If you're totally engrossed in the Skylanders ecosystem, the Skylanders Collection Vault [Free] is going to be right up your alley. This game-ish app seems to act like a iOS Pokedex of sorts, letting players catalog their existing Skylanders figures, maintains a wish list of figures you're looking for, and compare the expansiveness of collections against friends.

Additionally, this serves as a food time to remind folks out there who might be interested in Skylanders that there's actually a considerable amount of games on the App Store set in the Skylanders universe. Skylanders Cloud Patrol [$1.99], Skylanders Lost Islands [Free], and Skylanders Battlegrounds [$6.99] are all worth checking out.


Is this a big deal, Skylanders fans? My biggest gaming regret is not getting involved in this game, as all the components of it seem really cool.

  • clompah

    Food time? I think you misspelled it Eli.

    • Zeldaniac

      Psh no. He was talking about the best time of day obviously.

  • cloudpuff

    I think the shine is wearing off with the skylanders now, my daughter got the first two on the xbox and 3ds and we spent hundreds over the year collecting all the figures, she hasn't put swap force on her Xmas list this year as she is starting to see through the gimmick factor of it all herself, I know a few other kids who don't plan on getting swap force either, my brother however will crap his pants at this app, he is 32 and has spent hundreds already on swap force figures, he's a total geek with spread sheets on each character that he methodically updates so I know he'll enjoy putting his info onto this.

    • T-REZ5000

      Yeah, it looks like my kids lost interest as well. Right now they're all about Lego Marvel. My wallet couldn't be happier!

      • DemoEvolved

        It's diablo gameplay with a different class per figure and friendly. What's not to love????

  • countermind

    Wonder if this syncs between devices?