Today is the one year anniversary of the launch of's mobile version of Candy Crush Saga [Free], and the developers are announcing an incredible statistic: It has been downloaded over half a billion times. Candy Crush is without a doubt a worldwide hit, but to put that number into perspective, per 2013 estimates ever single person in North America would need to download the game for to hit that mark.

The numbers get crazier when you dig into their statistics: 150 billion games of Candy Crush have been played, and 1/23rd of Facebook's entire user base is playing the game. Level 65 is regarded as the most notorious level for people to get stuck on, and the most popular time to play the game is between the hours of 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM with Sunday being the most active day of the week for Candy Crush players.

If you're somehow not one of the half a billion people who have downloaded the game, you really should check it out. It's this popular for a reason, and that reason is because it's actually a surprising amount of fun. If you're looking for a place to get started, check out our Candy Crush tips guide which will give you a brief primer in how it all works.

  • defunct32

    My father keep me sending me CC request, I said "dad, I don't play CC" and he said "what is wrong with you?!?" I am truly upset.

  • speedyph

    HOLY S

  • michaelfields

    No words.

    • Tomate Diseño


      • brandonnn11


  • themostunclean

    The only people I know that play this game are over 50 or under 10. In other words, people who don't know squat about what a good game is.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Does it matter if their tastes don't line up with yours if they're enjoying themselves playing a video game? I seriously don't understand this ultra-exclusionary attitude of "Candy Crush players aren't gamers."

      They are.

      • speedyph


      • metalmandave83

        Eli you're under fire today lol

      • NickyNichols

        The "players" are primarily the same non-gamers who made the Wii and FarmVille resounding successes, a la the 45-90 demographic.

      • Eli Hodapp

        They are playing a video game, therefore they are gamers. I'm sorry, I don't buy into the need to exclude these people from the treehouse club.

      • Holcman

        Haha, Eli, that's great! XD

      • HungarianUrinalCakes

        Gamers? Sure. CASUAL gamers. There's a difference. Just as there's a difference between amateur and professional athletes or a garage band and international rock stars. I don't get all high and mighty when I have a pick up game of street hockey. That's because I don't compare to NHL players. Casual gamers are not in the same league as hardcore gamers.

      • Eli Hodapp

        They are playing video games, they are gamers.

      • iosgaminggamer

        They aren't, there is a difference between "gaming," and "casual gaming," aka angry birds, candy crush

      • HungarianUrinalCakes

        I agreed with you. They are in a "sub class" of gaming. If a person says they are level 65 in Candy Crush versus someone who is level 65 in say WoW, one is more of an achievement. They are not even close to comparable.

        Enjoy Candy Crush. By all means enjoy it. I can't stop anyone from enjoying it, nor do I mean to. I don't even look down on anyone for enjoying it. I just happen to feel that these casual games, especially the "freemium" variety, are slowly ruining games for the real gamers out there. Just the sheer volume of casual gamers (500 million!!!) makes developers think that actual hardcore gamers want the same kind of crap in their games. Fun or not, it hurts us all.

      • Eli Hodapp

        I agree, getting through level 65 in Candy Crush is way more difficult than getting to level 65 in World of Warcraft. They really aren't comparable. I don't think it's worth being scared of Candy Crush though. There's always going to be games for everyone, much like there are movies and books for everyone.

      • HungarianUrinalCakes

        Yeah, totally. I understand that not everyone can/want to play more hardcore games and with any luck some of these casual games will act as a gateway drug to the more hardcore kind.

      • blackbear219

        Some people don't have a choice. I'm 33. I've been a hardcore gamer all my life (see 91k XBL gamerscore) but now, I have three kids (ages 7.5, 2.5 and 6 weeks) and a career so I don't have much time to hardcore game anymore.

        I hardcore game when time rarely allows, usually on PC or console. I "casual" game when time allows, which is much more often, usually on an iOS device.

        People that want to game will find a gaming solution that fits their lives. But, as Eli said, they're all gamers.

      • webman2k

        Wow, that's an awful analogy. The difference between neighborhood street hockey and the NHL is years of practice, discipline, commitment, talent, etc.

        The difference between hardcore gamers and casual gamers is monsters or candy.

      • hourglass

        They aren't gamers. Calli them gamers would be like calling people who play Angry Birds gamers. It just doesn't work.

        And you'll offend real gamers.

      • Thaurin

        I don't understand this misplaced pride when it comes to being called "a gamer." All it takes is to spend a shitload of time behind a screen and away from the sun, preferably with a limited social life (because, dude, you need to practice). When did games stop being fun and start being solely about achievement?

        I can shoot a lot of dudes in a video game. Whooooh.

  • Flynn Taggart

    Candy crush is hurting the medium as a whole.

    • bones boy

      Hurting WHAT medium? The medium of people enjoying themselves?

  • Kane

    I haven't even downloaded it yet... It is not even in my iTunes history. Am I unique? 🙂

  • deepblueocean84

    I get to many Candy Crush request to the point I don't want anything to with this game. Hahaha. I'm sure it's fun and addictive. Also it's great they make games geared to all ages of gamers.

  • Taclys

    I haven't played it, but isn't it just Bejeweled with freemium content?

    • Flynn Taggart

      Honestly it's not on par with bejeweled at all.

  • Boobi

    Have never downloaded or played CC. Too busy with Anomaly 2 and OceanHorn.

  • Bruciato

    Oh the humanity...

    • michaelfields

      Seriously. I can't even believe this article was written. Like people need more encouragement to blow money on freemium crap.

      I tried candy crush and deleted it as soon as I got stuck on a level and had to either wait however long to try again or pay to retry. Garbage.

  • abdul.wahab

    This game is like drugs

  • gandhimonty

    Yeey... I am one of those BILLIANS

  • Wave_Rider99

    A bad version of bejeweled, popular as it is free

  • Chaotic Box

    It'd be interesting to see how many of those were paid installs. Serious question, not trying to be a dick 😉 King spends tons on PPI campaigns.

  • whitestatic

    I think the real story here is not whether the game is worth playing or not, it's that King is preparing to go public. Do they have the ability to do what Zynga failed to do? Can they extend their portfolio success beyond CC? Zynga's inability to replicate the success they had with Farmville has been their undoing. Will King fair better?

  • MonkeyChunks

    Too bad it is very dependent in IAP. I think the game is top notch quality, but IAP ruins it for me.

  • fenderbendr

    I haven't downloaded it. What do I win?

  • dancj


  • webman2k

    Tried to avoid the invitations, didn't want to just play ANOTHER match three. But I caved, and I love it. Honestly, the best part of the game is besting your friends and family, and when it says "Tasty". Something about that...

  • armilla

    I hated on this game because of the social media aspects and the fact that "non-core" gamers were playing it everywhere I looked. Then, based off of Eli's enthusiasm for CCS and curiosity about what all the fuss was about, I checked it out. I've really been enjoying it, and think it's quite generous: I don't intend to spend money and I'll delete it if the difficulty becomes unfairly stubborn.

  • YourAverageDude

    I've never downloaded it and I'm not interested. Just so you all know where I stand on this.

    • TheNorthernSkeptic

      Cool man

  • rewindx

    I'm on level 254, haven't spent a dime, and haven't actually played in the past two months. If I become less busy, I think I'll get back to it and breeze right through the nearly impossible 200 levels that remain.

  • Glumoo

    I deleted this game because the whole time I was playing I thought the candy king was a pedophile.

  • Nutrilica

    The only reason why this game has excelled is because games of its kind (ex. Bejeweled) haven't had nearly enough advertising.

  • bnagel1976

    I have been a gamer for over 20 years. I am on level 275. I think it is a love it or hate it type of game. They must be doing something right, I read they are making $650,000 a day. I don't spend money on the game, it can be challenging, and at times horribly frustrating. It should be called candy crack.

  • daniel5457

    And I'm not one of them.

  • Arcite

    I weep for humanity.

    • Alexei Chemenda

      isn't there something you spend your money on that goes beyond surviving ? Like going to the movies ? If so, then you shouldn't weep for humanity. Some like movies, some like golf, some like playing CC. I have never downloaded CC, but understand why they play. You should be more open.