyway. It maybe just me but I would rather Play Different.

  • theethanman2000

    Super Mario bros on iOS would be the best game on the AppStore!!! I really hope Nintendo makes iOS games!!!! The closest game to Mario on the AppStore right now is "Leps world" so an official Mario game would be amazing!!!!! 🙂

  • theethanman2000

    Super Mario bros on iOS would be the best game on the AppStore!!! I really hope Nintendo makes iOS games!!!! The closest game to Mario on the AppStore right now is "Leps world" so an official Mario game would be amazing!!!!! 🙂

  • Drew Duncan

    Just give us Pokemon Yellow or Gold and we will show you more sales on the first day than the WiiU will ever sell.

  • Pilotkac

    Nintendo will never learn the lesson. In the past, they pulled out of sony, and guess what happened?
    Nintendo has to re-evaluate their marketing strategies and start appearing in consumers pockets at all times.
    The problem with nintendo is that they still have this retro stubbornness of selling hardware to monopolize on their aging mascots!
    Having the need to be confined to a couch to start a console just to play a specific kind of a game is getting too committing, plus I dont want a bigger pocket to stack mobile phones and gaming devices altogether.
    Games are meant to be fun, I want my Mario to pop out of my techno capable mobile sewers whenever I need him to!
    Plus I cant imagine my 38 old self pulling out a DS out of my pouch, it's just embarrassing.
    Just like Sony did - when Nintendo ditched the deal - mobile game developers WILL find a way to entertain their "on the run" consumers, and they already did.
    Sega has done it with Sonic, and to say the least: I'm not all that hyped about it. There is no room for Nintendo to test the water in the mobile business with just a couple of lame games. Go full throttle as we say it.

    Thank you

  • 21tigermike

    THANK YOU. That's all anyone's asking for. At least give it a try. Look at what SquareEnix has done with old content.

  • pdSlooper this the first time Nintendo has said this? In an interview with King 5 News? Am I the only one who'd never heard of them before? Why would they mention this in an interview with a random (??) news station?

    At first I assumed this was some random pseudo-truth they dropped in shareholder meeting, meant to put the dollar signs in the eyes of their investors, cartoon-style.

  • Mace

    I would never expect to see ports of big title Nintendo games on non-Nintendo platforms, but I think Nintendo could make a fortune by making games specifically for iOS (and other mobile) platforms.
    Nintendo just announced a new Dr. Luigi game for the Wii U yesterday, that is the sort of thing that would be perfect on a phone/tablet. Outside of that they could make mobile games using existing characters (e.g. a Mario endless runner, an Angry Birds clone with Pokemon, a Fruit Ninja clone where instead of slicing fruit you are Samus blasting Metroids and other assorted aliens); that would put the Nintendo brand out there to a wider audience and maybe encourage people who are only just starting out gaming on a phone/tablet to investigate the more full-fledged gaming on a console. It would also probably make a huge amount of money, even if they only charged $1-2 per game!
    Nintendo could even tie it all into a Nintendo ID account and have your progress in the mobile games feed into the console games and unlock bonus costumes/items/levels/etc.

  • geno11233

    I was at first very excited to read this article. After reading i just felt like Nintendo could be doing soo much better. I just wish they would stop being selfish/ignorant and realize that their products (not including the games) aren't up to par with others. The wii u can almost compare to the giants like ps4 and Xbox one ha and I don't think anyone can deny that a mobile phone is much more convenient then a ds on the go. Hell, they could even make a game controller for the iphone, but integrate it so you don't HAVE to use it the WHOLE game.

  • Deihlanos

    Feh. Sounds lame. I might consider playing some of Nintendo's stuff.... if they werent on the hyper-gimmick consoles/handhelds. And no matter what they call these, they really are "advergames."

    If Nintendo wants people going to their own devices, this isnt the way to do it.

    Good ol' Nintendo: They never fail to disappoint me.