comment_box_33-1-2Ok, I think I know what the overwhelming opinion will be on this subject, but what the heck, I figured I'd ask anyway. How do you feel when a game you have paid for contains in-game advertisements? I bring this up because this week's release of Rayman Fiesta Run [$2.99] seems to have created a bit of controversy. It's a sequel to one of the best games on the App Store, Rayman Jungle Run [$2.99], and at least early on it appears to be better than the first in just about every way. Except maybe for one: the game costs $2.99 but features in-game ads.

Now, based on some of the comments in our forums, the frequency at which you're shown these ads seems to vary from player to player. Some have only gotten an ad once out of many hours of play, while others have seen one pop up multiple times during just an hour of play. It could be that Ubisoft didn't mean to include advertisements being shown in this paid release, perhaps just having the framework built in for a future lite version or something. I've seen things like that happen before. In this case though, I don't think so.

Personally, I fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to in-game ads. I don't love them, and given the option to pay to disable them through an IAP purchase I'll do that every time to get rid of them. That said, if a game is fun and ad-supported without an option to disable, I won't avoid playing it just because of them, unless they are ultra-intrusive on the actual gameplay or something. Basically I'm not crazy about advertisements of any kind in a game and I'll disable them if given the chance, but just their inclusion alone isn't a deal-breaker the majority of the time.


Some people feel much differently, though. Any form of advertisements will be a deal-breaker, and when it comes to a game that you have already paid for, an in-game ad can feel like a slap in the face. Free ad-supported games are easily avoided or simply deleted without risk if found to be a burden, but once you've paid for and downloaded a game only to find that a big pop-up advertisement interrupts your playtime, that can be a much more jarring and angering event.

The thing about Rayman Fiesta Run in particular is that it's a phenomenal game, and its three dollar entry fee is a steal for the level of quality and hours upon hours of enjoyment I'll likely get from it in the months to come. Even as a paid game I'd gladly fork over even more money to disable the ads in it, simply because I think it's worth far more than it costs already. The kicker is that the actual IAP in the game, the currency used to buy in-game power-ups and new characters, is almost laughably unnecessary given how liberally its doled out just by playing normally.

So how do you guys feel about ads? Is it a crime against humanity including ads in a paid game? Are you cool dealing with ads in a free game if the game itself is enjoyable? Do you pay to disable the ads when given the option to? We'd love to hear what you think in the comments below.

  • Sikosis

    It's just wrong. Either make your money on charging for the app or by Ads -- never both !

    • Kugiro

      I totally agree with you. Either put the money you generate into some that goes into making the app better or do not even include them at all. You should not have to take money from you consumer base as well as companies trying to advertise.

    • Taclys

      The one and only exception is if there's a separate, out of the way page for other apps that the developer has made. Out of the way being a key point.

    • JPhilipp

      Every Hollywood movie does the opposite, by both charging you the ticket and showing ads... via product placement (and the cinema too rolls ads, of course). Not saying that that makes it ok. And while I'm playing devil's advocate, it's worth noting that a developer may only generate say half of what it takes to sustain the business through ads, so may look for additional ways for revenues -- e.g. they may now be able to offer the game at half the price they'd otherwise have to. I think the biggest gripe here is with *not knowing* there will be ads before you buy, so it's a matter of expectancy...

      • Filing Cabinet

        Yes but it's not like in the middle of a movie an ad for Pepsi suddenly pops up.

      • JPhilipp

        Product placement is exactly that, popping up in the middle of the movie, except you seem to be ok with it. I hope I didn't inspire any app developers now ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Dueler

        Except its before or built into the movie not an obtrusive pop up you have to close.

        Doesn't matter to me tho, i wont touch rayman. The IP can die for all i care for what they did with legends.

        P.S the most annoying ads ive found in an app so far is sonic dash, every time you start the game, finish a run, check high scores or exit the store your given a bloody ad you have to watch for 5 seconds before you can close it then the download page.

    • bigrand1

      I agree with that one hundred percent!

  • C. Stubb

    Need you even ask? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • toxiccheese

      I can't believe they bothered with this question... Did they expect someone to say something positive?

      • Brown Cow

        My guess is it's more about promoting discussion than trying to generate an "answer" to the question. Relax, it'll all be okay.

      • C. Stubb

        Discussion? As if "gamers" need an excuse to rage against the bastardization of the premium model... ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Honorz

        Or does Toucharcade wants our discussion to get more traffics in order to get more revenue through ads? *wink*

      • Jared Nelson

        Nope, but nice try.

      • pauldavidmerritt

        This is all about website traffic. Website traffic = money. The web uses the "negative attention is still attention" tactic, as well as being unbiased and balanced in an article or review, basically keeping the website's hands clean when rubbing shoulders against big-name companies. Welcome to the web. It's what encourages thoughtless buying, something that any big-name company can make a good portion of profit from.

        Have you actually thought about the purpose of shampoo for curly hair vs. straight hair? The only difference is the placebo effect kicking in to make you feel like you had choices that will make a difference, and you picked the right one for you ๐Ÿ™‚ smart buying, right? No. Smart selling.

      • Jared Nelson

        Our "what do you think" articles are among our least trafficked articles, but they generate a lot of comments and discussion. So yes, it's simply for the community and our own interest in what that community thinks.

        Sorry to burst your bubble, but thanks anyway for dragging out such a tired conspiracy theory.

    • Hawaii Jeff

      This topic was posted to have a "discussion", but really it's about generating traffic to the site.

      There's nothing wrong with that, it's just what it is.

      • Jared Nelson

        Again, nope.

  • hourglass

    I think it shouldn't ever happen. It's just wrong; keep ads in freemium games, but not in paid games.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    In my opinion, I think it's unethical. Do not make a paid game, then have it filled with advertisements. Either make it free, or don't put ads in a paid app at all.

  • Lazer Kat

    Maybe ill buy the $0.99 IAP to test if it DOES disable the ads.

  • ODMay

    Annoying and disrespectful.

  • Mr. Gamer

    Paid game with ads->Much hate.
    Free game with ads->Expected. Although too intrusive is a bigger turn off than yo mamma.
    Free game with good gameplay and ads->alright with me. Might pay to remove them.

    • Adam9812

      I love Tiny Tower's approach. Watching ads gives you currency but optional.

      • Nick

        Once I realized that Tiny Death Star game was only made with input FROM NB, my faith in their process was restored.

        As an aside, TDS seems to treat Bux as though they were actually made of gold covered in platinum covered in titanium covered again in gold, then into a diamond and then BAM, hot black guy on a horse taking your lady away.

      • Lazer Kat

        Lolling my ass off

  • Zeital

    If I have paid for it then I shouldn't have to deal with ads. Period.

    • IceMan7


  • redkins54

    Simple answer. I paid already.

  • Samurix16

    It depends on the adds

    • GameExp3rt

      Hell no! Ads shouldn't if I pay, and I pay to pay not get annoyed.

      • GameExp3rt

        pay to play* my bad

  • reweblind

    I already paid for the game = no ads please. More than this, I hate those games that I paid like a year ago, then they change to a freemium model with ADS!!

    • awrobinson

      Sonic Dash is a good example of this. I paid at launch, now it's free and riddled with ads.

      • reweblind

        that sucks dude hehehe

  • Xissoric

    They're poopy.

  • Sebastian Gomez


    Stupid ads -.-

    I'm ok with them if they come once in a while... So far, I've played like 10-15 levels and I only got the M&M ad once... And it reminded me I have to play M&M, too!

    As long as I don't get ads about stuff outside Ubisoft's territory, I don't think I'll be mad at them.

    • Lazer Kat

      When I read this I thought you had gotten an ad for M&M's candy in the game.
      Now that would be unacceptable.

      • Sebastian Gomez

        Hahahahaha my bad... I'm just kinda lazy to type "Might & Magic" xD

  • dribblejam

    I have yet to see a single ad in Fiesta Run.

  • laxking97

    While I don't like it obviously, as long as it's not too obtrusive (which for Rayman Fiesta Run it hasn't been bad at all for me, I've only seen it once and I've played hours), it's not a complete deal breaker. The more and more I see the ads, the more frustrated I get, but if the game is anywhere near the quality RFR is I don't care if there are ads.

  • Lazer Kat

    I don't have an issue with a company promoting their own games in a non-intrusive way, in a paid game.
    (For instance: Ooga Jump is a paid game, and it features ads for pocket god. I haven't seen anyone complain about that...)

    • michaelfields

      This one for me depends on how it's done. I'm not sure how Angry Birds looks now but when they first started doing ads for their store and stuff it looked terrible to me but it was only on the pause screen and they were trying to sell other angry birds stuff so it made sense.

      • dancj

        Angry birds is the perfect example. The ads aren't pop-ups that you have to click to get rid of and they aren't during the actual gameplay.

        Basically it's easy to ignore them.

        Pop-ups or ads during gameplay - that's a big no-no in a game you've paid for.

  • Eseres

    Ads in a paid game should not happen at all. Its kind of like when you go shopping and they ask if you want a plastic bag (with the store logo and name) and then they charge you for the bag. That bag should be free because you're advertising for that store. Its the same thing with games. If they add ads, then the game should be free. I don't care what/who they advertising. With a free game i don't care how many ads they put in. If they add too many ads i'll simply delete it. But if they do that with a game i've paid for, i would have wanted my money back.

  • bestkevin

    Ads on paid games? Fk no! Screw that. I won't buy it if it is paid and has ads.

  • Pheebers

    I was so bleeping angry with how they messed up Civilization Revolution by adding ads and IAPs to my already paid for game that it has ruined me for all other IAPs and ads.

    For a decent app, I'll happily pay to remove ads and support the developer.

  • renzy18

    Im used to free games with ads always closing it but in full version paid app that just annoying and stupid and waste of time shouldn't be there in first place

  • michaelfields

    It's the only reason I'm not buying Fiesta Run

    • Xissoric

      I haven't seen any ads yet while playing the game? And this game is really awesome and fun.

      • cloudpuff

        Me either and I've played quite a bit, not one ad has popped up, I play mostly offline though so that could be why.

    • themostunclean

      You should find a better reason ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's awesome, better than the first. In over 2 hours of play I've never seen an ad. If that's still too much for you, oh well- your loss.

  • HalfLucifer

    I'm a dev and regardless I personally hate those intrusive and frequent in-game ads, you will be surprised that how low the "Remove Ads" option actually contributes to any game's revenue.

    People loves free stuff. Anything. At least before they understood what it really costs. That's why we can endure the ads on TV. As long as the TV shows are free, most people will take it. But in a paid game? Maybe not so much.

    • VeganTnT

      The difference is that cable and magazine content is made to sell ads. That's why commercials during the Super Bowl cost millions of dollars; The more people watching, the more valuable the ad space becomes. Subscriptions to services are just a metric to prove readership/viewership. People are growing increasingly tired of ads and that's why magazine and cable is on the decline.

      Do I wait a month to read the newest issue of a game magazine with huge ads? Or do I go online and check metacritic?
      Do I buy cable then sit through 2 minute long commercials to watch a show? Or do I wait a day and watch it on Hulu with 30 second ads?

      I think you're right about people tolerating it while it's free, because we understand it costs money to make content. We're finally at a point where there is so much freemium garbage out there that people are willing to pay for quality content.

      Ads in paid games need to go because they are hurting the platform as a whole. Pricing discussions are bad enough with games being severely undervalued for the content they provide. Now they want to throw ads into the mix? Why?? It's not like they're subsidizing revenue with these ads since they already charged you a fair market value for the game. Why can't a fun game that's worth a couple bucks sell for a couple bucks? Charging and then putting in ads is overreaching on the part of the developer because they value their product at a certain price, I agree with that evaluation and buy it. At no point were ads discussed, because if the developer had said, "my game is so good it's worth 3 dollars and you'll be happy to sit through a pop up ad every game session" I would just laugh and buy something else.

  • renatpl

    I don't like. The best thing for me is a premium game with no ads and no IAP's.

  • aikavari

    The worst kind is when you buy a game, then it goes freemium, and then ads are added... In any case, ads I itself are not good if it's designed to be unobtrusive.

  • Lester8_4

    Ads in games are wrong, but if they are only on the menu, it is not too big of a deal. However, in Deadspace (a 10$ game), people have complained that there are ads which destroy and take away from the atmosphere of the game. RFR is a game by Ubisoft, the parent company of Gameloft, which has a reputation itself for being cheap. I don't think that anyone should be surprised.

    • Adams Immersive

      EA is exactly who I thought of! And top-dollar Dead Space in particular. I haven't gone to back to see what they've done, but I know it will make me mad. I still haven't finished Dead Space, and I want to.

    • Xissoric

      Like I've said elsewhere in these comments, I'm not sure if many of you have even played Rayman Fiesta Run before complaining about ads. After over an hour of playing the game I've run into no ads; so if there are any, they're relatively rare and probably unobtrusive. Basically all you're doing is holding yourself back from playing a great game due to a fear of advertisements.

    • Filing Cabinet

      I haven't played Dead Space in a while. What ads have they added?

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Anything goes really, but give me the option to remove ads for a price and I'll be much, much happier.

    I don't see how it's unethical or "wrong" to have ads in a paid app. I don't like it, but a developer is trying to earn a living, right? It might be unwise but unethical? Maybe if you dig deep and talk about the role that ads have in hiding the real value of things that are sold, like music and now mobile games we could discuss something.

  • bgbourassa

    They suck at the best of times and now to put them in a paid game is a sure way not to get my money

  • Schpank

    It's bullshit.

  • Kafu

    Sky has ads too...

  • Adams Immersive

    I can see a possible argument for ads in paid games in three situations:

    1. As a (possibly) necessary evil to keep server-based (such as multiplayer) games running long-term. After all, a game that you pay for and then goes bankrupt and vanishes a year later is no fun! In that situation, I'd consider accepting a NON-OBNOXIOUS ad situated in only the server-based portion. For instance, maybe an ad on the match-select screen for multiplayer or at the end of the match--not in the way of gaming, and never seen by people who don't use the multiplayer aspect.

    2. As an opt-in option that people can choose to enable to support the developer. Off be default, and most people would never see them. Easy to turn back off again.

    3. Non-obnoxious ads for the developer's other products are fair game, I think. You might not even call these "ads"--but please, no pop-ups or fullscreen ads! I've seen this done wrong, for sure. Keep it classy!

    I don't blame a developer if unpleasant reality means that a F2P or ad-based business model must be introduced after the premium model has failed to keep the lights on. However... track who has already paid and don't make THEM watch ads. Even if that means releasing a second, ad-supported app (and thus keeping two versions updated in future). I do NOT accept ads being added to a game I paid for. It has happened, and I hold a grudge!

    Also, I agree that a developer is free to do what they like--but they must give users the info to decide to buy or not buy. That means if a dev sells a paid game and it has ads, it must be made clear in the app description and/or screenshots. Then I'm free to steer clear.

    • mako9227

      Yeah the fact that Ubisoft didn't mention the ads in the description is just plain wrong. They are taking advantage of the people who were so excited to play their game that they purchased it instantly. In my opinion, tricking players is not a good way to maintain a loyal fan base. I'll bet that's the last time many of them purchase a Ubisoft title on day one, if at all. It's definitely the last Ubisoft game I will ever purchase.

      • Lazer Kat

        Lol. Have you ever seen an app description that says: "WARNING: This game contains advertisements"?

      • Drummerboycroy

        Short answer? Yes, all the time.

  • HeroComa

    This is how I feel about Xbox's dashboard, why are you getting ads on a service you're paying for.

  • Santiago Ontanon

    Well, now I know which game I will NEVER purchase.

  • bernanke

    If the devs were smart they'd incorporate advertising right into the game. Just product placement. Straight up ads in a paid game is rediculous!

  • metalmandave83

    Depends on the price of the game. If it's $20 I want zero ads. If it's a cheap game then give us an IAP to remove them. I understand devs make very little money from their apps so I see why they put ads in them... I don't like them, but I understand.

    Personally if a game has ads I won't play it.

  • one.sixty.four

    If you charge for an app, there is no excuse to put ads in. None. Of course I'd prefer ads over timers or freemium elements, but still: no excuse.

  • bigjack66

    I find that if you stay offline they don't usually appear. Having said that if you've paid it should be add free or pop up only during loading or at the end of a level. Also tho I have discovered a few games thru ads so there is that.

  • Jacob Gehman

    I would need to be told upfront in the appstore description of the game. And I would need to be told how much it cost to disable the ads. That way I know from the outset what my bottom dollar will end up being for an ad-free experience.

    If I purchased without knowing about ads, that's a quick way to get me to lose interest in the experience. If the DEV included ads, what else is in this that I'm going to find unsavory? Timers? Paywall? Ha.

    I find it hard to believe that a DEV makes enough from ads to even risk losing purchasing customers of the game over them, honestly. Either be free and ad-supported or be not free and not ad-supported.

  • Tomate Diseรฑo

    Depends. An advert "wall is a no-no but I'm quite happy to have "product placement" style advertising in any form of media, it helps the world of the game become more organic, people just haven't figured out how to distribute or display them correctly. On the plus side if they do then we can wave goodbye to the standard form of advertising we see today.

  • soundshaper

    Yeah I guess we all (well at least 99% of us) agree that ads in a paid game is just unacceptable !!! While we don't mind them in free games, or paying to turn them off... So developers please do state it clearly when you guys DO put ads in a 3$ game... So that we have the choice not to waste money in the game and get annoyed with ads bursting in our eyes every minute or so!

    I really prefer a premium game with high price tag, and no IAPs (except of course extended campaign / levels, like in Warhammer, some real gameplay hours)

  • soundshaper

    Forgot to mention that I hate timers and games that requires an Internet connection when there is no online gameplay involved (multilayer for example) I travel a lot so I don't always have my 4G subscription, and this stops me from enjoying some games, it sucks... But then if it's mentioned clearly in the description, it more tolerable.

  • CapitainHarlock

    I hate when they do that after I paid

  • jarland

    I don't think much about it really. I either won't buy it or I'll delete it and give it a review in the App Store and never think about it again. Especially if it's an ad that steals screen real estate. I ready pay for enough ads with my cable bill.

  • TimCapelle

    ads in a free game, or ad-free paid game. one or the other, pick your poison. this is a reason I don't tolerate hulu.

    • theryanlilo

      I pay for Hulu Plus. The ads are quite minimal compared to paying a lot more for cable/satellite and watching the same shows only with far more commercials.

      • Nick

        Plus: commercial free criterion movies ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I do wish more cable providers would use hulu though, that is the biggest barrier for entry.

  • EscortGamer

    "Why pay for something i have already paid for?" says the Average Joe.

    "Well, we let you play a GREAT game with high-end graphics on your phone. Wouldn't ya let us have ads?," says EA.


  • tommet

    Spent 10 minutes trying to log in via discus to post this - what a pain in the a** system... Anyway... This payment model is why I'm giving up on iOS gaming and going back to PC gaming. For a little more money I can by a good PC gaming computer, and between Steam and Humble Bundle sales, I can get PC games for the same price (or cheaper) than iOS games without the iOS nagware/ads. And honestly? PC games tend to blow the iOS stuff out of the water. It's sad, but I think we are seeing an industry commit suicide here...

    • Jared Nelson

      Well, good luck playing those PC games while waiting in line at the movies. I see what you're saying but they just don't seem comparable to me.

      • tommet

        You take an iPad to the movies? A phone I can see - and I've got one of those, but I don't tend to play a lot of games when I'm out in public with friends. I'm kinda old fashioned I guess. I talk to em...

      • Jared Nelson

        Oh, sick burn. You're missing my point, which is that mobile gaming is just that: mobile. PC gaming is great, and so is console gaming, but they don't have the same benefits of mobile. Just as mobile doesn't have some of the benefits of console and PC.

        So giving up one entirely in favor of the other just seems stupid.

      • tommet

        No, I see your point. I just don't agree. For a couple of years I was mainly an iOS gamer. The stuff that's there now however just isn't worth the investment in mobile. Casual is all well and good, but there isn't a drive (at least for me) to go beyond the phone upgrade every couple of years.

  • Jason

    Ads in paid games = immediate delete + 1 star negative review on the app store. If i know the game has adds in it before I buy it, then I simply do not buy it.

  • tommet

    And spent 10 minutes trying to reply... finally replied... and my post dissapears. Seriously?

  • tommet

    Let's try again. This business model is why I am abandoning iOS and iOS gaming. I can buy games on steam and via things like the humble indie bundle for the same price (or cheaper) than iOS games, and a decent gaming PC or laptop does not really cost a ton more than a top of the line iPad. To top it off, PC games blow iOS games out of the water (at least for the most part). IMO, Apple needs to realize that this model is a slow form of product suicide.

  • tommet

    Annnnddddd my comments are gone again....

  • vic_viper_001

    It pisses me off, and it shows that some developers don't respect the people who buy their games. It also makes me want to wait for a game to become free or 99 cents. If you absolutely HAVE to put ads in a paid game, at LEAST have the decency to make them non-intrusive. A little icon sized thing in the corner of the title-screen... maybe... but no full-screen ads. When I open up a paid game and get hit in the face with a full screen ad, you may as well be flipping me off.

  • Hiraether

    Insta-no-buy. I boycott games like Civilization which added them later and refuse to buy their updates. Like E-freakin-A needs to advertise. If I wanted ads in my media I'd watch TV.. Oh wait, that's collapsing as well. =P. advertising in media is tacky and we should all refute it as bad taste. I deleted angry birds for this and I hope you all join me so this garbage ends and I can let the kids actually play a game without worrying about being conned. In-game ads, because they are interactive, is more con artistry than commercial. Apple should make in game ads illegal.

    • Goggles789

      I deleted angry birds for the same reason. I actually really enjoyed the game, but I don't want to be inculcated in advertising everywhere I go. It's grating to my mind.

  • RallyTruly

    We pay for cable TV and have to watch commercials...

    • dancj

      I don't. I pay for Netflix instead - no ads.

  • diaskeaus

    There is very little difference between free games and $4 games (in my experience). They all have some form of IAP, although free games usually require quite a bit more grinding, while the $4 game requires less grinding/more benefits for spending real money.

    I remember going to Office Max and picking up bargain bin games for $5. They were all low quality games, fun for a time, but eventually went into a CD folder that never saw the light of day.

    Nothing has changed since then. There are still bargain bin games, and just as many of them (if not more). The only difference is that everyone is playing them, and most don't care one way or the other.

    Ads are the least of our problems in the current age of games. When bargain bin games become the quality of becoming rich, then we know we've got problems that need to be fixed. If Rayman Fiesta has all the qualities of a console Rayman game but has to pay for their people through ad revenue because the market won't allow them to charge more than $4 for their games, I say there is nothing wrong. However, if Rayman Fiesta is offering a slice of what they would normally offer on a console and using ads to then take more than what they are actually offering, I say, let 'em burn.

    • diaskeaus

      You guys can't have free cake without someone actually paying for it, you know... or did you think quality was just designer charity?

      Rayman games are console-quality games, and have a bit more heft than say, Happy Chef 2. I would prefer my games maintain a modicum of pride, rather than my favorite characters beings forced to partake in procedural marathons a la Sonic Dash.

  • rewyan

    Well, it's not all so cut and dry. How about Bloons TD 5, in which there is IAP and pop ups for other Ninjakiwi games. Is that okay? I'm kinda bugged about the IAP too, it just feels unnecessary in a $5 game.

    As for the ads, as long as they aren't videos that you can't skip, I'm okay. Or they could be videos for an in-game reward.

    • Nick

      Now, after seeing Black Mirror (episode 2) I feel seriously creeped out with non skippable anythings.

  • callmericard0

    Doesn't bother me at all. This game's dirt cheap.

  • Nick

    Mods, what happened to my comment? I had typed out something not at all offensive or rude, saw it was being held in moderation and now... It's gone?

    Can anyone, someone, explain that?

    • Lazer Kat

      Welcome to TA [this comment flagged for removal]

  • ziekke

    Paid: No ads. I paid for the game, if you wanted more money either charge more for the game or if the ad revenue is more important make it free with ads.

    If the game is paid with ads, and advertises (ha) this, then that's less reprehensible than finding out after purchasing and playing.

    I have, and will continue to return paid games with unannounced ads, or paid games which convert to freemium with ads. I do not support this development model.

    • djshep1973

      I totally agree; if the publisher wants to make more money out of the game, they should just charge more for it. The thing with in-game ads for paid games is that you tend to think that the game will be ad-free if you've paid for it; so when it isn't, it feels like a con.

  • Goggles789

    Dear Apple: please, no more ads in paid games. Thank you. Love, The Internet

  • nadav bar kama

    every one wants to monetise, witch is fare, but there are vary ways of doing so! i am ok with "watch video for 5 gems!" style, but i dont like constant popup`s especially those timed to make you click them by mistake ...

  • Sven Van de Perre

    We've added ads to one of our free games (which are removed when you buy the big level pack), and I hate even that. Ads in between levels take you out of the experience. As a devloper, the fact that they are a nessesary evil is debatable, but as a gamer, I hate ingame ads. Before your game starts, it's ok to promote some other game. But once I press PLAY, leave me the hell alone.

    We're gonna remove them from our game in a next update and hope we get more players to reach the first IAP to make up for lost revenue.

  • themostunclean

    All the people moaning about minimally intrusive ads for a studios own products and claiming its cause for a single star review and instant deletion just sound so spoiled. They're probably the same people on iTunes giving Archer one star reviews because of the 10 second FX ads at the beginning, despite it being (IMO) an awesome show and being able to skip the ad with the tap of a button.

    You get to own a great game for only a couple of bucks. If it were a case of an ad popping up every time you pause a game, and that ad being for some garbage app (*cough* Candy Crush *cough*) then it would be a different story. I'm sick of people crying over a single, tasteful, easily closed ad that RARELY pops up. So many people throw little baby tantrums over this, it's ridiculous.

    Maybe I'm getting old, but there seem to be more lazy and entitled people on the Internet every day.

    And for what it's worth, I've played "Fiesta" for over 2 hours and haven't had an ad pop up once.

  • AmethystAlicia

    The only ads I'm fine with in a paid game/app are ones promoting the developer's other games/apps, provided those ads are optional to view (example: tap a button on the main menu and get redirected to a page within the app displaying a list of their other apps). I also have no problem with the "watch an ad video and earn premium currency" ads.

    Other types of ads, such as a constant banner ad on the top or bottom of the screen or ads/videos that randomly popup while using the app have no place in a paid game/app. EA is notorious for having obnoxious ads in their paid games, which is why I refuse to buy any of them.

    Any game or app on my iPad and iPhone that has an ad-removal IAP, I've bought the ad-removal. Any game or app that's free with ads but doesn't offer an ad-removal IAP is passed over or immediately uninstalled.

    • Sven Van de Perre

      Question. What if a dev uses the Unity load time to show you their other games (which is at the beginning of the game).

      I'm with you on all the rest. Although I hate seeing ads in between worlds in our own games. As they kill the vibe, and part of me would rather lose that part of the income and keep the soul of a game clean.

  • Stustaff

    I even hate trailers and ads at the cinema and on DVD I paid to watch a film!

    Interesting though that this particular form of advert when added to a paid for piece of media gets a little less negativity.

  • dalglir

    Ads in paid games - certainly premium paid games - are an abomination.

    Galaxy in Fire 2 HD is my bugbear at the moment. It's disgraceful.

    • djshep1973

      Yeah, I just went back to GOF2 HD the other day and noticed that - I wasn't impressed.

  • ebog

    I really hate the ads during the game. The things that really trouble a lot and made โ€‹โ€‹me feel incredibly frustrating

  • tomj315

    The game companies have a lot of different ways to raise money, and it seems that like EA, Ubisoft also think that their games worth more than that, because they came from the playstation and computer platforms, where for every game you pay as much as 70 awesome games in the iOS platform.
    Personally, I think that paying more to buy the game is better than paying less at the start and being annoyed all the game itself.

  • JKRZ1

    I agree with the general consensus that paid games should not have unsolicited ads. But then again, I have trouble understanding why paid games have in-app purchases either.

  • mgs2ss

    I primarily use my Nexus 7 for gaming, and I have it set to disable all ads in my apps. Technically this may be considered stealing, for the free ones, but I don't really care.

    For this game, though, I happened to get it on my iPhone. It was a MAJOR slap in the face to see that it had BOTH in-game ads AND in-app purchases. These have no place in paid games, in my opinion.

    I wish I had bought this game on my Nexus, because I'd have refunded it in a second. I wish you could get your money back as easily on iTunes.

    I love Rayman, but not enough to be ****ed in the *** like this by Ubisoft.

  • Out5poken

    Ads in games didn't use to bother me i.e little banner ads, but I now find they are getting more and more obtrusive...I particularly hate the ones that pop up on screen in between game sequences where you have to press a tiny X to get rid.

    I don't have the new Rayman game, so can't really comment, but I guess paying for an app and seeing ads would be pretty annoying!

    Side note: Is the new Rayman game really worth a purchase? I can't see how they would improve upon it using the same endless runner format..?!?

    • themostunclean

      Well it's not endless, just auto-run. I typically don't like this type of game but Rayman is a significant exception.

  • Lazer Kat

    This entire thing is blown out of proportion.
    I've now put about three hours into the game, and I've got two ads.
    So in the three+ hours I've spent enjoying this game of the year contender, I've spent all if two or three seconds clicking out of ads.

    • SuperWeird

      I would have used those 2-3 seconds to delete the game.

  • Lazer Kat

    Btw, this exact issue is why I get so angry when I hear my friends say things like "I hate iOS, you have to pay $0.99 for games. On android they're free"

    No. On android you pay with your soul.

  • Markku Nummila

    IMO, ads are fine as long as they improve the gameplay. If this is not the case, no ads please. What matters is creativity not the business model. Fake ads look mostly weird.

  • hesselbom

    If there are ads in a game you bought, then what the hell are you paying for? Talk about no value for your money.

  • Dain

    Hi Guys,

    I am very interested in getting thoughts of players and developers about in-game advertising in social and mobile games.

    Our team is working on a financing structure that would allow developers to get funding from advertisers prior to launch in addition to secure additional sources of revenue after launch through non intrusive dynamic in game ads.

    I personally cannot stand banners and other type of intrusive ads while playing. Our goal is to support developers with great ideas and make sure they have the funding they need to deliver great games/apps.

    So please share your thoughts on the subject of (smart) Dynamic In Game Advertising on mobile and social platforms. I would also love to hear and connect with developers with experience working with advertisers.

  • anabolicMike


  • josiath21

    If, and only if, the game is particularly enjoyable i pay to disable ads. If there are adds and no way to remove them i do not play the game. If I pay for a game and find that there are ads within i delete it. My understanding is that ads help pay for a game's creation. If I PAY for a game i have purchased a product. I would prefer a higher price on a game if it meant the difference of ads or no ads. Ads are for free games. Keep them out of my paid for products.

  • Wave_Rider99

    I rayman, I really don't mind. In my five ours of play I've only had one ad so It is no big deal for me

  • pauldavidmerritt

    What the bleep do you mean "...fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to in-game ads"!? Who's side are YOU on!? Articles like this are no different from reviewer's articles I read, not showing true light on iOS7 bugs because it's his/her job to courteously "support" bad design, depending on the popularity of the brand name (i.e. Apple). When will website attention and money marketing cease to be more important than the product development quality in question? Never. Wanna know why? Just ask all the foolish buyers FINANCIALLY supporting these "get mo' money" tactics, and don't have enough insight to understand how--yes--the money wheel spins, just in the completely wrong direction, and how buyers could change the industry into a true gaming market IF ONLY THEY COULD SAY NO, and understood the huge importance of doing so. We're all lambs here, led to the slaughter. Oh, that's okay! The shepherds get to eat off of it, don't they?

    *and the buy/download buttons just get mashed again, and forth and so on*

    • Jared Nelson


  • 2GMGRudy

    I am personally not a fan of Ads or IAPs at all, regardless of what the price maybe. In our game, Blaster X HD, we have Zero Ads and Zero IAPs, but it is a premium game from an indie team, so it falls through the cracks regardless of its great reviews.

    Even though I don't agree with it, I can see why companies are doing Ads within paid games now. Currently, even 99cents is too much of a barrier for people to make the purchase to play a game, even without Ads. If you are not that known and you charge anything remotely higher - that is very hard. Getting noticed on TA is near impossible and getting a feature from Apple is even harder, so companies are finding ways to maximize their profits.

    Technology is starting to get a lot more powerful in mobile, and the quality of games is increasing. Those companies now have to pay for the added production costs. The new Rayman game, might profit a lot more by making it $2.99 with Ads instead of just going straight to $4.99, which not many people would even buy.

    This is basically happening as a byproduct of the trending industry. If people would only buy Premium games without Ads, and not keep spending money on F2P, then guess what games would be getting made? - Premium, without Ads.... Paid-with-Ads, is just the next step in line from F2P. It is sad to say, but that is most likely the next trend...

  • usagisan

    I hate every game or application adds. I don't want it, even if free.

  • sanderbos

    Whenever I play Rayman Legends, a 30 euro title on my PC, and I quit I go back to uPlay which serves me an ad for Heroes of Might and Magic VI. Just saying..
    (It wouldn't even be that bad if I wasn't using Steam Big Picture, but I am so having 'ad platform' uPlay between me and the game, and Steam, is more annoying than any ad in an iOS game ever is (imagine, you press the home button on your iPad, and you don't go back to the home screen but instead you first get an ad from Ubisoft in another app...))

  • Darkenroll

    For a paid app I'm against any form of intrusive advertising. I don't mind a button link to ads on the title screen perhaps as long as it's optional. For free to play games I'll always pay to disable ads if I like the game. Intrusive ads generally lessen my enjoyment of the experience so the app would need to be incredibly good for me to still use it.

  • OneBagTravel

    Rayman pisses me off with the inapp adds and the promotion for buying items at teh start of each level. Excuse me I paid for the game, please don't get in the way of me playing it.

    • themostunclean

      Those items aren't IAPs, they're boosters for the level. Some people prefer to play with those because they suck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • elusar

    Hate the idea

  • visualplayer

    Ads are unacceptable. Games try to create immersive environments. Hard to immerse yourself when something pops up advertising sales in the real world.

    Also, have seen some ads which popup in gameplay spaces making it likely you'll tap out of the game and into the app store or something. That's horrendous.

  • damonwuzhere


  • imtigger2

    Reminds me of my Tivo. It's a very expensive subscription, and why do I have to see a banner ad for $1 off Bounty paper towels every time I pause!? Yea, that's nailing your target audience on top of being irritating.

    With $1-3 games, IF it made my game purchase cheaper, sure... Why not, HOWEVER... Give me the option. How about this:

    FREE: time limit demo
    .99 - $2.99 - Full discounted game with full page ad when at the menu (NO full-time banner ads)
    $5.99 - Full game, no ads... and some Bonus in-app coins we "need" to complete your game.

    I do realize App games are "cheap" at times, especially being an Xbox and PC gamer, but please stop the in-app purchase and Ads crap. Be straight with us. That's all we ask. Seriously. It's called "good will" with your customers. We're not all 9-12 years old with our Parents credit card holding up our Apple account. As well, we are smarter than you give us credit for. To me it seems deceptive at times.

    -Danny B
    Carlsbad CA

  • araczynski

    Obviously the practice is underhanded, and insulting to those they want support from. Just do what I do, if you hate it enough, just leave a one stay rating for it and give them the middle finger back.

  • Ozpicious

    Is just greedy plain and simple same as product placement in movies...

  • adventvalor

    HELL NO!!! If I buy the app no ads. If its free I can't complain at that point. Delete if its intrusive.

  • iqSoup

    A little cross promo for the dev's other apps isn't too big of a deal. Shouldn't be too in your face tho. Like the Chillingo bubbles--they're really not that big of a deal. But ads for anything other than apps--like a work out cream or some kind of new age spandex--are a major no-no.

  • drea

    You can't have your cake and eat it too.

  • James Cameron

    I'm nearly finished Rayman's Fiesta and haven't seen a single ad except for the menu screen advertising the awesome Rayman's Legends which surely doesn't count as it's not as if it's blocking your gameplay or anything