The huge Minecraft - Pocket Edition [$6.99] update which developer Mojang detailed back in October is now available in the App Store. The biggest addition is the ability to craft minecarts and rails to run them on. While Redstone is in the mobile version now in a limited capacity, you can't yet make circuits out of the Redstone dust, though it does seem you can power your minecart rails with it.

Other changes include new block types, new food and crops, new items like clocks and compasses for Creative and Survival modes, more block types available for use in Creative mode, a more intelligent AI for mobs and the ability to breed animals, and tweaked functionality to how existing blocks and items behave in the game. Also, Mojang has added new textures and colors taken straight from the PC version of Minecraft, improved the draw distance greatly in the mobile version with the ability to adjust it in options to tweak performance on your device, and improved lighting and fog effects.


We've said this plenty of times before, but as slow as the update road has been for Minecraft - Pocket Edition, it's nice to see that it continues to be updated and fleshed-out to be more along the lines of its PC counterpart. I'm confident that by the end of the decade we'll have something on mobile that's comparable to Minecraft proper (that was a joke… sort of). And, in case you're more impatient for these full-fledged type of features in your crafting adventures, there's always Survivalcraft [$3.99] to fall back on. I still enjoy the official Minecraft - Pocket Edition for what it is though, and have my fingers crossed that more updates like today's will come at an even faster rate in the future.

  • dariusjr98


    • heresandypandy

      Ha. It isn't an unworthy cause though. No harm in championing an indie game owned by one person which wipes the floor with a supposed triple-A game owned by a major company 🙂 Kaalus more than earns a little free advertising for the sheer volume of work he puts in, I think

      • dariusjr98

        I know it isn't, in fact, I agree that SurvivalCraft is better, and I haven't even played it yet. Mojang needs to get their crap together.

        I just said that because it was bound to come up in the comments thread.

      • MeagleCraft

        Don't be a hater. You could never make a game like Minecraft or Survival Craft...

      • anabolicMike

        Mojang isn't a major AAA company. They started out indie. They are the indie Cinderella story. They pulled of a pretty damned impressive feat with Minecraft. Unfortunately Mojang seems to have turned into Rocky in Rocky III, before Rocky fought Clubber Lang. This one dude is doing with survivalcraft what all Mojang should have done with PE. They are getting tons of sales on the App Store and google play but ppl just aren't as happy as they could be. And Mojang doesn't care it seems, living off the PC versions rep. Course if they had the same Minecraft on mobile as PC from the beginning, we wouldn't even know what survivalcraft was so there is that. Hmmmm

        I don't understand why on earth there's no caves and massive worlds. That's why I went looking for another voxel game, the exploration is what I crave :/. Even if minecraft changes and is more like the PC game I'm not dropping survivalcraft now. That dev is just damned impressive! Support your local Kaalus!!!!

    • mikoto san

      Minecraft PE is still on ALPHA is not on official release... Thats why there is still few features on MCPE than Minecraft PC...the next update will make MCPE somewhat like the PC version because they will bring infinite worlds, caves and villagers on 0.9.0, so stop saying survivalcraft is better than minecraft...survivalcraft game mechanics came from survivalcraft is an imitation...

      • Hunter

        When dose 0.0.9 come out?

  • pauldavidmerritt

    Just--why do the controls have to be like that?! Otherwise, I'm pleased every time Mojang does give is new stuff.

  • heresandypandy

    Kudos for throwing in the Survivalcraft link this time.. Keep on doing that until mojang get their fingers out and deliver something that's actually worthy of the pricetag.

    Getting there though... Slowly.

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  • anabolicMike

    I'm sad to day this but I regret buying minecraft for my android tablet. What a waste of money. It's boring. No caves and tiny world. I don't even have it installed. Sure it's the best game in the world on PC lol. I love it on my Mac. But come on guys. Finite worlds? What's wrong with you? No caves? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? They say limitations on the mobile platform. Um no. Other games do it. Also. GTA San Andreas. Your telling me minecraft is rough on the old CPU/GPU then that?

    Survival craft is utterly amazing. Why can't Mojang do what one little guy can do? I should give that guy more money. I love him

    Not to mention electricity beats red stone hands down lol

    • dariusjr98

      I rest my case.

      • BlueFalcN

        Ungrateful twats

      • dariusjr98

        Excuse me?

    • Kenan2000

      Yeah obviously after gta SA port it is Mojang's fault,not because devices cannot handle that much...

    • mikoto san

      Minecraft PE is still on ALPHA is not on official release... Thats why there is still few features on MCPE than Minecraft PC...the next update will make MCPE somewhat like the PC version because they will bring infinite worlds, caves and villagers on 0.9.0

    • MeagleCraft

      Don't be a hater, hater.

  • LanceAvion

    Kudos for adding the SurvivalCraft link, because as everyone knows it's the far superior option by far at this point.

  • gamerman333

    Survival craft Is easier to update and add more things because it doesn't have multiplayer. Minecraft pe is harder to update cause of realms and all.

    • greatnoob

      I'm a developer and ive worked on these types of games; it's not hard at all, you just need to work with 2 code bases (in this case one, since server and client code is shared within the game). Any programmer that knows how to share code properly can make features that affect both single player and offline, so youre basically saying the Mojang programmers suck and don't know what theyre doing. Um...

      • iarepan

        That went right over my dumb head, but I'm assuming you're saying that there are no excuses at this point.

      • gamerman333

        I got that info from jeb on twitter.


    they be slowing down cuz they be developing for sony now -.-

  • Dueler

    And with that we are 1 update away from a playable minecraft pocket edition.
    Because you know whats in the works for the next major update? Caves Bloody Caves!!!!! The thing we needed since day one to make these boring pieces of crap maps more interesting. After that all i need is bigger maps. But uno what, how could i even really support minecraft pocket, We gave more then enough money and they've only just started counting us as customers. We were litterally a port sponge to support PC development and it shitted me to no end. It is nice to see Mojang realizing the ios player base has a very loud voice. So maybe now they'll just work on features for us instead of lieing about whats possible and what's not. ie the survival craft infini maps that were soooo impossible.

    • Dueler

      Oh and I don't like survival craft either, its good but i just cant get into it. It's just not minecraft.

    • brydude111

      They actually confirmed that minecraft pe 9.0 will include almost all minecraft PC world generation, including infinite worlds, many biomes, and caves

  • Relytgninroht

    I really just want caves. Nothing else matters. Caves are what make Minecraft.

  • free2play4eva

    Free please.

    • MeagleCraft

      They have to make money...

  • Hunter

    There is no caves on minecraft pe and it really sucks a lot:-(

  • ProMiner

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