The highly-anticipated second season of Walking Dead: The Game [Free] is set to hit PC and consoles this month, with the iOS and Vita versions hitting "further down the line" according to a report from Polygon. Telltale Games revealed the news on their Twitter feed, along with the screenshot seen below which reveals another returning character from the previous season along with the already confirmed return of Clementine.


The original five-part first season of Walking Dead: The Game is simply one of the most incredible adventure games in recent memory. The 400 Days expansion pack that released back in July fleshed out various bits of the universe as a way to mitigate the long wait between the end of season one and the beginning of season two, and was of similar high quality. If you haven't played Walking Dead: The Game yet I highly recommend you check out the free download and give it a spin. I can almost guarantee you'll be hooked, and you can buy episodes either individually at your own pace or at a discounted price in a bundle. We're excited to get a crack at season two, which was last teased with a trailer in October, and as soon as there's a more specific date for the iOS version we'll be sure to let you know.


  • Eseres

    So, we probably will have to wait untill next year for the IOS release? Maybe as long as february? Well, I will be downloading the seson two, but I really wanted this so I could play it during the holidays... I have a hard time getting into the "christmas spirit" every year, so I was really looking forward to this. I guess I'll just have to find me something else to do instead then.

    • DtheGOPkiller

      Noting gets me in the Christmas spirit like zombies! No really. It's kind of poetic. Zombies everywhere trying to feed a unquenchable hunger by buying more things. But really on a serious note zombies get me in spirit for anything. They fit anytime anywhere and are just awesome.

  • marc0313

    "Further down the line"!? Can you give me SOME sort of time frame?

    • B30

      between jan. and dec. 2014

    • themostunclean

      Patience, fellow iOS gamers! "Further down the line" is much better than what the Android people are hearing, which is "never".

      • NickyNichols

        Which is the same answer I give every time one of my friends ask me, "when are you gonna switch over to Android?"

      • themostunclean


    • themostunclean

      Patience, fellow iOS gamers! "Further down the line" is much better than what the Android people are hearing, which is "never".

      • themostunclean

        Sorry everyone. Don't know why that comment was duplicated.

  • rockhount

    Later...damn, I was so hoping to play it soon during my train rides...

  • AlexsIpad

    It's releasing this month on consoles and PC, not next month, but I really hope iOS is released before the new year!

    • Jared Nelson

      Oh shoot, thanks. December snuck up on me! 🙂

  • surirav

    For iOS is not in feb or jan.

    iOS is allways the first.
    I'm glad this is not in android, because Graphical of android are ugly.

    • themostunclean

      The reason it's not on android is because of the out of control piracy on that platform. Graphics aren't am issue for some of their devices.

    • Laura Jayne

      I hope so I'm waiting for it to come out on IOS . U sure its always been first ??

  • JJE McManus

    Contraryness post:
    Beyond the art style and the professionalism of the voice talent I didn't like the game at all. The story was shallow and padded. Any real choices in the decision tree were gimmicks. Plus QTEs tend to pull one away from immersion. At no point did I ever lose myself in the game. Rather I was going through the motions while watching the game try to jerk my emotions around. Maybe I'm just done with terrorizing young women as a plot device (looking at you Beyond Two Souls). All I know is the deeper I got into it the more disappointed I became.
    Sorry, I'm quite aware I'm wrong. Everyone in this house agrees with you, so you are in good company.
    I know I'll buy their Big Bad Wolf game when it hits iOS. I'm just a glutton for punishment and like I said I did enjoy the art style. But WD did confirm one thing for me; I'm finished with zombies, regardless of media, regardless of trope, regardless of everything. I'm sick of what it says about us.

    • B30

      I'm crossing my fingers for you, that there will never be a real zombie outbreak!

      • JJE McManus

        Oh they're out there. Was with some this weekend. It's why I'm never without my shillelagh.
        "Hell is other people." Jean-Paul Sartre, "No Exit", 1944

      • B30
  • dariusjr98

    I'm prepared to cry. I cried like crazy last season.

  • Nekku

    I'll wait till the whole session is out and then play it from the beginning through the end just as i did on session one.

  • Lazer Kat

    Can't wait
    Where's the wolf among us tho?

  • Onikage725

    I suppose I should get around to finishing season 1, then.

  • vicsark

    Has the full episodes bundle ever been discounted on iOS?
    I saw it was on sale on Steam and almost bought it, but I would rather pays this on my iPad and not redo the first episode. Maybe when the season 1 launches I guess.

  • Kane

    I wonder why iOS isn't a priority. I would've thought it was coming first to the AppStore.

  • addicted2games

    Looking forward to season two! I really enjoyed the first season with its shocking plot twists and heart breaking ending.

    Telltale got a really hard time from the public during the first season, constantly asking for the next episode to be released with questions like "how can you leave me hanging like this?! Release the next episode already!!"

    I personally don't mind waiting for a good solid release. Telltale did the right thing not rushing their releases in season 1 and concentrating on quality.
    With season 2 I believe we may see much snappier releases without the loss of quality 🙂
    Fingers crossed season 2 drops on iOS before Christmas.