Just a quick heads-up to let you know that the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 [Free] remastered update, which we gave you some first impressions of yesterday, is now available as a free update to the original game in the App Store. Additionally, if you're amongst the Android ranks, the game is now available on Google Play for the first time ever. In addition to improved visuals, widescreen and Universal iPad support, and a 60fps frame rate, this remastered Sonic 2 also includes brand new additions like a Boss Attack Mode, an online 2-player mode, Knuckles as a playable character right from the start, and the first ever official inclusion of the long-lost Hidden Palace Zone which was scrapped from the original Sega Genesis version of the game just days before release back in 1992.

Seriously, this remastered version of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is like a love letter to long-time Sonic fans, created by a team that you can tell was incredibly passionate about doing the series justice on mobile. The remastered update to the first Sonic The Hedgehog [Free] which hit earlier this year, as well as the remastered Sonic CD [Free] from a couple years back, are amongst my very favorite video games of all time – not just on mobile but anywhere. If you're a fan from back in the day then you owe it to yourself to own all three of these remastered Sonic games, and if you're a bit younger and missed out on Sonic from back in the 16-bit era then these new versions are the best way to experience these classics. Either way, don't miss out, and drop on by our forums for discussion on this latest version Sonic 2.

  • itsJinkFool

    Wooooo!!!! Own all three games and have been waiting for this update!

    • Karen Davis

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  • cobbyco

    Mystic Cave Act 2 pit. What a way to solve a problem 😉

  • Icaras

    Love these remasters but why can't Sega include iCloud support like they did with the Sonic 4 games since we now have save files?

  • Earth Vs. Me

    I really hate that they changed the level designs so much. Upscaling the game to 60fps and adding extra content is cool, but why did they have to screw around with the stages? They did the same thing with the original Sonic, changing things that didn't need to be changed. It almost makes me wish I hadn't updated the app.

    • Kane

      You are the ONLY minority in this case. Forever Alone :/

      • Earth Vs. Me

        But they removed the Hill Top Zone boss for no apparent reason. A big part of the game's missing. Am I really the only one bothered by that?

      • Mirai

        He said it's a bug and it's being fixed soon.
        Pipe down.

      • Kane

        Yea, it's a known bug, check Taxmans twitter page.

  • tylerandjennifer1

    Does this game work with the moga controller?

  • free2play4eva

    Not free? No sale!

  • SeveredJoke

    Is it me or is the Hidden Palace Zone music wrong? I thought it was spookier than that.

    • KK m

      This is the background music that was used in the Sonic 2 Beta that we found Hidden Palace mostly playable. Most people thought it was track 10 of the sound test

  • Adan

    How does one access the Boss Attack mode? I've looked everywhere 🙁