We absolutely loved Terraria when we reviewed it, but a notable omission from the game compared to Junk Jack X which was released on the same day was any kind of multiplayer. Well, a recent update just landed that adds four player multiplayer complete with the ability to either cooperate together or engage in massive PvP duels.


Sadly, the multiplayer mode included is only local WiFi multiplayer, but, hey, it's a start and a totally welcome addition. I'm not lucky enough to have anyone nearby that wants to play Terraria with me to test it out… But, in true forever alone style I was able to get it cookin' between my iPhone and iPad without issue. Definitely give it a shot if you've got friends looking to play locally.

  • Holcman

    Now THIS is what I was waiting for tok get the game! Sold!

  • Dr.Pat

    Still wait for Minecraft Redstone update...wait...and...wait...

    • http://DunderMifflin.com/ Michael Scott

      Give theme 6 months.. They are slow as hell

    • PresidentZer0

      Is minecraft pe playable online now? Or just restricted elpha server stuff?

  • MysterguyXDhd

    Can the portable version connect to the PC version? I'd like to play with buds.

    • Dr.Pat

      No 🙁

  • QWERTYthebold

    Personally, I like local multiplayer more. I like to be able to talk to the person I'm playing with. And be in the same room. It adds to the fun.

    • Louis Ace

      I agree, but online multiplayer would still be a great option.

    • Dueler

      Mhmm but our iphones/ipads have these handy microphones and speakers built in.

  • marc0313

    Lol nice way to test it. 🙂

    • tpianca

      Yeah! I wonder who won?

  • anabolicMike

    Not a far stretch to go from local to internet. If it can run on wifi I don't see why you couldn't have a VPN running or use some program so the computer pulling the internet traffic in sends it out over the wifi. Something like that hamachi program. I had duke3d working over the internet at one point. A program to change the Ipx network to tcp/ip then my buddies logged on the internet, called my server which served up their computer like they were in the room beside me. A "local" ip address and everything. Good stuffs. Course going back to duke3d is super hard after getting used to mouse controls on games like half life and quake. Oh. Woah. Quake team fortress. God I miss that. Shooting corpses everywhere in fear lol

  • ImJPaul

    This would be cool...if I had other friends who played iOS games. Which I don't. So womp womp.

    • wojovox

      There with you. I have no friends to game with.

  • Corey

    I wish they would focus on getting h a hardmode to work instead of multilayer.

    • jickabee

      Next week brother

  • jickabee

    Oh man so amazing I bought it never thinking id play it just to support. But as soon as the multiplayer patch came out I called my friend. His android and my ipad connected perfectly. We beat some ass today working as a team.

  • Murtida.

    To bad this is paid. I used to have cracked version on my ipad

    • brandonnn11

      Or you can buy it and have the update right away.

    • Dammster

      Go away.

  • falco

    Its not Online play 🙁

  • Tristian Orlando Sotomayor-Urs

    How do I join a local online game in terraria

  • Todays_adventure

    Ya i wanna join my sisters game but it wont show up in the multiplayer. Even though she has host multiplayer on in in-game settings D:

  • Sam Lyons

    I wonder how well it works with NeoRouter? likely as well as it does over lan. And right now, there's a bug where all but the host don't have an interface when they enter the server. I know from both self experience and bug reports on the terraria forums. gad dang it