True Axis' fantastic skateboarding simulation True Skate [$1.99] has been pretty well taken care of since its initial release in October of last year. After our original glowing review, True Skate has been updated with great new features like new missions and slow motion, a huge new skatepark and board customization, and improved transition skating. Well, it's been about seven months since True Skate has seen any sort of update, which is totally forgivable as True Axis is busy slaving away to get Jet Car Stunts 2 in our hands, but they're ready to make up for that lull with four brand new skateparks in the pipeline. Check out some new screens of one of those skateparks below.


skatepark05B skatepark05A

In addition to the outdoor park seen above, there will also be two new indoor parks as well as a more street-style schoolyard park. That outdoor park shown in the screens looks amazing, especially that nice curved ledge I can't wait to jump all over, but I'm also really curious to see what a schoolyard environment will bring. There are more tiny teaser images of the other parks on the True Axis Facebook page, so be sure to check those out. Expect the first park to come in early January at a price of 99¢, with the other parks to follow soon. We'll give you a heads up when they're available.

  • riggysmalls

    This game is amazing and I cannot wait to support True Axis with these new maps!

  • double3

    So I'm trying to decide between True Skate and Touch Grind 2. What are your thoughts on each since you seem to love TS. ???

    • Deixa

      Both are good but completely different. If your out and bout perhaps waiting for a train, you could just hold your phone and use your thumb to play. But touch grind 2 you need both hands.

    • ImJPaul

      However true skate continually charges you for additional levels, whereas TG2 is a one time purchase. Something else to consider.

      • postmodernpilot

        They've only done that one time...

      • C. Stubb

        Yes, but sinking $5 into true skate will get you 4 parks. ($2 for the initial park and $1 per additional park) Buying Touchgrind 2 will cost you $5, and that also has four parks. So really, it all evens out in the end.

    • C. Stubb

      Having played both, I can tell you it really depends on what you want.

      Every so often, I open up True Skate just to have a little fun messing around with the board to kill some time. It's not something I can play for hours on end, but I've kept it on my iPod since its release in late 2012. It's probably the more "pick up and play" of the two, requiring less dedication, but still a great experience nonetheless.

      Touchgrind 2 is a bit more challenging. While the controls are just as good, maneuvering the board the way you want requires practice an patience. That being said, it feels more like a solid game experience. The graphics, the sound, the gameplay, ad even the menus speak of the tremendous effort that went in to its making.

      If you like this kind of game, you can easily have fun with both. They are different enough, yet each was made by a skilled developer that truly delivers.

  • C. Stubb

    "Slaving away to put Jet Car Stunts 2 in our hands"

    Years later, I still play the original often. I've said it before, but it's just one of my all-time favorites. If I have one wish for the sequel, it's that they bring back multiplayer, which existed in an asynchronous form while the game still supported Open Feint. (Or rather, while Open Feint still had running servers.)

  • Ramaz1234

    Omg yes I just got this game like 4 days ago and I'm so hooked. Can't wait to get more skate parks!