If you fancy yourself a fan of Brad Nicholson, tower defense, CCG's, and/or Clash of Clans-y-like games you should take a minute and watch the new Toy Rush trailer released by Uber Entertainment this morning. The way it mixes all of these genres seems pretty sweet, and with Uber luring the meaty hands of Brad away from us, I'm confident the game is going to be fun.

Toy Rush is soft launched in Canada, so if you're a "Canadian" or an actual Canadian, you should check out our forum thread which is just starting to get off the ground.

Canadian App Store Link: Toy Rush, Free

  • bradnicholson


    • nonstickron

      Im shocked its not an endless runner.

    • HelperMonkey

      Damn. I already jumped the gun and chose to catch dengue fever.
      (Bad call.)
      If only I was more patient... And Canadian...

    • Unfrozen

      Glad to be Canadian.

  • Papa Deuce

    Could be fun.....I will wait for reviews and IAP reports first.

  • workingman

    Looks like this will never show up

  • Evolution888

    I disliked it when I played it really early in the soft-launch... But I'm a fan of UE and I'll give em another shot. I don't hate these type of games, I play CoC and BB every day.. Guess the bad bugs and early design problems turned me off too soon. It appears they fixed some stuff over the past few months according to the patch notes