In the last five years of App Store history, I’ve seen a lot of strange things when it comes to both announcing and launching games on the App Store. Today, all of those were topped. Whether it was intentional or not, I’m not sure, but my own mother was the one to reveal to me that Lego Lord of the Rings was coming to iOS, per a package she just received via FedEx overnight.

Since she got the PR, it only seems right that she writes the announcement post. I asked my mom in her own words what Lego Lord of the Rings was all about, and two phone calls and several phone hand-offs with my father later with them both explaining that "it was a piece of paper and a plastic hunk of junk," here we go:

It’s a journey to Mount Doom in hopes of destroying the One Ring. There’s 90 characters to unlock and you solve riddles. There’s also epic battles with fearsome creatures. It’s not out yet, but it will be released soon. You can follow all of your favorite characters and up to 90 different characters in the game.

Who plays Legos?

It’s a family friendly adventure. I don’t know what it’s about, I’m not up with Lord of the Rings. It sounds like a kids game. It never mentions when it’s going to be released. It may be the game to rule your devices this Holiday season. If you want to look at their web site it’s lotr@fortyseven.com spelled out, one word. It’s all underlined too, I don’t know if that means you have to underline it.

That’s it.

I’m way more stoked about Lego Lord of the Rings than my Mom is, but I’ve been a huge fan of all the Lego games and hope they all eventually make their way to iOS. The best one available on the App Store right now is Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes [$4.99], but they’re all incredibly faithful ports of their console counterparts.

Lego Lord of the Rings is rocking a solid 80 on Metacritic, and these Lego games have only been getting better with each iteration.

Thanks, Mom!

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  • Guest

    Ha! I love this!

  • HansSatori

    Ha! I love this!

  • Taclys

    Sounds exciting! Lego and LOTR are both good combinations.

  • NOEN

    OMG! I LOVED this article! I actually could see my parents doing that. This NEEDS to be a weekly article somehow. Have your parents write a review or something every week on a game or some sort of game related news.

    • swisssk8er1

      Great idea! I hope this happens.

  • workingman

    Would be sweet if the whole game follows that closely to the movies like that trailer did

    • mutts

      As with all lego mobile games it's not.
      Well it does follow the movies to some extend.
      But unlike it's console or Pc sibling these mobile version are dumbed down.
      I played the vita version and ps 3 one, they where worlds apart.
      The vita version was ported from the 3ds version, and most likely this one will be a port from that too.

  • JosephWelke

    So, did your mother get the fee for writing the review?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Yeah, in exchange I'm buying her a house that I'm closing on in less than two weeks. 😉

      • Arch Deluxe

        Paid for with the under-the-table money from all those 5 star reviews! jk

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      • JosephWelke

        Seriously? Well done sir!

      • joaquin_ondamoon

        "You know who else writes reviews now?"

        "MY MOM!"


        *Barechested Eli spins shirt over his head.*

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  • Bool Zero

    Will be buying!... And now the (hopeful, eventual?) arrival of Lego Marvel for iOS gets a little closer!!!

    • curtneedsaride

      Whoa... A Marvel game NOT riddled with stupid IAP?! I sure hope so!

  • mutts

    Incredibly faithful ports of their console counter parts!!!!
    Have you ever played a console version??? And especially Batman DC super heroes, apparently not where the console version has freeroam the mobile version lacks this. The 1st 4 to 5 mobile lego games ( if they are on ios ) might have been the same. But every installment after pirates of the caribbean has a bigger world then their mobile counterparts.

    • themostunclean

      I'm sure he meant handheld console counterparts, which they are very faithful to. Relax, man. You sound WAY too high strung about this.

  • hourglass

    Lord of the Rings? Lego? Shut up and take my money.

  • Taeles

    As mentioned earlier the Lego titles on the iOS so far have been vita/3ds ports, not console and if this one holds true to that then we will be treated to a dumbed down Lego game with less than half the awesomeness of the console versions.

    I sincerely hope I'm wrong though 🙁

  • cofunguy

    Eli, when this does come out, I think you need to do a TA plays with your mom. I gather there was no indications when it might come out??

  • Mr. Grizzly

    The 3DSand Vita versions of Lego games are still good in their own rights - just not the same as the Ps3 versions, that's all. The last couple of years I have been buying both versions - and enjoying both (and still buying the ios ports for comparisons and for my brother and friend to play). Only disappointment was Batman 2 seems to not have all the bricks as the Vita/3DS versions (and after paying $5 for the game, I still had to dish out $1 more to get the X2 red brick - there doesn't seem to be any higher ones than that either), making it very time consuming to buy the characters and other bricks.

  • Mr. Grizzly

    I also wanted to mention: getting the exact same version as the 3DS/Vita is a steal at $5 or less (costs $40 to buy them for the 3DS/Vita) - so even a scaled down version is worthwhile at that price.

    • siveon

      My only complaint with the Lego ports is that controls don't work on my iPhone. It's just not happening.
      Well at least for the Batman game, I'm not sure about the others. I don't know how it controls on tablets but man would I fork over 35$ for buttons. Or I suppose one of those controllers.

  • http://www.zucchinipeoplegames.com/ Nicholas Yu

    All future iOS game press releases should first be vetted by Eli's Mom.

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    Epic!!!! Can't wait!

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    "Lego" not "Legos"
    "Lego" not "Legos"
    "Lego" not "Legos"
    "Lego" not "Legos"
    "Lego" not "Legos"
    "Lego" not "Legos"

    • Setlist

      It's intentionally left in her own words. @ symbol in the web address and all! Love it.

      • dancj

        Fair point.

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    Is that Darth Vader sharpening his sword at :35 of the video?!

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    Want it NOW!

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    This was a charming article.

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    Best post I've seen in awhile. Nice!

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    Oh, man, this is my favorite TA article ever.

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    This is so quirky and awesome! LMAO

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    So what was the "plastic hunk of junk" that was included in the PR package?

  • curtneedsaride

    This just might be my Christmas break game! Well, at least the game that
    I'll play when I'm not working around Christmas and New Year's. Might need to upgrade my iPhone 4 for
    this one... Sigh.

  • http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

    Haha, funny stuff. Why is it parents are never into pop culture*? At what point do they just stop caring?

    *Is LoTR considered pop culture? At this point it's cultural history, or whatever transcends pop culture, wouldn't you say?

  • DoctorDoom80

    I guess it's safe to assume that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is en route to iOS too?

  • stugmuffin

    can't wait to play LEGOlas 😉

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    More reasons I want an iPad mini 2...

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    You've interesting parents...