If there's a crazier headline in iOS gaming news this month, I can't imagine what it would be. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers is in negotiations to make a Temple Run [Free] movie. David Heyman will be producing it, and if you don't recognize his name, a quick stroll through his IMDB history will surely yield some titles you've seen. Most noteworthy is likely the Harry Potter series.

The movie will focus around an explorer who steals the idol and then is chased by evil forces, similar to the game. That's really where the story ends so far, but, it seems like anything you attach the Temple Run name to is ridiculously successful so there's not much reason to think a movie wouldn't also do well.

If nothing else, it's insane to think that a husband and wife team can make a mobile game which eventually turns into a movie. That's flat out amazing, regardless of how good or bad it ends up being.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

  • dribblejam

    What the actual fuhhh???

  • ODMay

    Never thought I'll see a mobile game turn into a movie.

    • toxiccheese

      What's weird is that it's a movie based on a video game that took inspiration from a movie.

      • dariusjr98

        Max Payne...???

      • http://erikveland.com ErikVeland

        Indiana Jones.

      • rewyan

        Which is practically dead because Disney doesn't care about that series, they only care about Star Wars.

      • saansilt

        I will end them for this atrocity!

      • ActiveY

        It's like a board game based on a mobile game that took inspiration from a board game.

  • spokentruths772

    You gotta be kidding me!!!! I hate when Hollywood takes a successful franchise and screws it up with a lame movie but hey we all knew there was gonna be a movie sooner or later -_-

  • squabs

    That could potentially be quite a boring movie

    • shadax

      There isn't even a plot in temple run. How the hell can they make a movie? Any plot they add and it's no longer the game, just an Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider type plot or something, but not either of those actual movies.

      And with Harry Potter.

      I have no idea. This is weird.

      • Edwin Ramirez

        They made a Battleship movie. A whole 90 min movie based a on 20+ year old board game with absolutely no plot.

  • McBlink

    What a missed opportunity, would have been better making a movie off of Truckers Delight.

  • spokentruths772

    Coming soon subway surfers the movie in 3D and IMAX 3D

  • shadax

    I read this totally backwards at first. "Oh cool a Harry Potter temple run. "

    Wait, wat.

    • one.sixty.four


  • ODMay

    I can see the movie now: The opening sequence shows him running outta a tunnel and then he's gonna just be running throughout the movie nonstop. Well... he will stop at some point in the movie but only when he run into a tree. The green crystal will bring back :)..... lmao

  • Adams Immersive

    I just hope they don't make yet another generic action-fest, losing all of the character depth and intellectual subtlety of the original. A good Temple Run movie should leave you pondering its complexities for days. I'm not optimistic.

    • ImJPaul

      The problem is is that there is NO character depth to speak of except for a short paragraph. Not to mention the main character in this movie is going to be named Guy Dangerous. This is going to go straight to DVD/Bluray.

  • Xissoric

    Oh man, doesn't get much more rediculous than this.

  • fransoccer

    OMG! My long last dreams of Temple Run becoming into a film have finally come true! Said no one ever... Thank you for making a movie based on running...from creatures and traps...for taking treasure... just like...a big franchise you might of heard of ... called...Indiana jones...

  • rewyan

    And this news is even worse than a $9 mobile game.....

    Temple run is a fun game, but it's a game. It's an endless runner. Honestly, how could you make any sufficient story out of it, never mind a movie?!

    They remind me of Disney. The movie could suck but they know people will go see it anyway, just because of the name. They're doing it with Star Wars and have done it in the past as well. A temple Run movie will get the crowds just because it's Temple Run.

    • dariusjr98

      $9 mobile game? Are you seriously complaining about Oceanhorn? From the sounds of it, the value of the game is worth more than $9. In what world is $9 too expensive for a game?

    • brandonnn11

      Can you clarify what is wrong with a $9 game? I don't see it.

  • Juroku

    Where's the Infinity Blade movie?

    • ineptidude

      I'd support that

    • dariusjr98

      That would be an infinitely more interesting movie than a Temple Run movie, whether it would be bad or not.

  • Jake7905

    Video games simply do not make good movies, and video games with absolutely no plot to speak of (like Temple Run), make horrible movies. It's official: Hollywood is out of idea's.

    • Taclys

      I have yet to see an excellent video game movie. Prince of Persia was tolerable, most are terrible.

    • Lazer Kat

      There was talk of a Bioshock movie for a while. Idk what ever happened there.

  • C. Stubb

    I've noticed that temple run has been adapted for some films such as Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz...

    Coming soon: Temple Run: Temple Run.

  • Taclys

    What?? Temple Run? Why not make Infinity Blade or Galaxy on Fire or even Spiral? Those ALL have better stories! Heck, they HAVE stories!

  • ImJPaul

    How does one make a movie about temple run?! This is going to be monumentally terrible.

  • im4success

    I agree with all of the surprise and no idea of how someone could make a film out of Temple Run. However I don't think someone like Heyman that has had such success with producing all 8 Harry Potter films and also Gravity that has made over $435 million to date would be making such a rash decision without knowing he had the next best hit in his hands. This guys past experience shows he knows what he is doing.

    • rewyan

      I definitely agree, they must've thrown a really good idea on the table for him to accept.

  • avcx

    it this going to be an endless movie?

    • rewyan


  • mothman99

    Chillax guys - it'll probably be based a lot on the Temple Run comic that came out.

    • Jacob Gehman

      You raise a good point.

  • CecilMcW00t

    Will it be free-to-watch? And if so will I need to buy popcorn and candy in order to finish it?

    • one.sixty.four

      "end of scene one, please wait 10 minutes. hurry up for 10 popcorn?" at least temple run the game hasn't fallen that far.

    • dariusjr98

      That made me chuckle.

  • timmis6010

    Interested in seeing how they work the coin magnet into the film.

  • Jacob Gehman

    My gut reaction is that this is likely an excuse for a studio to make an Indiana Jones-type movie, using the Temple Run name as a known brand to create more interest than if were named something else. Maybe try to fit in some loose game points (crazy architecture, guardian birds chasing the protagonist, whatever), but this obviously isn't about turning the plot into a cinematic experience.

    Probably a smart move from a studio perspective.

  • Lazer Kat

    Tickets for the movie will be free, but there's ads and in movie snack/drink purchases throughout the entire two hours.

  • Kane

    What? Will it be named: Temple Run - and the legend of the crystal idol? Watch in 3D on Retina Apple TV 🙂 You'll probably need to interact with the action, and swipe at the theatres.

  • BillyOceansBlues

    new game coming soon: temple run temple run

    • BillyOceansBlues

      temple run temple run brave harry potter marvel angry birds

  • Shadowking2214

    After this stay tuned for the Minecraft movie

    • Taclys

      I would watch that far before Temple Run. Plus, there are enough machinimas for minecraft that it's entirely plausible.

    • rewyan

      There will be one someday.

  • rabidnz

    If you like angry birds you will like this movie, as you clearly dont give a shit what your eyes process