I feel like since the first time I played FTL, all I could think of is "Wow, this is amazing, but it needs to be on iPad." It's been out for a little over a year now, and the developers have held fast on the idea that an iPad release would be cool but they didn't really have anything to announce. Today changes all that. It gets better though, FTL is getting a totally free expansion pack that is coming to iPad too.

If you haven't heard of FTL, you should really change that. It's a space rogue like, where you pilot a ship, manage a crew, and fight enemy ships. I can't tell you what happens at the end, because I've never made it that far, but ever attempt is a ton of fun.

FTL is rocking a solid 84 on Metacritic, so I'm not alone in loving this game, and I doubt I'll be alone in being super excited that it's coming to iPad.

  • ptrostli

    I just jizzed over this. I've dreamed about this.

    FTL easily made it onto my all time favorite games. could replay that game forever.

    So so happy. Is there going to be any way to get beta access?

    This is the best news ever

    • Kane

      Clean your iPad screen, you'll want to play and see this on the retina display.

    • nini

      I did not need to know that but at least you're highly anticipating the game I suppose.

      Clean that up before it smells though.

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      I know you mean METAPHORIC jizz, but ...
      Wow, that sounded uber-nerdy!

      • ptrostli

        I know... I couldn't help myself :3

      • dariusjr98

        Stay classy TouchArcade.

  • Wossap

    Wow! Finaly)

  • ImJPaul

    It's times like this when I regret selling my iPad.

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    All I can say is "Yes, finally!". Count on me to buy it as soon as it comes out 🙂

  • Morgan01

    Star Command was such a disappointment and a poor clone. Sure glad to see the real thing coming to IOS.

    • joaquin_ondamoon

      The most disappointing part about Star Command was that it had the potential to be so great, but the devs seem to have abandoned any pretense at actually finishing it. Haven't seen or heard of an update in ages. They seem to be more focused on bringing the incomplete game to other platforms, and asking on Twitter for Titanfall beta keys. Which are free now. #irony

  • Panzerbush

    I've already played this to death on the PC. Barring any new features for the iOS version, I have no interest in buying this again.
    Jaded Gamer.

    • con4224

      you should maybe read the post, or see the trailer...

    • nini

      Your call, I find touch though to change the dynamic of some PC games vastly so I'd say that along is a new feature looked at from the right angle.

  • jcalifano2


  • con4224


  • Elmo Rabisto

    Was this out on the c64, I can't remember... Looks like it was from the graphics.

    • cplr

      Let's all try not to be dumb, ok?

  • Locanis

    Wish it was going to iPhone 5+. They have enough screen size to pull it off :/ have FTL on pc and (a currently, massively, hideously broken) StarCommand on my iPhone 5, but no iPad. FTL on-the-go would have been great..

    • nini

      I find the iPhone/iPod touch screen too small for a lot of games, the more screen space for a game like this the better.

      • Locanis

        Yes, well.. Opinions on screen size aside, having the option would be nice. If it was Universal, instant buy. But having no iPad myself, and not universal? No buy :/

  • CzechCongo

    Yep, I'll buy that.

  • Stustaff

    Wonder if there will be any way to play using some of the hacks and plug ins created by the community on PC for this?

  • Pivi

    It looks too awesome not to try it. I don't like roguelike games, but I'll definetly give this a shot.

  • Ph0lly

    I didn't care much for it on PC but I think it'll play brilliantly on my iPad. When I played it I was thinking that I would rather play this on a touch screen device.

  • otakuzod

    Oh yeah, I've been waiting for this!! I'm naming my crew after the Yamato, or the Argama...

    • nini

      The Saratoga! Ships named that never get destroyed.

    • JosephWelke

      Agga Ruter?

  • Max Pinton

    Coincidentally, I just started playing FTL a few days ago. It's "Roguelike," which means that horrible random things happen and that when you die you have to start over. These are features? I get that some people like the brutality of this kind of game but I'm solidly in the "casual gamer" category and after getting my teeth kicked in a few times I gave up. Not fun.

    So my main hope for the iPad version is that they add a "Casual" difficulty under the hilariously-misnamed "Easy." If not, I'll pass.

    • nini

      That's a Roguelike for you, dying repeatedly is the fun... I never got Roguelikes either but I did enjoy this though I died by the eighth planet.

      • ptrostli

        Same here. It completely changed my mentality to rogue-likes.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        Talk about not getting it.
        The "Joy" of Roguelikes is not dying repeatedly.
        The fun is facing unpredictable odds, utilizing random assets, and doing your best.
        Why make video games that are pre-set for you to 'win'? Why not make games where you may face something which you can't beat (need to run away!!) or where there is a slim chance you might survive...
        Knowing you won something where 99% of your attempts were fails -- that's pretty darned awesome.

      • nini

        I did say I enjoyed it, just not big on Rougelikes which seem to make the dying frequently and quickly aspect the core fun part, strategy is just half the fun.

    • nothingreal

      I think you'll find that with a decent strategy you can make it pretty far without too much hassle on the easy level.. of course there's always that luck of the draw component later on which can kill even the best laid plans.

      I have managed to beat the end level twice but only just barely.. it was brutal and that was on easy.

    • wedge598

      I completely agree. I heard so many good things about it I finally bought it only to find that the game was punishingly difficult even on "easy". I'm not a fan of games that are punishing but I did like the gameplay.

    • MidianGTX

      So you're casual, that's nice. Stop playing games not intended for you, for your own sake.

  • Illuminerdy

    This made a bad day so much better.

  • rednekzomby

    I think FTL in a similar way to World of Goo has the potential for the ipad version to be the definitive way to play the game.

  • Bool Zero


  • sweetdiss

    Forums down for anyone else? : (

  • http://www.jugarjugar.net/ Jugar Jugar

    Excellent. It really is a fun game and made ​​me feel very loved it right from the first game to try.

  • flashbackflip

    Best news!

  • kurzz

    Definitely a must-buy.