Last week we learned that Cut the Rope 2 would be heading to iOS on December 19th, and would feature new mechanics as well as a group of helper characters to accompany OmNom on his latest adventure. Today, IGN has learned some new details about Cut the Rope 2 as well as secured the first video of the intro of the game, which introduces these helper characters who are known as Nommies. Also, they've learned that Cut the Rope 2 will be priced at 99¢, and that the iOS exclusivity will be fairly short-lived as the game is set to come to Android in early 2014 as a free-to-play title.

In related Cut the Rope news, ZeptoLab's seasonal holiday-themed spinoff Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift [Free] has returned to the App Store as a free download in time for the holidays. Holiday Gift originally launched back in December of 2010, and features a short selection of levels with Christmas trees and special stockings which you can drop a candy in and see it pop out of another stocking somewhere else in the level, teleporter-style. There's also a greeting card feature that lets you snap a photo with OmNom and send it out to friends and family.

If you haven't played it in previous years, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is a nice freebie that's totally worth checking out. And set your clocks for December 19th when Cut the Rope 2 arrives in the iOS App Store for 99¢.


  • Taclys

    Oh sweet! Looks great!

  • Jake7905

    A real trailer with actual gameplay would be nice. But I do love the fact that this will be an IOS exclusive, even after the Android version is released. After all, we get the premium version.

    • marc0313

      Yeah, I wouldn't call 99¢ premium...

      • Jake7905

        Well, it's not freemium.

  • Louis Ace

    TouchArcade, do you think you will ever review The Silent Age? It looks interesting.

  • clompah

    Whatever happened to brothers in arms 3 wasn't it supposed to come out this year?

  • HansKaosu

    I love Om Nom! <3

  • Deixa

    Cut the rope time travel has only updated once with new levels and it's been about 8 or 9 months since it was released.

    I don't see how all of a sudden they have loads of ideas for new levels in cut the rope 2 when they can't even update their old stuff that often like they used to.

    Same with angry birds seasons, the only update was this new Christmas advent one. Throughout the year there was absolute nothing.

    Clearly the games are getting old and these devs can't be bothered. I bet cut the rope 2 is a re-skin with a few added things.

    • Cozmic0

      I know right, those silly devs still owe us years and years worth of update, after all we have paid the princely sum of NINETY NINE CENT! How dare they??

    • RiptoR

      The devs must have read your outcry about this great injustice, because CTR Time Travel has just been updated with new levels.

  • surirav

    No android that os is full of virus.