nJNHWxzmSome big news just hit Unity’s blog this morning, Unity and Microsoft have come to an agreement that’s going to allow for a Unity add-on that will let developers deploy their Unity projects to the Xbox One in addition to all the other platforms the Unity 3D engine runs on.

This could potentially be a pretty big deal for Unity, independent developers, and gamers everywhere regardless of what platform you’re gaming on. Unity has been picking up steam for years now, and it would make sense that Unity deployment being available for the Xbox One essentially at the time of the console launch might result in even more next generation projects built inside of the Unity engine.

The hope here, is that because Unity’s strong suit is building a game once then deploying it to every platform under the sun, there’s potential for way more console ports of games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown [$9.99] or Knights of the Old Republic [$9.99] on the App Store- Particularly as Apple releases new hardware year after year, incrementally closing the performance gap between handhelds and consoles.

  • Smokey956


  • HeroComa

    But the Xbox One is garbage.

    • HansSatori

      Why is it garbage? Just wondering.. i have no plans to get either new consoles.

      • bilboad

        No reason, he's just trolling. I'm not saying there aren't valid reasons to prefer a PS4, but PS4 and XB1 are both very capable consoles with very similar capabilities, and only a fanboy or troll would claim either of them are garbage.

      • HansSatori

        its typical.. whenever you mention a console there is instantly fanboy war and trolling around about.

      • HeroComa

        I'm no fanboy I'm a gamer and Microsoft has always been cheating gamers.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        What I've heard from fans is that players really like Xbox. My friend has both, and he loves his Xbox. I guess there's some big differences with online stuff. I don't have an Xbox, so can't say.
        But as a PS3 owner, I'm really annoyed by how much Playstation is locked down.
        When you discover it can stream movies and rip CD's with the built in software, why can't it rip DVD's & run BitTorrent downloads, etc?

      • mutts

        The funny thing is the hardware is basicly the same, and both consoles are now x86 based.
        Only the approach to gaming is different. The Xbox one is just taking more flak these days, with their adjustable strategy.
        They moved more to what Sony does and the fanboys just love to point that out.

      • Sandpeelin

        Currently on games like battlefield and call of duty, the complaint is native 1080p vs upscaling to 1080p.

    • HeroComaIsRetarded

      You're an idiot.

    • Jake7905

      Well, next time you decide to call something 'garbage', you should do everyone the courtesy of explaining why you feel that way. And you still haven't done that.

      • HeroComa

        So tell me in your honest opinion, is this console what the gamers truly want? A console that just has scumbag all over it. I'm a Gamer and I never supported Microsoft with their business practices and I have all the consoles mind you and what Sony has is where I find the value come in where Microsoft you just lose money.

      • HeroComa

        Why would you have 83 features locked behind a paywall? That's already on the console.
        Sony is doing this as well for Online but that's it everything is ready for use on the console and you get your money's worth back from the great sales and free games they offer through Playstation Plus that is true value, it varies to discounts on games to actual free game downloads for some games.

      • HeroComa

        This is another reason why Sony is dominating they actually listen to the what the gamers want unlike Microsoft who's only in it for themselves, the exclusives that Sony gives out is just fantastic, a lot of variety for gamers and just a deal breaker in my opinion. So it doesn't matter if Halo blew away Sony exclusives, games is what make the console and games is why I'm a gamer. A true Gamer.

      • HeroComaIsRetarded

        Nice story. Don't tell it at a party.

    • Retero

      The XBone is not garbage it's just not as good a choice as the PS4. Reasons:

      1. PS4 is cheaper. I'm not saying that this makes a system better (look at Apple products, high price but better quality), but this is a small factor in some people's buying decision.

      2. XBone seems to be focused more on being an entertainment system than a gaming console.

      3. The fact that Microsoft was thinking of having the Kinect always on without your permission is just crazy.

      4. PS4 has slightly better gaming specs.

      As exclusives go, I would say it's pretty even though.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        Oooh, you used logic, reason, and calm factual explanation. I give that points, but trolls probably will hate you for that.

  • mr_bez

    Think you're slightly over-selling the console ports thing there. Blockbuster console titles are unlikely to be made with Unity soon, especially if it doesn't support PS4.

    Maybe in the long term, but for now I suspect this is likely to be restricted to smaller indie titles.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I'm A-OK with that, in the last year or two all my favorite games have been the break out indie titles. 🙂

  • Kane

    I just want Microsoft to release a port of - Killer Instinct Arcade & release the new Killer Instinct 3 for iOS.

  • LORE

    Reminds me of game dev story

  • HeroComa

    Oh look a person that has the audacity to make a name for me, GG.

    • HeroComaIsRetarded

      Have fun playing your crappy generic halo aka killzone ... Too bad ps4 can't put out decent games

      • themostunclean

        To continue this off-topic argument- Sony has much better first party studios and blows Xbox away in exclusives. I own both consoles and can't remember the last Xbox game I had to buy because it wasn't on PS. Using Halo in any type of argument for this point is ridiculous, it was played out and boring after the second installment.

      • Glamrod

        I know plenty of people that bought an xbox(AND 360), just to play the halo franchise.

        I will be getting an Xbox one whenever I can afford it and so will crap loads of people. Why? Halo.

      • HeroComaIsRetarded

        Um yeaaaah. This last comment shouldn't even be responded to but your mere stupidity NEEDS to be addressed. Let's break this down, 1st since when does Titanfall and forZa not destroy any exclusive sony has coming out on day one? 2nd, halo sucked after the 2nd installment?! Let me acknowledge your retardation. Halo 3 copies DEMOLISHED any play station exclusives at that time. Don't be an idiot 🙂 fuckface

      • HeroComa

        Watch the BlackBusterShow and just get demolished you Micro Drone, Go ahead and waste your money as I get my money back from the value that Sony can give back.

      • themostunclean

        Overreact much? Check the sales figures and number of titles. Do you see Last of Us on Xbox? How about God of War, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, and about 20 other IPs? Sony continues to generate new properties and cater to true gamers while Microsoft retreads the same bored franchises and pays more attention to casual gamers.

        I probably shouldn't have even replied. Anyone using that kind of language to have a discussion is obviously a moronic troll.

      • themostunclean

        And just because a bunch of brainless tools will by anything with "Halo" printed on it doesn't mean it's not boring and unoriginal.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        You mean BUY
        Unless you're implying that all these XBox and PS trolls are actually bi-sexual?
        My guess is most of them are a-sexual, except for wiggling their thumbs a lot on their game controllers.

      • mutts

        That is a bit easy the two games are nothing alike.

  • Loke1988

    Steam Box and IOS7 Game Controllers are my "Next Gen" Could care less about the new consoles especially from Microsoft.

  • klingon666

    To me it's called ENTERAINMENT

  • HeroComa

    I don't really see it as a console that's garbage I just hate the way Microsoft has treated the gamers, the Real gamers.
    Not these Halo, Forza, and Call of Duty drones.
    Mind you only playing those games doesn't make you a gamer automatically, it's when you have played other games and come to appreciate other genres other than the same rehashed and remodeled shooters or drive arcades.

  • HeroComa

    And if you're wondering about the patch for first time use they already have you covered, there's a 1-800 number in their PS4 FAQ web page were you can actually order the patch disc for people that don't have internet or for people that have slow internet, this is something that Microsoft should do but where is it?